The Internet is a massive realm of endless opportunities where you can entertain not only yourself but also monetize your creative skills. Not only that, but you can also hire people virtually to do specific jobs for you. There are numerous marketplaces like 99designs, Designhill, Fiverr, and many more, allowing you to get virtual jobs suited to your skills.

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If you are done with your 9 to 5 job and want to unleash your creative side and monetize it, this article will link you to websites like 99designs. Or, if you are facing a creative block and can’t get your pending work done, these websites will help you find someone who will do the job with ultimate perfection. Here is a list of websites like 99designs that will help you in your future endeavors.

Top 5 Best Websites Like 99designs

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  3. TaskRabbit
  4. CrowdSpring
  5. DesignBro Limited

1. Upwork

upwork website
Upwork website

Upwork is one of the biggest and most professional freelancing platforms that delivers unlimited work opportunities to its users. It was formerly called Elance, or Elance-oDesk in 2015, but later, it was officially named Upwork Global Inc. It was called Elance-oDesk because the oDesk was a separate marketplace that was later merged with it.

The current CEO of Upwork is Hayden Brown, who was appointed on January 1st, 2020, and the current headquarters are in San Francisco, California. Upwork was developed with a vision for it to be the world’s biggest freelancing marketplace where people would be able to work according to their will. Not only that, it allows people to remotely find people so that they can get the most challenging part of their project done by the experts.

With many downfalls, Upwork saw many successes in the global space. This platform reported 14 million users in 2017 that spread over 180 countries which was a huge success. It also declared 1 billion US Dollars in annual freelancer billings, which was huge. The recent revenue in 2020 was reported as 373.6 million USD.

How does It Work?

  • Upwork takes clients and allows them to interact with people remotely. If you are on Upwork, you can hire people from across the world and let them work with you from different locations.
  • You can also interact with multiple freelancing agencies and tell them your work requirements. The freelancers will give you a description regarding their skills and price tag, according to which you can assign specific projects to them.
  • You can also invite a freelancer using the upwork platform. Once you have hired a freelancer for your work, you can offer them how much you can pay for the job and the deadline by which they should complete the required project.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr Website

Fiverr is another 99designs site-like website that offers an online freelancing marketplace to get benefits from your skills. It was founded in Isreal on 1st Feb 2010 by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger; its current headquarters are in Tel Aviv, Isreal. The main focus of Fiverr is to offer freelance services to people from around the world. It provides temporary job opportunities and offers a list of categories based on different skills, which you can add to your work description.

There are two categories of people on Fiverr: Buyers and sellers. Buyers are the ones who buy the services of sellers. You can find a variety of services on, for instance, translation, proofreading translation, graphic designing, logo designing, programming, video editing, and much more. The price of a gig starts from $5 and goes up to many thousand dollars based on the nature of work. Fiverr has both an iOS app and an android app which makes it inclusive. Moreover, it has made a lot of success and reported 1.3 million gigs by 2012.

How does It Work?

  • Fiverr works more or less the same as any other freelancing marketplace. Before you sign up, you should have a vision of what you want from the site. If you are a seller, you will register yourself as a seller. On the other hand, if you are a buyer, you will register yourself as a buyer.
  • As a seller, you will make a description of all the services you can provide with a price tag. For instance, if you are a content writer, you can write in the description box all the writing services you can provide.
  • As a buyer, you will have to list all the needs and services you want from a client. For example, if you wish to proofread some article or want to get a logo designed by a graphic designer, you will mention all the requirements in your gig along with how much money you can offer for the services.
  • If you are a buyer, a seller may contact you with their price range and offer the services. Or, as a buyer, you can invite people with the same skills required for the project to get the job done for you. Once the agreement is made officially, a deadline is created under which the freelancer has to complete the given task.

3. TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit Website
TaskRabbit Website

TaskRabbit might become your favorite websites where you can get immediate help with your daily errand. It might not necessarily be something digital; you can even get your house chores done by someone willing to do that. TaskRabbit is also an online marketplace founded by Leah Busque in 2008. Initially, it was called RunMyErrand with a vision of “neighbors helping neighbors” with their everyday tasks in times of urgent need.

The idea came from the situation when Leah Buque asked for help when she had no time to buy dog food. The parent of this online marketplace is IKEA which has headquarters in San Francisco, CA. The kind of services you can get through TaskRabbit are cleaning, delivery services, moving services, plumbing services, house chores, and many other handyman work. The idea of this website was favored by many people, and the success story of this site is that it has received $37.7 million as funds to date.

Moreover, it has spread its services to 47 US cities, 4 UK cities, and 1 Canadian city, and the spread is still in progress. The services expanded when IKEA took the complete acquisition of TaskRabbit. IKEA is now the sole owner of this site, and from here, they launched their furniture assembling services that offer extreme convenience to people.

How does It Work?

  • The website of this online marketplace can be identified as, where you can visit by simply typing it in the search box. There is a vast category of services and background-checked taskers you can approach to ask for help.
  • The taskers will contact you once you reach them, you will tell them the nature of the task you want help in, and they will give you their services with a price tag.

4. Crowdspring

crowdspring website
crowdspring website

Crowdspring is another 99design like website that serves as an online marketplace where you can monetize your creative skill. This website is one of the 99designs competitors. It consists of many industries, for instance, graphic designing, web designing, logo designing, content creation, and much more. The user can benefit from this website by buying or selling services. It was founded on May 15, 2007, by Mike Samson and Ross Kimbarovsky. The current headquarters of this website are in the Midwestern US in the Greater Chicago area.

How does It Work?

  • As we know that Crowdspring allows its users, entrepreneurs, small business to get benefits by hiring or selling services. It works in the simplest way; all you need to do is select Crowdspring packages and make a brief description of what kind of designs you want. Crowdspring will connect you to the freelancers that are willing to offer their services for you.
  • Crowdspring stretches on many countries; therefore, you get to work with top designers worldwide to get your work done with ultimate perfection. Moreover, you can get services round the clock and connect with them to discuss the projects with them. You can also share your own ideas and concepts with crowd spring so that you be connected to the one who can do the task perfectly.
  • You can also negotiate about the price tag and the designs one on one to create the desired situation. After getting through many top designers discussing your project with them, you can finally pick the design of one person you like. Moreover, you can also do adjustments and refinements to that design. In the end, the designer will receive the price, and you can claim the design as your own.

5. DesignBro Limited

DesignBro Website
DesignBro Website

Another excellent 99designs competitor website is the DesignBro limited, which offers unlimited opportunities for people trying to look for remote jobs. It is one of the biggest online platforms that connects professional web designers, graphic designers, logo designers with clients all across the globe. DesignBro LTD was founded in the year 2019 by Christiaan Huynen, and Pieter-Jan Hoogendijk. It is a highly reliable website because the team only selects designers’ portfolios after thorough checking.

How does It Work?

  • DesignBro, just like 99designs, allows the user to get benefits from their creative skill. You are supposed to submit a portfolio of your top designs that may contain graphic designs, logo designs, web designs, etc.
  • The DesignBro team consists of world-leading graphic designers who will check and review your portfolio. They will check for the level of creativity and authenticity of your work.
  • After reviewing your portfolio, if they really like your work, you will be picked to work for DesignBro. You will then fill out a brief description form, and after that, you will be asked to work on a project for someone. Upon selection and approval of your work, you will be paid accordingly.

How can you monetize your skills if you are a graphic designer?

If you are a graphic designer, there are multiple opportunities for you to get benefits from your skills. The Internet provides a long list of authentic websites that will register you as a seller where you can be connected with people who would buy your skills for their projects. For instance, you can visit 99designs, Upwork, Fiverr, and many more.

Can you buy services on the websites listed above?

Yes, if you are stuck in the middle of your project and want a professional graphic designer to design whatever you wish. You need to make a gig on these websites stating your requirements and pay range, after which many people will contact you. Moreover, you can use these websites to get an article written, proofread, or translated for you in return for money.

Are all of the mentioned websites trustworthy?

Yes, the freelancing websites mentioned above are all authentic because they are registered and developed by leading entrepreneurs. You can only get yourself registered as a buyer or a seller through the proper channel. Therefore, you can trust these websites with peace of mind and heart.

What is the best freelancer website for beginners?

Almost all of the websites are the best, and anyone can avail of different opportunities through them. However, if you are a beginner and want to try your luck on a freelancer website, Fiverr and Upwork are the best for you. These websites are easy to comprehend, and you can find thousands of jobs related to your skill level.

Final Thoughts

Internet is a space where you can remotely avail of many job opportunities without moving from your house. If you are a graphic designer, web developer, software engineer, or content creator. There are thousands of websites like 99designs that give you endless chances to earn more than you make in your 9 to 5 jobs. Not only that, but you can also hire someone to do a specific job for you anywhere in the world. In short, websites like 99designs have made doing remote jobs more accessible for you. I have listed the 5 best freelancer websites that you can benefit from.

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