Have you recently joined Upwork as a newbie freelancer? Or Are you struggling to attract clients? Upwork is a global marketplace where millions of freelancers work in diverse skills. Competition is a lot when it comes to finding a good job. You can only get projects if you can attract clients. Your Upwork proposal helps you in getting the attention of potential clients. It will be best to work on it to grab your number of clients.

How to Write Proposal Sample on Upwork

Competition only exists if you are doing the same thing as everyone else. You need to stand out and have to make it clear to the clients what new you can offer, with the help of your Upwork proposal. The creativity shown in your proposal determines the number of clients you can get in the future. Don’t know how to write a proposal on Upwork? Here I have brought to you a step-by-step guide along with some fantastic tips that will make your job a lot easier.

In this article, I have discussed not only how to write a proposal on Upwork but also how to make them stand out with some cover letters.

1. How To Write Proposal On Upwork?

The proposal is like the backbone of your freelancing career at Upwork. It will be best to make it quite impactful and striking to become a successful freelancer on Upwork. Your proposal for Upwork is your only chance to connect with the clients. You need to make sure that your proposals are an accurate depiction of your skills. Many new freelancers who have joined Upwork don’t work much on their proposals for Upwork, which later hinders their way to get jobs.

You have to convince the client that you are the only one suitable to do their assigned task, as there are many freelancers out there that have the same skills and even more experience than what you have. Your proposal is the presentation of skills, so it must be brilliant and eye-catching. It does seem easy, but it is not. You just need to work a little on how to write a proposal for Upwork and then sit back and see. You will definitely get more clients than before. Let’s see the steps that will help you write an Upwork proposal.

  • The first part of your proposal should start with a sentence that will assure the client that you know what they need and that you are willing to offer your help to solve their issue.
  • The client requires with their issue. That is why they are reaching out for help by posting it on upwork. You need to assure them that you have gone through their post and are well aware of their issue.
  • Your first introductory part must be able to grab the attention of the client.
  • Once you are successful in getting the attention, you have to give a piece of brief information about who you are and why you are suitable for the job.
  • You should give a brief description of yourself that is relevant to the client’s issue. You can share your previous experience, if any, with any other client.
  • The freelancer has to show his competence to tell them why they should hire him among all the other freelancers.
  • You can show a glimpse of your skills by suggesting any possible solution or results of your previous encounter with the same issue.
  • Your ending of the proposal must create a future possibility for you and the client to interact again.
  • You can ask the client about their own mindset regarding the solution for their problem.
  • Tell them you have many more suggestions to get their job done.
  • Ask the clients when they will be accessible or willing to communicate. This will show your willingness and activeness to get the job done.
  • End the proposal upwork with your name on the left end.

2. How To Make Your Research Proposal Stand Out?

How To Make your research proposal stand out
Infographics: How To Make Your Research Proposal Stand Out

It seems impossible when you have to compete with millions of freelancers on Upwork, but it is not. You can stand out among them by just responding accurately on time. The more Upwork proposals you will send out, the more experienced you will become. I have written thousands of proposals at work, and believe me, with the help of a few tricks, you can quickly write one in no time. It might seem easy just to copy-paste any proposal available online, but it will make your probability of getting the job zero. Let’s look into these tips.

Grab The Attention of The Client

You should keep in mind that you have to compete against many other freelancers out there. Your Upwork proposal’s sole focus should be to get the client’s attention and make you shine, among others. The starting of your proposal should not be the usual boring biodata as it is not what the client needs. You should tell the client that you have thoroughly read their post and are well aware of their problem.

Be Empathetic, It’s Not About You

The client has come for your help to get the solution to their problem. You should reciprocate to the client through your Upwork proposal that you realize their trouble and are there to help them. This will instantly help you connect with the client. Many freelancers lack behind when it comes to being empathetic towards the client. You should remember that it is a two-way process as you and the client mutually benefit each other.

Be Precise

The client has to go through many proposals on Upwork to get the best individual to get the job done. It is difficult for them to read all, so your starting part of the proposal is essential in getting their attention, but what makes them keep reading is the precision and to-the-point sentences. You should only add relevant information don’t go off the topic. The client is not there to learn about the story of your life. They can get the essential information needed from your profile. Your Upwork proposal, on the other hand, should focus on the client’s problem.

Show Your Expertise

Your proposal must highlight your relevant skills that will help the client in solving their problem. You can tell the client about any past experience with the same kind of issue. You should ensure that you have effectively communicated your expertise to the client. Please don’t mention any extra skills that are not associated with the client’s issue as it will cause them to lose interest.

Mention A Few Suggestions

Now that you have built the connection with the client by showing a proper understanding of their issue and have claimed to be the expert in solving it. It is time to show some evidence that will compel the client to give you the task. You can give your idea about how you are planning to resolve the issue. You can ask the client about what they have in mind, and this will help you create a better plan about getting the job done according to their expectation. Make sure to tell them that you have many more suggestions in mind.

3. Upwork Proposals Cover Letters

A good proposal assures you about getting the job. Here I have some of the best proposals that will help you write proposals for Upwork. You can get help from these sample templates for Upwork proposals. These are well-written and precise proposals that will grab the client’s attention and increase the probability of getting the job. Go through these, and you will write the best one in no time.

cover letter
cover letter 2
cover letter 3


How do you know if your proposal is accepted on Upwork?

You write a proposal on Upwork to respond to any post uploaded by the probable client regarding a specific job. The client will go through all the proposals that are sent to them, including yours. If you have written it well, then you will get the job. The client will message and you will get notified. The client will then tell you about further details and will also decide the payment you will receive to get the job done.

Why am I not getting jobs on Upwork?

The problem might lie in your boring proposals. If the proposal is not accurately written, then you will not get jobs as there are millions of people out there competing with you to get the same job. The demands for jobs have increased on Upwork, and many individuals have the same skill. You should write a fantastic Upwork proposal to get the jobs at Upwork.


There is a lot of competition to get jobs at Upwork due to large numbers of freelancers joining it. You must write an engaging and relevant proposal. Based on my experience at Upwork, I have thoroughly discussed how to write a proposal on Upwork along with some tips. You must write a precise, relevant, empathetic, engaging proposal that is clearly depicting your skills and strategies regarding the client’s issue. So what are you waiting for? Start writing some amazing proposals right away.

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