In simple words, WordPress is a building tool, based on a CMS or Content Management System. This system allows you to build new websites and even host one. This platform incorporates some themes, built-in templates, customizable architectures, optional plugins, and much more that help you in getting the perfect website for yourself. So, whether you are a businessman or blogger or even want an e-commerce store, you are absolutely good to go with this.


However, many wonder whether it works well for beginners? How do you earn from WordPress? Is it free? How to get started with it? Well, no need to worry about this anymore. I am here with this in-depth and comprehensive guide on what WordPress is and how it works. This answers all your questions about this building platform. So, don’t waste any more time, and let’s get in for more.

History of WordPress: Awards and Recognitions

B2, also known as Catalog, was the prerequisite of WordPress, which started in 2003 with 2000 registered blogs. It was developed by Michel Valdrighi who is contributing his services to WordPress. The WordPress services started in late 2003, as a joint venture between Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little. In 2004, it was licensed by Sic Apart which shifted many users from other platforms to WordPress.

Since October 2009, it has used the CMS open-source report that gave it the status of an emerging CMS format. According to contemporary statistics 2021, the platform is used by 65% of websites. Similarly, this one has 10 million websites which are placed in the top 42%. Here are some popular awards won by this platform;

  • Best open-source software award in 2008.
  • Best overall open source CMS in 2009.
  • Digital Synergy CMS was open-source in 2010.
  • Bossie recognition for Best open-source software in 2011.

WordPress Websites

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A WordPress website is based on the CMS system, also known as a content management system. It is powered by a backend interface where users log in to add new content or make changes to the original ones. Similarly, the frontend interface is the visible element of this website that allows visitors to see the content. Here are some examples of the websites you can create with WordPress;

  • A business Website can help you grow your business and benefit your online presence. It also helps you in growing your customers and company while allowing you to post different products and services.
  • E-Commerce Websites are the platforms where you mainly post your goods and services while allowing you to get online payments. You can use the plugin function of WordPress to get the proper services for e-commerce businesses.
  • A blog is a specific type of website that allows you to share different recipes, content, tutorials, and reviews. This is designed to publish your content.

Is WordPress Right for You: Benefits of Building Your Websites?

Yes, WordPress is right for anyone who wants to build a website. Here are some benefits of using WordPress as your website;

  • Using WordPress is simple to use. This is because the user manual allows you to publish and build your content with different schedule options and improved navigation.
  • Likewise, using a non-hosted WordPress website is free to download and use. Here, you only have to buy a hosting and domain name for operational requirements.
  • WordPress manual is designed with improved flexibility and allows you to customize your blogs and online stores. This helps you in personalizing the page layout and website format.
  • WordPress software is an open-source one that is licensed by GNU, also known as General Public License. Hence, it implies that it is not owned by a single company but by hundreds of developers in collaboration with each other which adds to its reliability and makes it better. Thereby, you are provided with improved accountability and free usage.
  • Another thing that helps you throughout is that it removes the need for you to remember code to build websites. So, you can utilize a variety of languages from the manual options.
  • The software also includes plugins that extend its functionality. It provides you with thousands of options for businesses, SEO, backups, and contact-based data that help you in maximizing its utility.
  • WordPress is designed by core developers and users that allows you to keep the websites secure and fast in comparison to other alternatives.


Now, if you have planned to build your website on WordPress, some functions can help you along the way;

  • SEO: WordPress is designed with SEO, also known as search engine optimization that allows you to get an exceptional code base for CMS. it allows you to make your work compatible with the search engines like google and bing, so your work gets recognized better.
  • Speed: WordPress is a website that uses remote code bloat that is designed for smooth loading speed, making it easy to post the content on it.
  • Access to Library: WordPress also offers you a facility of the built-in library that allows you to keep your embedded files and upload new content. This includes videos, photos, and other types of data that are compatible with WordPress.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Another thing that gives WordPress an edge is its user-friendly interface that allows you to easily make adjustments. So, if you are a beginner, you don’t have to worry about getting the accessibility.
  • Built-in Blogs: With WordPress, you can easily add and publish content anywhere with an easy navigation facility.
  • Mobile-Friendly Applications: Most of these apps are designed to work on your Android which makes them easily available.
  • Latest WordPress 5.0 Version is the new block editor that allows you to transform different posts and contents with a perfect arrangement of designs and content. It is flexible enough to help you with improved arrangements and better CMS workings. Vs

Another thing to note while using WordPress is to find the difference between these two;

To start with is a hosted version that allows you to make your account publish your content. Also, the URL or domain of these blogs is included in WordPress. These websites include paid upgrades and customizations, making it easy to add plugins and themes to your name. All in all, this website is owned by Automattic which was created by Matt Mullenweg.

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In contrast, is a software that allows you to download your server on a hosting account. This one is open-source software and is free to use and download. This was developed by a non-profit Automattic foundation, with quick installation. However, to use this platform, you would need a domain name and web hosting for operational requirements.

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Which One is Right for Me? Pros

When it comes to, I prefer it because of its functions and benefits. Here are some things that give it an edge over others

  • It has a free storage space of 3GB that allows you to post your content online. For upgrades, you can buy packages with 6GB and 13 GB storage space based on different plans.
  • With this version, you do not have to worry about any updates or backups as it automatically takes care of these things.


  • For free websites, this version utilizes advertisements. To prevent these ads, you will have to pay for the premium and business plans.
  • This version doesn’t allow you to upload plugins and themes for free plans. For business plans, you can upgrade these collections, however, the customization demands money transfers. Pros

  • This version uses open-source free software that is easy and allows you to use unlimited data with a customization facility. These are usually free, paid, and allow you to make customizations.
  • It further allows you to use different analytics and tracking services with self-hosted applications. It aids users to sell digital as well as physical products with online payment facilities.
  • Similarly, this version helps you in creating and selling memberships, having the facility to publish your preferred content.


  • To power these websites, you would need hosts that are relatively more expensive than usual.
  • Primarily, you will have to take care of updates that can add to your workload.

In essence, if you are an individual who is building his/ her blog, it is ideal that you work with This is because it is non-hosted and allows you to freely post your preferred content, having ease ensured. In contrast, for e-commerce and businesses, self-hosted websites are better as it allows you to make fairly decent customizations.

Can I Move from to

People who don’t know about the difference between these two might end up starting with services that can limit you to a great extent. So, if you are someone like this and want to switch to, it is fairly easy. You can always create your account on this platform and can enjoy free blogging without any tension. So, go ahead to enjoy these services.

How Do I Start with WordPress?

Now, after you have got the basic information about WordPress, you most probably are wondering how to start on this website? Well, it is not difficult at all and requires some simple steps. For a non-hosted WordPress website, you will have to make sure of these things;

  • You need a quality web host in your budget.
  • Make sure that you have WordPress software installed that is handled by multiple hosts.
  • You would need a domain name.
  • For hosted versions, you will need your own hosted version on and make an account to get started.
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What is WordPress Theme?

As the name suggests, WordPress themes are the frameworks of your websites. These themes are responsible for providing you with the;

  • The general design of your website.
  • Managing your site font styles.
  • Select the preferred color scheme for your website.
  • It helps you in designing your page layouts and adding templates of your choice.
  • It adds to the stylish details on your website.
  • Sets widget locations.

These themes are designed to appear in a separate menu that is originally present on the dashboard. You can also find these built-in themes by using non-hosted websites. Sometimes, these themes are packaged as zip files in the dashboard that allows you to upload your content through appearances folders.

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What is Plugin?

Plugin, in simple words, is known as an additional code that allows you to upgrade your website, with new functions, and integrations. To get started with this, you can add these codes through the plugin menu that is present on the WordPress dashboard. You can also use the search function to find free plugins if any are available in the directory. These codes can also be formatted as zip files that are placed on the menu uploader present on the dashboard.

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Some Must-Have WordPress Plugins

Here are some must-have WordPress plugins that can benefit all websites;

  • WordPress Backup Plugin: While it is common sense that WordPress doesn’t have a backup function, users are overburdened to keep everything in place that adds to their job. Here, backup plugins are designed to prevent any security breach and restore the already existing data and backups. One such example is BackupBuddy which automatically takes care of these things.
  • Security Plugin: These alternatives like iThemes security plugins are created to help you with common holes and prevent cyber attacks.
  • SEO Plugin: One such example of this plugin is Yoast SEO which allows you to utilize SEO functionalities. This allows your content to get better reach and utilize SEO integration-based mechanisms.
  • Form Plugins are designed to help you with surveys, forms, donations, documents, and other contact-based files. One common WordPress form plugin is Ninja Form which accepts donations and works on the above-mentioned principle.
  • E-Commerce Plugin: If you are invested in some e-businesses and want to sell your goods online, using an e-commerce plugin like WooCommerce might work for you.

Free WordPress Tutorials

If you are a beginner and want to start WordPress blogs, you might need some guidance to start with this. Here, nothing better than useless tutorials can help you in learning the knits and grits of WordPress. So, if you are looking for one, make sure you have these videos available in your package;

  • WordPress Login: Once you have installed the application, some steps will help you in accessing your account, by using different URLs. For this purpose, make sure your video package has this tutorial.
  • WordPress Dashboard: It includes everything from managing your content and websites. Although it offers easy navigation and a user-friendly manual, you will need to spend some time practicing.
  • Understanding Admin Bar: Admin bar, also known as a toolbar, is an area that provides you with the ability to control the frontend settings of your WordPress blog. For this purpose, you would need video tutorials that explain this phenomenon in great detail.
  • WordPress Settings: It is equally significant that you have spent your time understanding the basic settings of WordPress. For this, make sure that you know how to add links, and images, and understand how data on this platform works. However, for this purpose, you would need to practice more.
  • Posts and Pages: Make sure you have looked into some tutorials that allow you to understand how you can choose the layout and posts for your website.
  • The Media Library is another thing that demands time to learn and has a little bit of a learning curve. For this, you must understand how you can access these files and utilize the content from the library.
  • Posts Formatting and Scheduling: It is equally important to learn the basics of post-editors as it helps you in formatting and scheduling your desired content and its publishing. So, as per your availability, you can always set the time and formatting of the content to be published.
WordPress Tutorials

Making Money with WordPress

With the popularity of WordPress, many new industries have progressed over the years, providing you with increased revenues to earn money. Hence, from building your blogs to selling goods and offering online services, you can do anything with WordPress websites.

  • Now, you can build a separate website for dedicated clients. For instance, if you are a designer or a developer that is providing online services, you can easily use this facility. Having your website can add to your credentials.
  • Another contemporary job that has gained much popularity over time is WordPress maintenance. Because the site owners are already burdened by much work, they don’t have extra time to manage their websites. Here, all you need is a person that is responsible for basic tasks like backup, SEO, updates, and managing the storage space.
  • WordPress SEO is another service that allows you to generate organic traffic for your website. For this purpose, you would need someone who specializes in the field and offers you the needed reach.
  • Another job that comes with this website is consulting as some online businesses demand guidance. These people help you in designing your website, improving the reach, growing the audience, adding to the traffic, and other tools.
  • Finally, content writing is another task with which you can generate money. Here, knowing how to use WordPress can help you in managing content services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress used for?

In simple words, WordPress is a building tool, based on a CMS or Content Management System. This system allows you to build new websites and even host one. It contains different template systems, built-in themes, and customizable plugins that help you in choosing the one website that works for you best. So, whether you are a blogger, businessman, or want an e-commerce store, WordPress is there to take care of you.

Is WordPress for free? might start as free but includes several premium and business plans that demand subscription. In contrast, is open-source free software that is ultimately free for you to use. However, for plugins and themes, you might have to purchase some elements that are relatively less costly.

Is WordPress good for beginners?

Yes, WordPress is absolutely easy to use, all thanks to its user-friendly navigation panel. It is designed with a simple dashboard and easy menu options that allow you to customize the website and change designs. If you still feel somewhat lacking, you can always go for video tutorial packages that help you in learning the basics of WordPress from login to scheduling your content and much more.

Is it better to use WordPress or HTML?

Well, it primarily depends on your comfort level and requirements. If your primary concern lies with safety and reliability, not to mention increasing your reach, I would undoubtedly recommend you use the platform. In contrast, if you want to make your website perform faster, you can always go for HTML. For business, you must go for WordPress as it offers you opportunities to grow.

Is WordPress good for websites?

Yes, WordPress is undoubtedly a reliable and safe alternative for building your websites. This building tool is flexible and includes a fairly easy manual that provides you with a scope of customization and improved navigation. Likewise, this includes open-source software and some business plans that help you in supporting blogs and online businesses with safety and organic traffic ensured.

Final Thoughts

In the end, I hope that now you know the details of WordPress and how it works. To summarize, WordPress is a building tool that helps you in creating and developing your website, whether you are a blogger, a seller, a consultant, or want to start a small e-commerce store. It offers you the flexibility to adjust themes and portfolios and generates organic traffic for your websites.

So, if you have planned to build your website on this platform, I hope everything goes well with this.

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