If you are facing any problem regarding the verification process on the 99designs account, then keep on reading the article as we have brought you easy steps that you might be doing for verification.

how to verify 99design account

Before you start the process make a checklist of a few important documents that you should have while verifying off 99design account. Your ID card should be the one accepted by the government. Bank ID, School ID, etc are not acceptable. Make sure lightning around you is not flashing. Moreover, there is a list of various countries and if your country is not on the list, you cannot apply. Each country has its own ID type be sure you follow that. Now, let’s start the process.

Verify your ID

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As soon as you log in into 99designs, you will see a page on which the option is given as “verify yourID” Make sure you have your ID in your hand so that without wasting any time you begin. Now click on the verify your ID option”.

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Select ID Type

On this page, you have to choose the country. After selecting the country the option of selecting your ID will be given, click on that and choose your ID type ( passport, driving license, identity card). Now click on the “Verification” button to proceed.

Select Id

Scan the Front of Your ID

Place your Id card type in front of the camera. Make sure that no shine is cutting off its image. Then press on the “take a snapshot” option. If you think it’s clear then move to the next option by clicking “continue” otherwise click on “take another snapshot”.

Take Photo

Take a Photo of Your Face

Now, keep your head straight and look directly into the webcam. Ensure that you are in the right position. When you are ready click on “take a snapshot”. Check our photo, if you think it’s clear then click on “Start Verification” if you think the picture is not clear then click on “take another snapshot”. Then take another picture and make sure this time it’s perfect.

You can also upload a photo by clicking on the option “choose photo”. But the photo should be centered and it should be clear so that no obstacle stops the process.

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Wait for the Verification Process

Wait a while until verification is done. Once the process is done you will be able to use your account ut before that do not close the tab. This process might take a few minutes but not so long so be patient.


You are Verified

Once you are verified an email will be sent to your email address. You can use 99design after that. But if access is denied, an email would be sent saying try again. Click on the link given in the email to give it a re-try.

Id Verified

I hope that your account will be verified. If your account is not verified then no worry. Here is a video that will help you to verify your account.

Commons Reason of Denied Access

You might be applying for verification with an ID that is not accepted like employee ID or bank ID etc. other problems might be with your photo. The photos other than yours are not accepted. The photos which are too bright or too dull are not accepted. Never upload black and white photos as this will also be rejected. Pictures that have watermark are also not acceptable.


What if I take a snapshot from too far?

Snapshot taken from too far will not be accepted by 99design. Your access might be denied and you have to retry then.

Why only government-issued ID cards are used for verification?

Government-issued ID cards provide information that is authentic. Nobody can cheat through government-issued ID cards that are why only they are acceptable.

How many countries are available on 99designs?

They serve around 18 countries with almost 16 languages. All these countries have their own ID type used in verification.


ID card should be acceptable and lights should not be flashing around you so that when you take a snapshot of your ID card the lights would not glaze over the plastic. Be patient when the verification step starts, it takes a minute or two but sometimes up to an hour. If the access is denied do not worry and click on the link given in the mail and try again carefully.

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