Nowadays, in the world of social media, the number of bloggers is growing steadily in Pakistan. Simultaneously the curiosity among people is rising to know the emerging top bloggers from the tremendous group of bloggers out there.

Top Bloggers in Pakistan

If you are the one out there who is curious to know the top bloggers in Pakistan, then you should read this article. These top bloggers will surely become the inspiration and motivation for the ones who are at the sprouting level and want to become part of these emergent stars. Also, these bloggers have made their name because of their work out of all the people who are working hard in the industry.

These bloggers will be an inspiration for you if you are thinking of starting your own online business.

M Tanveer nandla

M Tanveer Nandla – #1 Blogger of Pakistan

M Tanveer Nandla started his blogging journey as a hobbyist in 2006 but later adopted a great command in his blogging career in 2009 and generated millions of dollars by working on different models. The major model on which he worked included Adsense enabled websites promoted through Search Engine Optimization.

For your surprise, he is also the teacher of two Bloggers listed in this list of top pakistani bloggers.

If you want to listen to his story in his own words, Here is a Ted Talk from Tanveer Nandla which might inspire you

M Tanveer Nandla is from Multan and is the Former Lecturer at Net-Rider & University of Education, Multan Campus. He studied FSC at Emerson College, Multan. He did his schooling at Comprehensive High School. He is the former Senior developer of Cardiology at CPE Institute, Multan.

Now, M Tanveer Nandla is a trainer for Pakistan Youth in Digital Marketing, which includes blogging, SEO, and Affiliate Marketing, and also provides services to different platforms like iSkills Pakistan and iSkill Africa. Also, he was awarded the award of no 1 blogger in Pakistan in 2019 from the World Bank. M Tanveer Nandla is also running an institute of iSkills in which he gave training to almost 5000 students.

Mr. Tanveer is also famous for earning half a Million Rupees in one day. His inspirational story was published in 2016 by multiple Pakistani blogs.

His trained students have brought 105 Million Dollars in revenue into Pakistan, which is huge! In 2022, he was also awarded an award of “Pride Of Pakistan” by DG ISPR. Well, because of his amazing work and experience, he is considered the top blogger in Pakistan. Also, he is a great speaker, a keen learner, an SEO expert, and a Specialist in Digital Marketing.


Ali Chaudhary – Best Urdu Blogger

Another famous and prominent blogger in Pakistan is Ali Chaudhary. He is mostly off-screen and is not a public figure. He has his own private life but is working on really great things and has achieved a lot. His lifetime great achievement is that he is the owner of UrduPoint. A great number of people in Pakistan follow and read UrduPoint.

UrduPoint is the biggest platform from where a number of people get information about the world. It is really a great source of information like the latest National and International News, Urdu poetry, Health News, Sports News, Horoscope, Islam, Show-biz, Women, Trade News, and many more. You can get the information in dual languages like both Urdu and English.

UrduPortal is also the biggest web portal in Pakistan, which was launched on 14 August 2000. Ali Chaudhary is an honorable owner of UrduPoint. He is also an experienced founder who is working in the online media industry. He is Skilled in Digital Marketing, Digital Publication, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), startups, and Entrepreneurship. Because of his remarkable work, he is considered the 2nd best blogger in Pakistan.

Aamir Aatta

Aamir Atta – Top Tech Blogger

Aamir Atta is another great and famed blogger of Pakistan who got his name because of his great working experience and business. He belongs to Islamabad, and his most influential work from which he is known is his IT news-based website ProPakistani. Propakistani is a trustworthy resource for getting knowledge about business, technology, auto news in Pakistan, and telecom.

Also, there are different categories related to innovation and the latest news through which you can get a great source of information. His blogs are really interesting and influential. Many people are benefiting from his information and blogs. His blogging skills make his work more creative, and he always comes up with new sources of ideas and designs. He is one of the best telecom bloggers from Islamabad. Millions of people follow him and like him for his work.

Other than this, he is looking forward to making more professional and informative Pakistani-style websites. The quality of his content is great, and he provides enlightening news from all over Pakistan. Because he is the founder and CEO of ProPakistani, his outstanding work and content make him known as the top blogger in Pakistan.


Mustafa Ahmedzai – Blogger Turned eCommerce Expert

Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is a young entrepreneur who is running different sites and is considered one of the best bloggers in Pakistan. He graduated from NED Karachi and started his blogging career in 2008. He is completely involved in his career building, and since 2008 he has earned a great amount of money. The best thing is that he has maintained the amazing content of his blogging since 2008.

He has a great experience in blogging, and he also delivers his knowledge and skills to the youth by teaching them. He is completely involved in his work and works so hard that he is regarded as the best blogger in Pakistan. His specialty of work is Digital Marketing, SEO Consultant, Professional Blogging, Addicted Web Developing, and Computer Engineering.

Mustafa Ahmedzai is famous and known as he is the owner of He left blogging and is currently running a clothing brand “JHONUM”. JHONUM is basically a fashion store in which he introduced traditional costumes like Shalwar Kameez, Waistcoat, Peshawari Chappal, Balochi Chawat, Cufflinks, and Rings. This brand aims at promoting all the cultures of Pakistan.


Abdul Wali – Top Travel Blogger

Abdul Wali belongs to FATA, started his blogging career in 2010, and worked hard to get his name on the top blogger list in Pakistan. He is from Karachi but lives in Istanbul, Turkey. He is working on numerous successful websites and earning a great amount of money monthly. One of his major and popular blogs is, where he posts different lessons and tutorials which help students to learn and achieve their goals.

He is also a computer instructor at Cosmos Computer Institute, where people learn new things related to emerging technology. The best thing about this website is that he posts blogs in Urdu/Hindi languages, so it is easy for people to learn more. His main topics on are related to blogging. Also, he is the founder of Online Seekho, which is Pakistan’s no 1 learning platform.

Currently, he is the SEO Consultant, Online Instructor, 5th Best mentor on Udemy, Marketer, Web Developer, Marketer, and a full-time passionate blogger. His work and dedication to blogging made him the top blogger in Pakistan. He is considered the best instructor around the globe, which is a big achievement for him. Also, he has millions of students on Udemy who are following his work and instructions for building a good future.

He also receives many reviews from students all over the world. He basically engages students in a Q/A forum on Udemy so that it could help students to solve their problems in the current time. Abdul Wai makes traveling blogs as well as Travel Guru. He is a great content creator on YouTube and inspires people with his content.

Raja Waheed

Raja Waheed – Best Affiliate Blogger

  • Approx. Monthly Income: Rs.3 Million/mo

Raja Waheed is the student of M Tanveer Nandla. He learned so much from his work that he became the best blogger in Pakistan. His passion for achieving and learning new things makes him the rising star of Pakistan. He learns new things so that he can test them and bring new concepts to society. He introduced many articles to help the current society to learn and grow.

His great work, which made him grow towards a bright and successful future, is that he is an expert in Amazon Affiliate work. This program basically helps many people to create new and interesting content with millions of programs that are available on Amazon. Also, he trained many students along with Tanveer Nandla.

The main skills of Raja Waheed are in PPC and Social Marketing. Other than this, he is an experienced SEO with experience of 5 years. He also knows how search engines work. He runs many experiments daily and gets the winning strategies, which actually help him rank on Bing and Google. Well, he loves making ads, which attracts the user.

Ammar Ashfaq

Ammar Ashfaq – Top SEO Researcher in Pakistan

  • Blog:

Ammar Ashfaq belongs to Multan and started his blogging journey in 2014. He did remarkable work after joining iSkills and continues doing so. Ammar Ashfaq is another great and famous blogger in Pakistan who did excellent work and earns a decent income monthly. Because of his outstanding work and blogging, he made his name on the list of top bloggers in Pakistan. On the basis of research, he achieved his first blogging research scholarship from iSkills in 2019.

Due to his continuous effort and great work, he received his 2nd Award of Honor in 2020 and later secured the 3rd Award of Honor by iSkills in 2021. Similarly, his work became finer, and he received the “Best Bloggers” Award at the end of December 2021 by CPC21 (Connected Pakistan Conference).

He is an Amazon affiliate blogger, SEO Consultant, and trainer at iSkills. Also, he is the founder of, and 9to5Marketing, which is a Digital Marketing Company located in Pakistan. Currently, Ammar Ashfaq is working on his own projects with numerous clients worldwide. Along with this, he is a part-time support member and teacher in iSkills.

Aamir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal – Best Gaming Blogger

  • Blog:
  • Approx. Monthly Income: Rs. 2 Million/mo

Aamir Iqbal has currently left blogging but comes in the category of top bloggers in Pakistan. Due to his exceptional work, he gained his name among the emerging stars of Pakistan. He belongs from Multan and started his blogging career, and maintained his work very well.

He used to run Green Hat World ( Aamir Iqbal is one of the early teachers. Also, he used to run the most famous page on Facebook called sun-blog. Because of his amazing work, he comes to the list of top Pakistani bloggers.

He was the one who established the SEO Community from the start. Because of his blogging work, many other bloggers were inspired too and started to make their own websites. During 2016 and 2017, his blogs and websites were very famous. He also used to provide courses. He is very much interested in traveling and makes traveling vlogs for his Facebook profile.

Blogging is one of the most famous and fast-growing professions nowadays. Young students and people are blogging and making money by working online and getting fame because of their talents. Below list of the famous and well-known professional bloggers of Pakistan.

Is blogging profitable in Pakistan?

Yes, blogging is quite profitable in Pakistan if done correctly. There are a great number of bloggers in Pakistan, but the ones who are working efficiently and accurately are getting the required income per month. Even people are working part-time after their job and are earning quite good money.

Who is the first blogger in Pakistan?

M Tanveer Nandla is the first blogger in Pakistan. He started his journey back in 2006. He is working on different sites, due to which he is considered the best blogger in Pakistan.

How much do bloggers earn in Pakistan?

Bloggers earn a pretty good amount of money if their content and work are inspirational. There are many bloggers in Pakistan, but each one is earning according to the work he is doing. Also, the experience and the quality of work matter when it comes to earning.

How did we choose these Bloggers?

Well, here were the top 8 bloggers in Pakistan who are a great source of inspiration to the people. They all are known and famous due to their magnificent work. These bloggers have worked hard in the industry for a long time, and this is the hard work that makes them the top bloggers in Pakistan.

The professionals and the top bloggers in Pakistan made their name in the game of making money. The best thing is that they make money through online working and recorded milestones in their individual blogging profession. Indeed the country needs such stars who work thoroughly to make to the list of top bloggers.

I hope that now you have the idea of Pakistan’s top bloggers from whom you can learn a lot. Knowing them is necessary as you can get motivated and know methods of how to grow in the industry of blogging. These bloggers are known today because of their work quality and the different things they are creating. You can create your own platform and work hard to get your name under the list of top bloggers in Pakistan.

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