Blockchain is a decentralized or distributed digital ledger that promotes the process of tracking assets or recording transactions in a business network. Anything that is present virtually and has value can be traded or tracked with the help of a blockchain network that reduces the cost and risk that is involved. The system of blockchain is distributed across millions of computer systems around the globe. Every block in the chain has specific information regarding transactions that cannot be changed.


Whenever a new transaction occurs, the new information is recorded in the block of every participant’s ledger. Moreover, blockchain can also be referred to as distributed ledger technology DLT is a decentralized database managed by various multiple participants and users. Blockchain is a very important and ideal method of running businesses effectively because it delivers immediate, transparent, and shared information, stored on an immutable ledger that is accessible to only network members.

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Elements Of Blockchain

Immutable Records

The recorded information in the blockchain is permanent and cannot be changed after the transaction information is recorded in a shared ledger. If in case, any transaction includes a certain amount of errors, the new transaction must be added to overcome the previous error. After this, both the transactions are visible.

Distributed Ledger Technology

This distributed ledger and its immutable and permanent transaction information are accessible to every network participant all around the world. With this shared ledger, the information is recorded only once and cannot be changed, eliminating duplication, which is common in traditional business networks.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are stored on the blockchain that speeds up the transactions and executes automatically. This contract is a condition for the transfer of corporate bonds like travel insurance payments or much more.

How Does Blockchain Works?

Blockchain enables users to share their valuable and important data in a tamperproof and secured way. It mainly consists of three main parts blocks, nodes, and miners.


In a blockchain, every chain contains multiple blocks and each block consists of three main elements. The Data that is present in the block, is a 32-bit whole number nonce that is generated when a block is created that further generates the block header hash, a 256-bit number hash that is combined with a nonce. It is extremely small and starts with huge numbers of zeroes.

Furthermore, when the first block in the blockchain is created, a cryptographic hash is generated by the nonce. The data or information that is stored in the block is signed and permanently tied to hash and nonce unless it is mined. Therefore, the information in the blockchain is secured and has is only accessible to the network users only.


The function of miners is to build the blocks with the process called mining. The unique feature of blockchain is that each block has its unique hash and nonce. It also references the hash of the previous block as well. The process of mining is not easy and is a difficult one, especially in the case of long chains. Furthermore, for solving complex math problems miners use special software for solving this problem.

As hash is 256-bit and nonce is only 32-bit, there are approximately four billion possible combinations of nonce and hash that must be mined before the right one is figured out. Whenever the miner finds the new combination, then it is called “Golden nonce” and the new block is added to the blockchain. Changing information in the block is extremely difficult as it not only requires re-mining of that specific block but the chains of previous blocks as well.


Nodes are the electronic devices that maintain the functioning of the network and copies of the blockchain. The most significant concept in blockchain technology is decentralization in which no organization or computer owns the chain. Instead, the blockchain is a distributed ledger through the nodes that are connected to the chain.

As the information in the blockchain is tamper-proof and transparent, every activity in the ledger is easily viewed and checked. The significant feature of nodes is that it has a unique copy of the blockchain and the network is algorithmically approved for newly created blocks in the chain that are verified and trusted. The combination of check-and-balance and public information systems keeps the maintenance and integrity of the blockchain.

Advantages Of Blockchain

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Once the data is recorded in the blockchain, changing and removing it is extremely difficult. This feature of blockchain makes it highly secure and stable for storing all financial information, data, and records. Furthermore, it also requires an audit trail because every change is viewed and tracked and is permanently recorded on a public or distributed ledger. Blockchain technology is highly suitable for businesses and organizations to prevent careless and fraudulent behavior from their employees.


In every traditional payment system, payment transactions are not only dependent upon two parties that are involved but also on an intermediary means including banks, payment providers, credit card companies, etc. while using blockchain technology, various networks of nodes verify these transactions through the mining process. Due to this specific reason, blockchain can also be called a trustless system. Blockchain technology reduces the cost of transaction fees and the risk involved in trusting the organizations.


The system of blockchain is highly resistant to malicious attack and technical failure because the data of the blockchain is stored in millions of computers and other electronic devices on distributed nodes of networks. Every node network can replicate and store the copy of the database which makes the system error-free. The availability and security of the system are not affected even if any node goes offline.

Disadvantages Of Blockchain


Blockchain technology is highly inefficient. Due to mining being highly competitive, the work of most of the miners goes wasted because there is only one winner after every 10 minutes. And because of this miners are constantly trying to enhance their analytical power, which increases the chance of finding valid block hash.

Private Keys

Blockchain uses the public key that provides ownership over various cryptocurrency units. The block in a blockchain has a specific address that further consists of the private key. The user can share the address but should keep the private key secret. The private key is one of the most important elements that facilitate the users to access their funds. Without a private key, the user is unable to access their funds and losses all their money.

Permanent Data

Another great disadvantage of blockchain technology is that once the data is recorded in the blockchain, it is extremely difficult to modify the entered data. As changing and modifying data is highly demanding, this option is not available in blockchain technology. In case of changing the data, the stored information in the current blockchain and previous chain of blockchain has to be changed, which is very difficult and requires a lot of time.

How To Invest In Blockchain?

Blockchain technology is one of the most stable and highly secured technologies that are ideal for storing financial information and data. This technology transfers the information immediately and efficiently to the end-users. The data stored in the blockchain is highly secured and cannot be changed or modified and is only accessible to the network users only. Here are the most common ways of investing in the blockchain.

  • Company’s Stock: Blockchain technology is new, highly profitable yet risky as well. Due to this reason, risk-averse investors invest in a company’s stocks that are highly established and make use of blockchain technology. Investing in a company’s stock that uses blockchain is one of the safest ways of investing in blockchain.
  • Investment In Cryptocurrency Companies: Blockchain technology acts as an engine for driving cryptocurrencies. One of the biggest example of a company known as Tesla is the one with largest investment in cryptocurrency. Investment in these companies is one of the most beneficial way of investment in blockchain.
  • Blockchain Penny Stock: Blockchain penny stock is suitable for those investors that are risk-takers. As investment in this stock is very risky and further investment in bitcoin or blockchain makes it riskier.
  • Crowdfunding: It is one of the beneficial ways of investment in blockchain. As it is the mainstream method that is suitable for raising the startup business. The investors can invest in the tokens with the goal of increasing the profits if the services of the company become popular.

Types Of Blockchain Networks

Private Blockchain Network

It is a decentralized, peer-to-peer blockchain network that operates only in a closed network. This network is used within the organization where only specific members become the participants of this blockchain network. Furthermore, this network is used for supply chain management, voting, asset ownership, etc.

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Public Blockchain Network

This blockchain network is a permission-less or non-restricted distributed ledger system. The user or node who is part of this blockchain network can access past as well as current records, can even verify the transaction, and can also perform mining processes. The basic and most common use of this blockchain network is the exchange and mining of cryptocurrencies. Examples of public blockchain networks are litecoin and bitcoin blockchains.

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Hybrid Blockchain Network

This blockchain network is a combination of public and private blockchain networks. While using this network, the user gets access to the stored data in the blockchain. Only specific or selected data or information stored in the blockchain is allowed to go public while keeping the rest of the information confidential. This system provides flexibility to the users where they can enjoy private along with many other public blockchains. Furthermore, it also enhances the transparency and security of the blockchain.

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Consortium Blockchain Network

This type of blockchain network is semi-decentralized in which more than one organization or company manages the single blockchain network. In this type of blockchain network, more than one organization can act as a node and can exchange information and data, and can also perform mining. This type of blockchain network can be used by government organizations and banks.


What is blockchain technology?

Blockchain technology is one of the most secure technologies for storing financial data. Once the data is stored in the blockchain, then it is extremely difficult to modify that data or information. It is an ideal technology for running businesses.

What is blockchain technology used for?

Blockchain technology is used to create a public, permanent, transparent, and secured ledger system for storing confidential financial data, tracking digital use, and payments to the end-users.

Why do businesses need blockchain?

Blockchain technology is one of the most beneficial and ideal for businesses as it helps in cutting the fee cost and also eliminates middle man or third party providers. Blockchain is trustworthy technology with high security and transparency in the information.


Blockchain is one of the most popular technology nowadays that is used by every organization for storing confidential financial data. The best feature of this blockchain technology is that once the information is recorded in the block, it is extremely difficult to change. Furthermore, it provides high security to the data and transfers information immediately. There are also various ways that the users can opt to invest in this blockchain technology for earning high profits.

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