WordPress theme is the collection of files that are used for designing and creating a website. This group of files helps the users in displaying the content and posts on the website in a unique way. As these themes are one of the most important components of WordPress websites, they determine the overall visual look of the specific website where users and viewers can stop and interact with the content that is provided on the website.

WordPress Themes

There are thousands of themes that are available on WordPress and all of them are different in functions, designs, and purposes. Some themes are specifically used for creating niches like blogs and e-commerce websites. Among so many available options, we have listed below some best 10 WordPress themes indulged with advanced features and uses that will help you in creating your website more visually attractive.

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WordPress Themes

Suitable For
E-commerce websites
E-commerce websites
E-commerce websites
E-commerce websites
Restaurant websites and Food Blogs
Freelancers and Businesses
Suitable for all websites

1. Newspaper

  • Price: $39
  • Suitable for: blogs

Features include:

  • Customization of templates
  • Wide variety of templates category
  • Multi-purpose demos
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Newspaper is one of the most essential and attractive WordPress themes that is specifically designed for content-rich websites like magazines, blogs, and news websites. This popular and highly responsive theme comes with a variety of pre-built websites that the user can choose and save for future use. Furthermore, this theme also focuses on and offers the users a variety of options each time for posting new content on the website, facilitating the viewers to find authentic and relevant information.

This theme can be used to post blogs and write articles conveniently. The best part of this theme is that it is suitable for search engine optimization along with clean design and fast performance. Moreover, while using this theme, the user can find lots of amazing blog demos, covering a wide variety of designs and styles like travel, food, fitness, crafts, blogs, and so on. The user can even use the front-end editor tool to customize the available templates accordingly.

This multi-purpose theme provides a variety of amazing blog demos that covers a wide range of designs and styles for crafts, travel, fitness blogs, food, etc. A huge variety of templates of different categories are available, facilitating the users to select any of them accordingly. Along with this, the user can even customize theme templates easily with a front-end editor tool and it’s intuitive.


  • Price: $89
  • Suitable for: blogs

Feature include:

  • Variety of options
  • Advance code editing
  • Highly responsive layouts
Screenshot 2022 04 05 003944

This theme is a completely designed framework that allows the users to customize and design every part of the website from scratch. The best part of this theme is that it offers its custom theme options with the help of which the user can control and design the things accordingly like navigation settings, designing logo, etc. This multi-purpose theme is admired by many professionals due to its powerful building page and amazing graphics.

Furthermore, the DIVI theme is equipped with the feature of a powerful design tool with the help of which the user can design and run their websites successfully. The user can even edit and change the theme including the footer, header, category templates, post templates, etc. Diva Builder which is another feature of this theme that is full of dynamic content can also be used for making the websites visually more attractive.

With the advanced coding option that this theme offers, the user can enjoy editing the codes and writing more easily. As this theme is highly responsive by default, the user can get complete control over every design setting on tablets and mobile devices. By using Divi’s Robust border editor, the user can add different types, colors, and sizes of borders while creating a unique visual effect.

3. Genesis Framework

  • Free of cost
  • Suitable for: blogs

Features include:

  • Highly flexible
  • Utilizes theme effectively
  • SEO friendly
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013730

Genesis Framework by StudioPress is the second topmost framework used worldwide and is considered to be one of the best WordPress themes that are currently used by over 500,000 websites. This minimal framework is used by the developers to create customized themes for WordPress. With the help of this framework, the user can create and design impressive websites along with informative content easily and quickly.

Furthermore, this framework allows the users and developers to select from other themes that go on the top and these themes are called Child themes. This is mostly used for clients as well as personal websites as it takes very little time to load. The feature of the Pingdom tool enables the websites to load in less possible time. Being SEO friendly, this framework makes sure that the content is understandable and is easy to find.

With the feature of secure and regular updates, this theme allows the users to have regular updates to improve and update the codebases for running the website efficiently in a hassle-free manner along with full security. The theme is indulged with 40 plus genesis child themes for different types of business websites like a designer, photographer, writer, etc. The best part of this theme is that makes use of microdata for making the website convenient and more relevant.

4. Shopkeeper

  • Price: $20
  • Suitable for: E-commerce websites

Features include:

  • Manages inventory
  • The header can be customized
  • Product page layouts
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013019

This is one of the best and most highly responsive WordPress themes, offering a variety of options. It is easy to use and is the most popular theme suitable for E-commerce websites having an area of a full-screen image for the homepage. The user can customize the header by using custom icons located in the header section. It also enables the users and developers to change the color of the header’s background along with coloring the text and the links.

This theme supports four product page layouts and section scrolling as the product page is one of the most important pages for the e-commerce website. While using this theme, the users can give access to their employees for taking orders and refunding the money. The best part of this theme is that the user can modify various elements, allowing them to start selling their products with no experience or coding knowledge required.

The feature of header customization allows the users to use custom icons in the header section while changing the background color of the header along with the color of texts and links. With the help of this theme, the users can customize the template preview of the category page. Above all, this theme also allows the users to add badges to the menu along with the option of adding images.

5. Hudson

  • Free of cost
  • Suitable for: E-commerce websites

Features include:

  • SEO friendly
  • Page creator and builder
  • Variety of custom layouts and pages
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013118

Hudson powered by Woo-commerce is one of the most used and simple themes of WordPress which is developed on the tesla framework. The users can use this theme to sell their products and services easily and turn their normal website into a successful commercial website. This theme of WordPress also includes the styles for iThemes exchange which is an easy and simple e-Commerce solution. The available demos of this theme can also be imported easily within seconds.

Furthermore, this theme is also a perfect builder for your personal and business websites that includes a visual composer, and a drag-and-drop site builder. The best part of this theme is that it is SEO friendly and uses the best coding practices, ensuring the best results in all search engines. Moreover, it also includes a massive collection of 700 plus interchangeable google fonts that are optimized for the website.

The user can select and style each of the fonts accordingly and ensure perfect website typography. The available Hudson demos are easily imported within seconds. The users just need to select the demo and click import. With lots of available custom pages, this theme allows the users to select the layout and custom pages accordingly to the theme in each demo.

6. Shoptimizer

  • Price: $49
  • Suitable for: E-commerce websites

Features include:

  • Core page builder
  • Optimized performance rate
  • Trust badges are integrated
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013909

Shoptimizer is one of the fastest and most lightweight WordPress themes from CommerceGurus. This new theme is focused on both conversation and speed while having several advanced features like trust badges on key pages, additional SEO on the product categories, and distraction-free checkout. As the theme is optimized for speed and conversion, it is highly responsive and loads extremely fast on tablets and mobile phones.

The best part of this theme is that it is incredibly recognized across all the major speed benchmarking services. Furthermore, it also includes touches like automatic minification and the user can also view all the performance data of the website on a specific theme’s sale page. The user can also display trust badges on their checkout pages and carts. Moreover, with the help of this theme, the user can also display the countdown timer on the limited availability of stocks.

This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce and has been created with eCommerce in mind. With the help of this theme, the users can easily display trust badges on the checkout and cart pages. Apart from this, the viewers and customers can also view and check their shopping carts without even reloading the page due to the neat-slide-out cart. Also, customers can get the details and feedback on the products before purchasing them.

7. Foxy Theme

  • Price: $9
  • Suitable for: E-commerce websites

Features Include:

  • Multiple layout options
  • Unlimited color options
  • The format is highly responsive
Screenshot 2022 04 05 014043

This WordPress theme is one of the most attractive, simple, and professional themes by Elegant theme that is specifically designed for different businesses and E-commerce websites. The best part of this theme is that it has a scrolling hover effect that facilitates the users to engage and interact with each other and gain the experience. This modern flexible theme is indulged with subtle transitions, beautiful typography, and interesting use of navigation.

This theme is specifically created and is used by fashion designers and other accessories stores. While using the plugin, the user can easily create and customize any layout according to his needs and imaginations with the feature of drag and drop page builder easily and conveniently. Also, this theme offers a wide variety of page layout options to the users for making their website more visually attractive.

Furthermore, the in-build responsive feature of this theme makes it easier for the users to complete their work effortlessly in less possible time. Another biggest asset of this theme is the home page slider with the help of which the user can make their websites more attractive with photo editing software. Moreover, by installing an elegant builder plugin, the user can easily layout their pages with a variety of columns.

8. Kale

  • Price: $35
  • Suitable for: restaurant websites and food blogs

Features include:

  • Highlight post
  • Recipe shortcode builder
  • Recipe reviews and ratings
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013305

Kale is one of the best WordPress themes that is specifically used for food blogs that incorporates uncluttered and minimal design. This theme is also compatible with WooCommerce which allows users to create and design their websites for restaurants. The best part of this theme is that it enables the users to locate their posts under multiple sections on the front page.

Moreover, this theme also has a notable feature of highlighting the post. The user can locate their categories and recent posts on different sections of the website as well. Some of the most significant features that this theme offers include the custom widget, slider for posts, and an attractive layout that is perfect for displaying different pictures of food. Furthermore, add-on features of this theme are a recipe index template, recipe shortcode builder, recipes reviews, and ratings.

9. OnePress

  • Price: $99
  • Suitable for: freelancers and businesses

Features include:

  • Dot navigation
  • One-page design
  • Parallax effect
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013349

OnePress is considered to be the best WordPress theme that is perfect for a single-page web design. This theme features dot navigation and a sticky header that helps in improving the browsing experience. This theme is best known for its professionalism and simplicity and is designed to help out small or large scaled businesses. This theme is also considered to be the market standard for presenting your products and services online.

Moreover, the theme delivers responsive and attractive layouts along with a wide range of frontend and backend features. For making the website more visually attractive, this theme enables the users to showcase their services and product features in columns. In addition, the feature of the parallax effect enables the users to design and customize their backgrounds in 3D effects.

Apart from this, this theme also works best to create a high-quality photography portfolio website. While supporting portfolio websites, this theme also provides a gallery section to the users that offers advanced and high-quality layouts like a carousel, slider, and masonry. While the user creates more sub-pages for the website, the core of the website structure will still revolve around a content-rich, single homepage.

10. Astra

  • Price: $250
  • Suitable for: All types of websites

Features include:

  • Optimized widgets
  • Lightweight
  • Wide variety of designs available
Screenshot 2022 04 05 013430

Astra is lightweight, fully customized and the fastest theme of WordPress that is suitable for all kinds of websites like blogs, portfolios, business websites, e-commerce, etc. The best part of this theme is that it is indulged with many pre-built pages that save the time of the users and developers. Furthermore, through this theme, the user can easily design and customize demos without using any code.

Moreover, this theme is SEO friendly and is compatible with many popular page builders and developers which makes creating and designing the website easier. Astra is fully indulged with 700 plus google fonts along with free custom fonts plugin. The users can optimize their websites and pages by drag and drop feature to add variations to different filters of the sidebars.

The gallery feature of this theme enables the visitors to have a look at your product’s images and even can scroll around and zoom in to adjust the view horizontally and vertically. With the plenty of flexibility that this theme offers, the user can even design the logo of their brand while using different types of layouts for the header and footer. It also provides various site layouts as well.


Are WordPress themes free?

Most of the WordPress themes are available free of cost. But these themes lack most of the advanced features that make them lean and faster to load. The premium themes that are available come with highly functional features and are suitable for professional developers.

What are themes in the WordPress?

Themes are the collection of files that works together to create and customize the design of a particular website. These themes include stylesheets, templates, and javascript. All of these files change the look of the blog pages and posts that are displayed.

Are all WordPress themes safe?

WordPress themes are considered to be safe when they are constantly updated and also they should be compatible with the latest version of WordPress and various other elements of the website.

What is the best free WordPress theme?

Following are the best WordPress themes that are free of cost:

  • Storefront
  • Hestia
  • Sydney
  • OnePress
  • ColorMag
  • OceanWP
  • GeneratePress

How to choose WordPress themes?

These WordPress themes should be lightweight and faster and bloat-free. Also, they must be responsive, accessible, and must have valid codes with full security. Furthermore, they should be customized easily and should be SEO friendly.


WordPress themes are one of the most significant elements of WordPress websites that are used to create and customize the websites while making them visually more attractive. There are many different types of themes available that are suitable for business websites, e-commerce websites, etc. To avoid confusion in a sea of themes, you need to focus on your needs and requirements and the type of website that you are creating which will in return help you to make a good and better decision.

Above listed are the top 10 WordPress themes that are indulged with many advanced features, facilitating users to customize their websites and run them efficiently and successfully. With the help of these themes, the users can change the layout of their website and can create their unique website. These themes customize the appearance of a particular website including color, layout, typography, and many other designing elements.

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