Freelancing has emerged as one of the active earning sources for millions around the world. Among different freelancing jobs, blogs and vlogs have made a difference by attracting outstanding traffic and audience. However, their remarkable progress makes us think about which task is preferable when it comes to vlog vs blog. Both of these creative tasks are used for storytelling and allow you to deliver your thoughts, ideas, and different stories in the form of writing or video.

Blog vs Vlog

If you are also thinking to convert your creative imagination into practicality, then vlogs and blogs can be the best source for doing so. Indeed, it will make you considerably higher revenues. Economic gains are another strong reason when you see people following their passion for vlogging and blogging. If you are unable to understand blogging and vlogging differences and associated concepts, then there are no worries because we are here with the relevant information. Therefore, please continue reading about blogs vs vlogs.

Blog: What is it?

Before diving deeper into the major differences existing between vlogs vs blogs, we must tell you what are these separately. In simple words, a blog is a website that is being hosted on the internet. Considering the different features of a blog, it won’t be wrong to call it one of the significant tools for effective communication and marketing. In terms of the running and operation, any individual, group of people, or large-scale firm can run blogs. They usually run their blogs the advertisement of their services and goods.

In addition to this, they could also run their blogs for the timely dissemination of the information related to the services and products they offer. In this regard, a person, firm, or any agency running a blog is referred to as a “blogger”. While sharing a piece of meaningful information systematically over a website is referred to as “blogging”. There are many categories of blogs. For example, there are some personal, collaborative, and corporate blogs, and they are owned and run by different people, employees, and organizations. 4

Vlog: What is it?

After defining a blog in our guide on the vlog vs a blog, we would like to make you understand what a vlog is. Briefly, a vlog means video log. The word “vlog” finds its roots in the blog and the person doing it is known as a “vlogger”. The timings of a vlog can be variable. That means that you will find vlogs that are hours long. On the other hand, there are some vlogs in less than 5 minutes.

So, there is versatility. In terms of the coverage topics, there can be different vlogs just like different blogs. Anyone can make a vlog ranging from a scientist discussing experiments to makeup artists advertising different products. So, you will see different blogs on different platforms primarily on YouTube relevant to different consumer products, business promotions, political situations, technology, etc.

However, for making an effective vlog, you need to have a high-quality camera, microphones with excellent audio quality, and other relevant equipment. In addition, you need to edit your vlog content before you make it available on your website or any other platform because the audience love to see things with good quality, especially in this era of highly advanced social media marketing.


Difference between Vlog Vs Blog

So now it’s time to share some major differences between vlog vs blog. Based on my five years of freelancing experience, I have found some major aspects that separate a vlog from a blog. Although both have some similarities in terms of marketing target, information dissemination, and the quest for attracting more audiences through organic traffic. The following points will express this difference. Let’s begin with different pointers explaining the difference between a blog and a vlog!

  • Content-type: The major distinguishing feature between a vlog and a blog is the type of content they have for the audience. If the content is in the form of textual information, gifs, images, etc. then a blog is the perfect medium. While, if your content is in video form then vlogging can be the ultimate task to do.
  • Hosting media: Now both blogs and vlogs differ in terms of the hosting media. For example, you will see different media like WordPress, Drupal, Blogger, and Joomla hosting blogs. While, other motion-based media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, etc. are actively involved in hosting vlogs. In this way, Facebook is a kind of hybrid media.
  • Inception timings: This is another major difference between vlog and blog. If you check the historical perspective of both these freelancing types, you will come to know that blogs are older than vlogs because there are blogs as old as 1990. While they gain fame in 2003. On the other hand, vlogs started around 2000, and today we see millions of such videos and vlogs on the internet.
  • Economical aspect: Money is another blog and vlog difference that we can’t miss. The purpose of both blog and vlog is to make money. However, you need to see running it cost you more or less. In terms of hosting, both blogs and vlogs are free most of the time. However, you need to be ready to invest money in vlog content preparation equipment because it will decide the traffic you attract. So, investing more means deriving more monetary benefits.
  • Audience preferences: You need to understand that the audience coming to a blog and vlog has different preferences. For example, blog users majorly focus on written content and they love doing so. They are readers. While vlog users do not bother about the written content or descriptions as much as they focus on the visual quality. Therefore, you need to be careful about writing aspects in the blog and visual effects in the vlog.
  • Live streaming: Live streaming is a difference that distinguishes both. If you want to do live streaming then a vlog is preferable because it allows you to involve in a live event through online streaming. While this facility is not available with the blog. That is the reason vlogs attract more audiences in a short period.
  • Visitors: Another important difference between blogs and vlogs is that number of the people arriving at blogs is lesser than compared with the vlogs. So, ultimately, money-making is more feasible with vlogging but again you need to comply with all the rules that gain you more visitors.
  • Deciding the Quantity and Quality: It is very important to deliver more with high quality. This general principle applies to both blogs and vlogs. However, in the case of a blog, you need to be vigilant enough to post more with quality. While with the vlog, you can gain more views with the meticulous aspects like facial expressions, description, and audio effects.

We hope through these pointers, you have got an answer to your question of, what is the difference between a blog and a vlog?. So let’s proceed further with our comparative guide on the vlog vs blog!

Difference Between Blog and Article

Another important difference that we want to discuss in our comparative guide on vlog vs blog is between blog and article. In the recent years of technological advancement, there have been many modifications in the way writing is done. Perhaps, now it is very specified and target-oriented. For example, in the previous times of hard copies, the books written had difficult vocabulary and phrases to compete in the market. However, now you have a sea of eBooks and journals which are written considering NLP concepts.

That is why even not so-knowledgeable audiences find a variety that they understand without checking the thesaurus. With this too much availability of content, there has been a shift in the specifications and targets set for each type of item. For example, if you work as a freelancer, you may come across a client who wants you to write a “blog” for them, not an “article”. Also, you may face a vice versa situation. So how do you understand what type of service they need? Some distinct factors set them apart. Let’s discuss them with you!

  • Freedom of expression: The first factor that makes a blog and an article distinguished from one another is the freedom in expressing your opinion, thoughts, and recommendations. Majorly, in a blog, you enjoy this freedom. However, in an article, you need to deliver the researched domain. You may give your opinion but it has to be very limited and largely your article needs to comply with the facts and figures.
  • Research-oriented content making: Another difference is that in a blog you do not need any research and you never conduct any interviews because they are not required. While in article writing you need to stick to authentic information derived from social or scientific experiments and then systematically compile them. In the article, you need to give the possible future outlook as well.
  • Content length: There is no limitation on the words in a blog. You may keep it lengthy or short depending on your subject. While an article cannot be shorter than 300 words.
  • Grammatical aspect: In terms of grammar and syntax, your article needs to be flawless and should be checked via authentic tools like Grammarly, etc. Some bloggers reported that the audience does not care about the spelling and grammar of a blog. However, I think this is a reckless practice and you should not do it. Always make your content perfect for spelling and grammar whether you are producing a blog or an article.
  • Writing style: There are different writing styles adopted for a blog and article. In general, you may personalize your blog by writing it casually. However, when you are writing an article, your style has to be sophisticated and precise to deliver greater meaning using lesser words.
  • Editorial service: If you have a blog then there is no need for an editor. For convenience, you may hire an editor but majorly a blog is a self-published item. On the other hand, it is a must to have an editor for your article who could refine it, do the proofreading, and give you direction for further improvement. As a result, the overall quality of the article is much better than a self-published blog.
  • Money-making potential: In last, we must not forget to share the economical aspect of the blog and article because after all, you are trying to understand the differences to increase your financial gains by opting for the best choice. If you go for the blog, then as a freelancer you would make $5-$20 per blog, which is quite lower. While with the article writing, you will be getting $.10 – $1 or even more than that for a word.

Difference Between Blog and WordPress

We hope the facts we are sharing in our guide on vlog vs blog are gaining your interest and you are understanding them easily. Next, we will discuss how publishing your blog on different platforms can be beneficial. For the publication of a blog, you need to have a perfect medium that could host it. In this regard, there are two famous hosting sites available by the name of WordPress and Blog. The blog is also known as Blogger and it is a competitive medium for WordPress. So, continue reading about Bloggers vs WordPress!

Either with Blog or WordPress, blogging is fun and easier than you think. You will do considerable progress if you build with any of these hosting media. Blogger is a simple blog hosting platform that provides you with a simplified service so that you can easily make your blog and then get done with its online publication. You can do so in a short period. While WordPress is not just a simple blog hosting website, rather it has been equipped with the full-fledged Content Management System (CMS).

That is why users can use this CMS-embedded WordPress to develop high-quality blogs and other websites. The excellent features will enable you to make an effective website. So, enjoy creating any website you like using WordPress. Despite the auspiciousness of these two blog hosting media, as a beginner, you need to be aware of the potential benefits and advantages associated with them. Therefore, we have compiled some of the pros and cons of Blogger and WordPress. Let’s begin with them!


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Why Choose Blogger?

  • Blogger is the quickest and most simplified way to start your blog as a beginner. Within a few minutes, you will be able to make your blog and start posting.
  • Learning is faster with Blogger. It helps you in the creation of the content and teaches you how to use the primary aspects easily.
  • Economically, you will be at ease choosing it because it has no requirements for the hosting plan. Rather, you will be enjoying all features that are 100% free. That is why Blogger is the best medium to opt for.
  • There are many options available through which you can personalize your blog. Although they are limited you can use them.

Reasons to Avoid

  • Blogger has a very basic functionality which is good for beginners but not good if you are aiming at higher financial gains. All it offers is the creation of a standard quality blog and content posting.
  • There are too many restrictions on the customization of the physical looks of your blog.
  • There is no complete ownership of your content if you choose Blogger because it will accessible by the servers of Google making it slightly ambiguous for your control.


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Why Choose WordPress?

  • WordPress allows you to start your blog quite faster although it is somewhat slower than Blogger. This is attributable to the more work offered by WordPress. So getting your blog started in a few minutes is promised with WordPress.
  • As a beginner, you will find WordPress very easy to work with. Particularly, if you want to use it for establishing a blog then you won’t face any issues using it.
  • Unlike Blogger, you will be glad to know that WordPress is thronged with customization options. There are different plugins and trending themes that allow you to define the appearance of your blog the way you like it. Enjoy this special feature by opting for WordPress.
  • If you are a professional-level blogger, then WordPress has a package of features for you. Just by the addition of the custom code, you can incorporate highly advanced level features to your websites and blogs.

Reasons to Avoid

  • The first issue associated with WordPress is that you need to do a meager investment for starting your blog on it. Though it might not be an issue for many but beginners may not be willing to do this investment. There is a free hosting option available but it might not be good if you want to use it for high-quality websites.
  • You need to do the maintenance from time to time and also keep a check on security levels.

Difference Between Website and Blog

Differentiating between a website and a blog is quite simple. After reading all the details of the blog and other relevant concepts, you will now be in a better position to understand what is a blog. However, a website can be a new concept for you as a beginner. Let us help you in understanding them in a simplified way. Continue reading!


Website refers to a medium made by gathering different web pages and diverse multimedia content. The content available on this website will be categorized in a singular domain using World Wide Web (www). For hosting a website, you need to choose different web hosting services that make your content available to the audience. In this way, your content is made accessible and available for users around the globe. In terms of internet accessibility, a website is a type of intrinsic site that others can access by using a local area network.


Next is the blog which we have been describing in different ways in our guide on the vlog vs blog. In general, a blog is a type of web page with a considerable amount of content or information. Unlike a website, you can self-publish a blog on a website or World Wide Web. The content coverage type of a blog varied from personal to informational associated with the topic you are blogging about. Usually, you will see content available in the descending order arranged on a blog. That means the latest posted blogs will appear first.

What Separates a Website from a Blog?

  • Style: Websites are usually formal and professional while the style of a blog is informal and informational. A blog can be a package of personal experiences.
  • Basic Unit: A website is usually based on different web pages and the survival of a blog is based on the type of content published.
  • Order of Appearance: There is no chronological order on a website, though it may have a smaller sideboard where the latest information is running. While on a blog, you will see the newest items first.
  • Feedback and Comments: It is not always possible to comment on a website. For example, an educational institute’s website may not give an option of commenting but they can offer you the ‘Contact Us’ option. While bloggers do care for the opinion of the users and thus they especially add a feedback section so that users can share their views with the blog owners.


Which are the most famous blogs and websites available on the market?

There are some famous blogs and websites that will make you understand the difference between these two. Popular blogs include Moz Blog, Gary Vaynerchuk, HuffPost, and Engadget. On the other hand, the exclusive examples of the websites are Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.

Are there any advantages of blogging?

For sure, blogging has innumerable advantages. That is why millions of freelancers are being hired for making blogs and associated content. First of all, it is an exclusive way of expressing your talents and skills. In terms of money, you will be able to generate a great deal of revenue because blogs attract good traffic and audience.

What are the benefits associated with vlogging?

There are many advantageous aspects associated with vlogging. Firstly, it is a simplified task that does not offer you much complexity. You can also personalize the content you post. Vlogs attract better organic traffic than blogs. With Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), you can make your vlog accessible to many and in turn, it will make money for you.

Final Thoughts

It’s time for us to say goodbye and conclude our comparative guide on the vlog vs blog covering vast concepts that are converged in an overall sense. We hope the details and comparative analysis that we have provided you with will be beneficial for you. After reading them, you will be in a good position to decide your preference when it comes to blogs vs vlogs, bloggers vs vloggers, and choice of the media for hosting them. Good luck with what you do!

We will be glad to see your comments in the feedback section. Thank you and take care!

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