Many peoples before starting their business are confused about selecting which type is better for them. They did not know their them. Here I am telling you about the five most known types of social media marketing

Types of Social Media Marketing

1. Content Marketing/Content Creating

Content marketing is a marketing method in which we generate and distribute precious content to attract an audience/customers.

Content marketing is used to promote brand awareness and is necessary for the uplift of a business or company. In content marketing, we write content to increase the growth rate of our business. A large number of marketers use content marketing to promote their business. Content marketing develops the relationship between the company and the customer.

Content Writing


Marketing is Impossible without Content

It is common to experience everyone when buy product firstly he gets information about that product. Similarly when everyone buys some product online. First of all, he read the content of that product which reveals the properties of the product. Quality content is necessary to satisfy the customer to buy the product. When the content of a product is full of properties then it attracts buyers to buy that product. Therefore a company can increase its sales by writing valuable content.

Content is Future and Present of Marketing

Content is the future and present of digital marketing. We can increase the progress of the company only by writing valuable content. It is the backbone of a business/Company. The following figures show the importance of content in marketing/Business.

  • It is seen that the business which is using precious content shows 67% more progress.
  • Similarly, the companies using content marketing show 30% more growth.

Foundation of a Business/Company

Progress of a business/company is revealed by its customers and customers are attracted only by satisfying them which can be done only by providing valuable content about that product. Valuable content is necessary for the progress of a company/Business therefore content is considered one of the most important foundations for a business.

2. Advertising

Advertising is a message about the company or a way to attract users/customers to the company.

In this modern era, most companies use the power of social media platforms the advertisement of their company. For the advertisement of a company, First of all, the company hires an agency and provides them with all the necessary information related to adding, agency creates the ads, and then these ads are sent to ads platforms like Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and so on which shows these add to people.

The ads can be

  • photo add
  • Video add
  • Stories ads
  • Messenger ads


Used to Make Successful a New Product

Every company that launches a new product then it usually runs ads to introduce it in the market and among the people. The advertisement gives knowledge about the new product to people and attracts them to buy. In this way, most companies take the support of ads to make their product successful.

Increase the Sales and Net Profit of a Company

Ads reveal the properties of a product. and they attract the customers/users to buy that product. When a company runs ads for its products then a large number of users start to buy the products of the company and in this way advertisement increases the progress of a company many times.

Control Prices

When many companies start to run ads for their products then competition is produced between them. In this competition, each company wants more customers/users than others. To attract customers/users they do not increase prices and try to make the quality of a product better.

3. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a marketing technique in which we target our product-related social media influencers and they recommend our product.

Let us clear the concept of influencer marketing with an example. Before proceeding with our example we must know who are social media influencers? Social media influencers are popular persons related to products and they have a large number of followers on social media. They only recommend the product but not the sale. Its concept will become more clear in the following example.

If a company is providing service/selling tools of Search Engine Optimization(SEO). His first target will be to find the heads of institutes that are offering the SEO courses or the Popular name of these fields (Because they have a large number of followers on social media) which are social media influencers for the company. After finding the social media influencer company deals with them to recommend their tools. As a result, the company’s sales increased.

Influencer Marketing


Build Trust

Followers of social media influencers have complete trust in them. The followers give respect to the opinion and ideas of their social media influencers. When a social media influencer recommends a product his followers due to trust considered the product reliable for them. As a result, trust is built upon the company/brand.

Increase Brand/Company Popularity in Short Time

Social media influencers have a large number of followers even million or billion on social networks. When a social media influencer recommends a product his followers due to trust considered the product best for them. They start to buy that product. In a short time, company sales start to increase rapidly. Therefore influencer marketing has much potential to increase Company/Brand popularity in a short time.

Saves Time

Due to a large number of followers of social media influencers company/brand sales increase rapidly in a short time as compared to other companies/brands which do not take the help of social media influencers. Therefore it saves time.

Increases Net Profit of Company

4. Social Media Management/Community Management

Every business/company which uses social media has a community of audience/users around it. There is a need to manage this community. The management of the community of a business/company on social media is called social media management or community management.

In this modern era, Every company/brand uses social media. Social media is the source to remain in connect the customers and company/brand. They have large and famous social media groups. Users/customers remain in contact with these groups. Companies/Brands continuously remain to introduce their products or provide information about the company. Customers react to the company by liking, sharing, and commenting on the posts. The one who manages all this is called the social media manager or community manager.

Social Media Management


Provide Support to Customers

The social media platform of a company gives information about the company and its product. When a customer/user is facing some issue or needs information/help then he calls for help by using social media. The social media support team of the company supports its customers and tries to provide solutions in all possible ways.

Provide Accurate Product Information

Correct information about a company or a product is present only on a company’s official social media platform. It increases customers’ knowledge about the company.

5. Paid Media

We use media networks for the advertisement of our business. For this purpose, we have to pay some amount so that our ads run. It is called paid media.

Every business either it is small or large requires advertisement to increase its growth. This advertisement is not free. If our business is small we run ads in newspapers or magazines if our business is large then we use many platforms like Google, social media, and so on to run our ads. We have to pay the amount for our advertisement. Every business pays for advertisement according to its budget.

Paid Media


Increases Targeted Audience/Custom

The main purpose of paid media is to increase the growth of the business. When ads of a business/company run then customers start to increase.

Increase Sales

When we run ads for our business then our business starts to attract customers. As we run ads our customers increase. Similarly when customers increase our sales increase which increases the net profit of our business.

Suitable for any Business

Paid media is suitable for any business. Every business either it is large or small can run its ads through paid media according to the size and budget of its business.


What are The 5 Types Of Social Media Marketing?

There are the following well-known types of social media marketing

  • Content marketing
  • Advertising/Sponsorship
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Social Madia Management/Community Management
  • Paid Media


Progress in technology reached social media mostly hands. Nowadays people are using social media platforms forms for various useful purposes among which one is to promote your business with the help of social media platforms.

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