If you truly want to learn about WordPress and are looking to master and utilize this forum in the most productive way, you are at the right place. The following details tell you about the top WordPress courses available on the web for both beginners and professionals. The classes of these WordPress courses, depending upon their courses, can be free or paid.

WordPress Courses

Because WordPress is a leading platform to create and design websites, you can learn and excel in it and earn bucks by working as a freelance WordPress developer. Having the most excellent and knowledgeable platform to learn something is luck. And to bless your luck, we are listing top WordPress courses that are available for you on the web to make sure you can learn the best possible way of creating and designing websites to earn more.

Top WordPress Courses

The following details tell you about the best WordPress courses that are created by professionals and experts and are reliable and highly recommended by top web creators and designers to their juniors.

90 Minutes
22 Hours
12 Hours
8 Hours
7-day free trial

1. WP101

  • Free at the beginning and requires payment for all access.
  • Online.
  • Provides certification on completion.
  • 90 minutes of total videos.

The most commonly used platform to learn WordPress Online is this WP101. Since 2008 when it was first created, it is the most reliable platform that provides video tutorials of using WordPress. Around 3 million people have learned WordPress with the help of this online course. Within WP 101 you will find several sub-courses that are further explained in step-by-step guides to ensure that they are effortless and easy to learn, made explicitly for beginners.

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There are lots of videos that in total only take around 90 minutes to watch. It starts from the dashboard and moves through pages, posts, themes, plugins, widgets, and content creation. WP101 is the most professional and reliable course to learn WordPress. Most of the top companies have used this as a source of teachers for their employees such as Namecheap and Bluehost. Not only for professional learning but WP101 is also a trustworthy course when it comes to learning WordPress by beginners.

Moreover, if you have any queries related to WordPress or anything your questions will be directly transferred to Shawn (the founder of WP101). The updates and amendments are done in every possible way whenever there is a need. So we cannot say that the course is not up to date. High-quality and step-by-step videos make the learning easier and more interesting for beginners and professionals both.

2. WordPress Website Business Course

  • You have to pay for the course.
  • The course is online.
  • You will get the certificate at the end of the course.
  • 22 hours duration.

Udemy Online is an excellent learning platform that is available online to make you learn various different things in relevance with web, media, advertisements, web pages, and designing. WordPress Website Business Course is the one that belongs to this learning forum. You will get tutorials of everything related to basic, intermediate, and advanced WordPress features to help you learn WordPress in the easiest and most effortless way.

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Moreover, this platform will provide you with the teachers that are superheroes of WordPress and have years of experience in this platform. You will be given a completion certificate that you can use later on for applying as an employer or client in the WordPress department. Content is delivered with the help of videos and written information like articles from the start till the end of the course.

This course consists of 12 hours of video content that is displayed to let you understand how to make a living through WordPress. Around 115 lectures are present that assist you in learning multiple concepts of WordPress. This includes installation of WordPress, preparation of servers, brochure-style websites, blog-style websites, frameworks basic themes, advanced themes, selecting premium plugins, and designing a corporate site.

Moreover, it also lets you understand further premium specifications and features of WordPress that include making scrolling homepage, how to use Author pro for custom post types, email marketing, online store creation, client billing, and the management of proposals and plans. If you buy these courses, you will get access to all chapters of this course for a lifetime. Furthermore, the updates and amendments are done in the course overtime to make it fresh and up to date.

3. WP Apprentice

  • You don’t have to pay for the course.
  • It’s online.
  • No certification is provided.
  • 10 chapters in total.
  • 12 hours duration.

If you are a beginner and looking for something reliable to learn WordPress from the very start, you can go to the WP Apprentice WordPress course. It provides you with a tutorial to learn the introduction of WordPress quickly and easily without any complications. It tells you about the basics and detailed information of selecting the hosting provider, using the dashboard, installation of WordPress, and how to create content on your web WordPress site.

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Moreover, WP Apprentice provides you with detailed information on plugins, themes, and widgets. This is specifically made for beginners to provide them with all the necessary information they will need if they are planning to work on WordPress. 10 videos in total will help you in learning every basic of WordPress to make you ready to initiate your first site. Furthermore, if you are a first-time user you will not find any other course with that much information and guidelines. This is something that makes it the most popular and highly reliable among beginners.

4. WordPress Academy

  • Free 7 days trial and then requires payment.
  • Online.
  • Certificate on completion.
  • Eight hours duration.

WordPress Academy belongs to Skillshare WordPress Academy which contains 84 lessons divided into eight hours of videos to make you learn WordPress, its features, and its usage in the most appropriate way. With the availability of these 84 lessons you would be able to learn best and the most attractive WordPress themes, site backups, how to improve the WordPress Search Engine Optimization, how to work with WordPress multisite, and learning the WordPress page builders.

WordPress Books

In addition to them, you will also learn new and latest concepts that not only modify your website but also expand its view to make it the best one. Keep in mind you need to be a member of Skillshare if you are willing to learn WordPress from WordPress Academy. Moreover, there is a free trial of 7 days as soon as you sign up in Skillshare. I recommend you to become a member of this course as it will only cost $32 per month and only $168 per year.

This WordPress course is the best step-by-step guideline to help you initiate learning from the basics and move on towards the more advanced options. Video tutorials are available that cover almost all important topics of WordPress that should be learned by a beginner. Moreover, it also provides you with class projects in which you can apply the concepts you have learned from the videos to check whether you have understood properly or not

WordPress Tutorials

You must be thinking about why I have created this as a separate topic here in this article. This is because when I was new to WordPress I often got confused with courses and tutorials. So here I plan to tell you about WordPress tutorials. WordPress courses show tutorials and come up with the step by step guides in the form of tutorials to help you understand WordPress in the best possible way.

Moreover, these tutorials show a guide to creating websites with ease and convenience. Further, these are also divided into sections and chapters to make sure you learn every feature with a thorough understanding without mixing things up.


How Do I Choose the Best WordPress Online Course?

Do not ignore the importance of an instructor while selecting the best WordPress online course. Select the instructor that is professional in the field of WordPress and knows everything related to it. Select the course that provides you with a download option. It would be helpful while creating a site. Moreover, look for a course that is easy to understand and provides you with a step-by-step guide.

How fast can you learn WordPress?

If you are a quick learner you would be able to learn WordPress in no more than one month. Within 30 days you will be an expert in this field of WordPress and would be creating your websites with the most decent and attractive looks. It is the easiest content management system (CMS) that is very easy to learn. Moreover, if you have the basic knowledge of operating computers you will be able to learn WordPress within no time. One thing that should be kept in mind regarding learning WordPress is that the time and duration of learning depend upon the course and instructor you select.

What is WordPress used for?

WordPress is a CMS that stands for the content management system. It helps you in building and hosting a website to promote various kinds of content. It consists of a template system and plug-in architecture that helps you in customizing and designing the website to make it best and appropriate for your portfolio, blog, business, and other online stores. Nowadays WordPress consists of millions of users and is the base of a large number of websites and blogs on the internet.

Is it possible to learn WordPress by myself?

Yes, you can learn WordPress by yourself but it would be quite complicated and frustrating in case you are not a technical person and don’t know anything about it beforehand. Furthermore, if you are looking to learn WordPress by yourself I will recommend you to go with search engines that will help you in finding proper solutions to your problems and crossing the hurdles you are encountering while learning.

What are the best ways to learn WordPress?

The best way to learn WordPress depends upon your need and what exactly you want to learn. If you are only interested in creating a website then you can go with a simple and basic WordPress course available online. As soon as you end the course, just create a website of your own and that’s all! Alternatively, if you are looking for creating complex and complicated websites you need to have detailed information related to coding in WordPress. And for learning complex features of WordPress, courses are available for both online and physical classes.

Final Thoughts

No matter how familiar you are with WordPress there are always some new things, updates, and features that you need to learn to stay up to date. This is for professional WordPress users. In case you are a beginner you also need to have proper guidance and adequate guidance to learn the basics of WordPress. For both of these requirements, you should know about the most recommended and renowned WordPress courses that are available either online or in physical classes.

The above-mentioned article tells you about four such courses and what are the important features and points of WordPress that you need to learn before starting working with it. Make sure you read the above article with proper interest so that you do not skip any step and miss any important information in any way. Moreover, these courses are recommended by professionals to help their youngsters and newcomers learn WordPress in the best possible way. It means you can reliably select any of them and can get maximum benefits within no time.

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