Are you looking for the best platform to build your website? Or are you struggling to select the best among Webflow vs WordPress? Although both of them are renowned for helping website creators create their websites, there is a debate about which one is the best between both of them. Although the aim of both of these platforms is the same, still, there is a great difference between the features and functions they offer their users with.

Wordpress vs Webflow

If you are a website creator and are searching for the best platform, you must learn about both of them, their functions, advantages, and disadvantages. To make your selection quick and the best I have come up with every detail related to Webflow vs WordPress in this following article. Make sure you have read all the descriptions mentioned below so that you can make the final decision as quickly as possible.

The following article will let you know everything about Webflow vs WordPress: their features, the functions they possess, advantages, and disadvantages. Let us initiate from the knowledge relevant to Webflow, how it is beneficial for website creators and what are its drawbacks. Further details will tell you about the description of WordPress, its advantages, and disadvantages.

Web Designing Is No More A Divided Process, No Unnecessary Coding, Incredible Animations
Difficult To Work With, Limitations, costly
Inexpensive And Affordable Option, Reliable And Trustworthy, Easy Upgradation
Open-Source Software, Complex Coding, No Design Customisation

What is Webflow


Webflow is a popular website creator that provides the user with visual tools for designing a web page. Because of being hosted software, you can use Webflow as a service provider. Webflow earns from upgradation, being paid for the features, and selling the hosting services. Moreover, Webflow does not need any kind of complicated technical skills and knowledge related to its usage.

It is a cloud-based builder for the website that helps you create appealing websites with its inbuilt designer. Furthermore, it has been noticed that Webflow provides more customization options, making it more suitable for those who are looking for effortless creation and customization of their websites. Additionally, those who do not like to put themselves in the fuss of coding and hiring professional designers for their websites can reliably select Webflow for their webpage.

Because Webflow is no code visual website builder, it is more suitable for those who are not really into coding and technical knowledge and information. Now, let us explain what are the advantages of Webflow and why you should prefer using Webflow website creator instead of other platforms.

Advantages of Webflow

Advantages Of WordPress 3

There are certain advantages of Webflow that makes it superior to other website-creating platforms, specifically WordPress. If you want to go with Webflow, you should have the basic essential information related to its advantages and disadvantages. The following details will tell you about the advantages and benefits of selecting and preparing Webflow, instead of any other website creation platform. Make sure you read the following details with thorough attention so that you can make the right choice.

  • Web Designing Is No More A Divided Process

Since website creators are practically designing the website, it has been noticed that web designing is a divided process. It was different from site creation. Means, website creation and website designing both were two different processes.

In the previous times, when this was the case, you had to create the wireframes and mock the UI on your own and then you had to transfer the assets to the website developers. Then you keep on checking the developer to ensure he is working accurately on your design. But now the scenario has changed. In the presence of Webflow, you can create and design your website with just a single tool. This is why we can reliably say that web designing is no more a divided process, instead, it is merged into a single tool.

  • No Unnecessary Coding

Unlike WordPress and many other website-creating platforms, Webflow does not involve unnecessary coding in designing and functioning. In the presence of Webflow, your site is as clean as you want it to be. It is powered by CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. So, when compared with other website creating platforms, specifically WordPress, Webflow is superior in providing clean sites with faster and more efficient working.

  • Incredible Animations

Webflow allows you to create and add animations to your site without putting yourself in the complications of coding. The webpage is created to develop interactions between the viewer and the website creator. The more your website is attractive, the more it will be appealing to the viewers.

By using your creative mind, you can create animation rich webpages to attract users and viewers. Moreover, to work with Webflow’s incredible animation features, you do not need to have extensive and detailed knowledge of JavaScript and CSS. This is something that makes Webflow more advantageous and preferable.

  • Increment In SEO

If someone says that he has expanded and enhanced his organic traffic, on his web page, by simply switching from WordPress to Webflow, he is not lying at all. Yes, it is the case. If you want to maximize your traffic, you can switch from any website-creating platform to Webflow.

This is because Webflow is responsible to provide you with easier, effortless, and quick access to all of your settings of the on-page SEO. Moreover, the Meta title and description of the CMS content are automatically made based on fields you have created and defined. It means, yes, Webflow is the fastest and better platform to get a noticeable increase in SEO of the website.

  • Customization Of Design

In the presence of Webflow, you can create customized designs of the websites. It is the top reason given by most of the Webflow users, who shifted from WordPress or other website building platforms to this Webflow website creator. It takes the control of CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5 in visuals, to assist Webflow in the translation of your given designs, into semantic code, which is ready for publishing on your web page. It means a lot of customization is waiting for you if you switch to Webflow.

Disadvantages Of Webflow

Advantages Of WordPress 4

If Webflow has its benefits, it does not mean that it is away from flaws and drawbacks. Certain disadvantages make it less superior to other websites creating and designing platforms. Let us focus on them so you would be aware of the disadvantages of Webflow and how to deal with them.

  • Difficult To Work With

In case you are not familiar with HTML and CSS, you need to have some basic knowledge when it comes to the usage of Webflow for website designing and creation. This means Webflow at times becomes overwhelming, tough, and difficult to work with, when compared with other website building platforms or WordPress

  • Limitations

You will find certain limitations present in Webflow that are not available in WordPress or other websites. This mainly involves the presence of a plug-in library. When compared with WordPress, the plugin library present in the Webflow is noticeably smaller and limited. If you are looking for a fast and broad plug-in library for your website, you will not be satisfied with the plug-in library of Webflow.

  • Cost

When it comes to cost, it has been noticed that Webflow is somehow expensive compared with WordPress and other website-creating platforms. The features that WordPress offers you at a lower cost, are similar to the ones that are offered by Webflow, but, at a more expensive price. So, when we look into the comparison between WordPress vs Webflow in relevance to the cost, WordPress is the winner.

What is WordPress?


WordPress is a topmost renowned open source content management system, that has covered around 42% of all websites available in the internet today. It is free to download from, from where you simply can install it and create a website either for blogging, inaugurating online stores, businesses, or for other purposes. To initiate working with WordPress, you need to have your web hosting account and domain name.

Furthermore, because it’s open-source software, it is completely free for everyone to install, whenever they want to. You only need to pay for your hosting and not for anything else. WordPress is comparatively easy and accessible with high-performance and high-security systems. It offers powerful media management to a huge community. Additionally, it comes with mobile apps compatibility, to make the management of your website effortless, quick and handy.

Now, let us talk about some of the advantages and benefits of having WordPress. Certain functions are only offered by WordPress and not by any other site-creating platform. Moreover, when it comes to Webflow vs. WordPress, specific features are there that are only present in WordPress and not in Webflow. Some of them are enlisted below.

Advantages of WordPress

Advantages Of WordPress 1

Following are the five advantages of having WordPress and selecting it as your website creator and designer. These are those beneficial features that make WordPress superior to web flow and many other sites creating platforms.

  • Inexpensive And Affordable Option

Because WordPress is a self-hosted forum, it provides you with the option to select your hosting provider for the installation of the software. Because the cost of hosting and domain is relatively low, WordPress, in the end, becomes an affordable option, when compared with other website-creating forums including Webflow. Moreover, because you do not need to have extraordinary knowledge related to technical and site operations, you can customize, edit and manage the website on your own conveniently. This also makes it affordable and less costly.

  • Reliable And Trustworthy

It’s been almost 20 years since WordPress is in the field of website creation. Most of the users simply go with the name because this forum is the most reliable and trustworthy among all other available ones. The name WordPress itself is enough for clients to choose it, as their website provider. Moreover, because the brand is recognized worldwide, we cannot deny the fact that almost one-third of the websites present on the Internet are hosted by WordPress.

  • Easy Upgradation

When compared with other websites creating forums WordPress is very easy to update and amend. Once you create and set it up, it would be almost effortless for you to maintain it and add new content. This is the reason why WordPress is considered the most famous and popular among those who are totally into non-technical fields. WordPress will help them in managing, amend, edit, add, and update the website effortlessly and quickly.

  • Ideal For Blogging Purposes

WordPress is originally a blogging platform that provides you with a blog by default, as soon as you set it up. This is what makes it ideal for blogging purposes. Moreover, because it contains multiple blogging features and functionalities including plug-ins, categories, widgets, tags, etc, it is said to be the most suitable for those with blogging needs.

  • Plug-ins And Customisation

Plugins are the most famous feature of WordPress. WordPress is popular because of having plug-ins in it. In the presence of plug-ins, you can conveniently customize and edit the website, can add various features, and can perform multiple functions. No matter what you need and what you want to do with your site, you will find a plug-in for that. What you need to do is to do an instant Google search about your need, in relevance with the WordPress plug-in, and you will get to know where it is located in WordPress.

Disadvantages Of WordPress

Advantages Of WordPress 2

We have seen that there are certain other forums offering website creation and designing in a better way than WordPress. Many people prefer them instead of going with WordPress. Let us dig into the reasons why people prefer other websites over WordPress. The following details will tell you about the three such disadvantages of WordPress because of which most of the users either convert or go with the selection of other forums instead of WordPress.

  • Open-Source Software

Most website developers prefer to go with open-source software but these somehow become difficult to manage. You will notice that WordPress is easy to set up and works at a very low cost, still, it becomes complicated and complex when it comes to security. There are chances that your website may get broken or hacked by someone somehow. Unless and until you have a WordPress developer with you, it would be compulsory for you to learn the basics of how to troubleshoot your technical problems. This makes it difficult to manage.

  • Complex Coding Systems

The creation of bloated code, while using a WordPress theme, can create errors in the website, making it run slower, or at times crash it completely. This ultimately results in a poor ranking of your website on Google, long-term retention, and more chances of visitors instantly leaving your website without taking any action. All of this happens because of the presence of complex coding systems. This makes WordPress stay inferior to many other website creators explicitly Webflow.

  • No Design Customisation

You will find almost no flexibility when it comes to the designing and customization of the website with WordPress. It is one of the biggest flaws that affect most users. It means if you truly want to design and customize your website in your way, it is completely not possible for you until you learn to code and how to work with a web developer.

Comparison of Webflow With WordPress

Advantages Of WordPress 6

Now that we have learnt detailed knowledge of WordPress and Webflow, I want to mention the direct answers to the comparison between both of them. The following details will tell you about the features and which one is the winner. This is written for you to keep you away from complications. You can simply learn from the following details and can finalize which one is best for you.

Ease of Use

Both WordPress and Webflow are equal in this regard, specifically when it comes to ease of use. Both of them work with simple point and click editors, making them easy to use and effortless to manage.

Templates and Designing

WordPress is the winner when it comes to templates and designing. It offers the users with various flexibility options of amending themes, selecting the designs, and allowing the user to use various tools for the customization of the websites.


WordPress is the winner, as it will charge you less cost and price with the same features that are charged expensively when on Webflow.

Integrations And Add-ons

WordPress is the winner, because of the presence of support from third-party tools, services, and hundreds of plug-ins.


WordPress is a winner when it comes to optimization of the website with various features for search engine ranking.


WordPress is the winner when it comes to the creation of online shops. It provides you with various payment options, offers multiple add-ons, and has no limit on how much product you want to add to your shop. All of these scenarios are the opposite when you work on Webflow.


WordPress is the winner, even in the support system also because it is renowned worldwide and consists of multiple support options, including free support systems.


Is Webflow bad for SEO?

No, Webflow doesn’t need to be always bad for SEO. A Webflow site sends clean code, which is easy to search and index by various search engine finders. Whereas, Webflow comparatively has lesser third-party plug-ins and integrations when compared with other website creators or WordPress.

Can I use WordPress with any hosting provider?

There is no specific hosting provider for WordPress. It means yes, you can use WordPress with any of the available hosting providers. It is very easy and accessible to use making it effortless to function. Moreover, in the presence of its content management system (CMS), it will be much easier for you to create and develop websites.

Do professional web designers use Webflow?

Yes, some professional web designers do use Webflow for the management and designing of their websites. The Webflow functions and features lie somewhere in between the latest and old setups of the web designers. It means yes, Webflow can be used by professional web designers for their needs.

Can I trial Webflow before paying?

Yes, you can have a free trial and free plan of Webflow for trial purposes with two projects. Although they do have some limitations, you can still have a trial of the main features. It will help you in understanding how Webflow works and whether it is appropriate for you or not.

Final Thoughts

After properly analyzing both Webflow and WordPress in the above-mentioned articles, I have come up with the conclusion that both of them are perfect for website creation in their way. No one is superior to others but for many reasons, it has been noticed that WordPress is somehow better and more popular among professional web designers. It does not mean that Webflow is somewhere down or is not good.

Both of them have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on the website designer and creator, which one he chooses. If you are the site owner and looking for the best platform for your site management, I will recommend you to read the above article at least twice to understand every part thoroughly. The more you have knowledge related to WordPress and Webflow, the better you would be able to finalize, which one is ideal for you.

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