Fiverr has emerged as one of the biggest freelancing platforms for five years. Several freelancers love to work on it because it is the easiest way of gaining financial freedom. If you are also thinking of gaining this financial independence but are confused about how to make a gig on Fiverr? Then there are no worries because we have compiled this detailed guide to help you make your first gig. The procedure is simple, and beginners find it easiest. This step-by-step guide will enable you to make influential gigs so that you can start earning through it.

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An effective gig will attract a considerably higher amount of clients. However, you need to be clear about the skill you have decided to sell. In addition to effective gig creation, you also need to have excellent communication skills so that clients keep coming back to you. So, generating revenues with Fiverr is easier than you think. We have covered several related aspects in this detailed guide. Therefore, please continue reading to explore these critical details!

How to Make Gig On Fiverr? – Exploring the Important Details

  1. Brief Account
  2. Making Gig – Step-Wise Description
  3. How to Become a Seller On Fiverr?

1. Brief Account

Brief Account

With Fiverr, you can generate earnings by selling your skills. However, the question arises of how to do so? Perhaps, the first step to making money on Fiverr is to create an effective gig, and you must have seen a wide range of gigs on Fiverr. Being a beginner, you might ask how to make gig on Fiverr? At first, reading about the gig making on different platforms and websites might increase your confusion because of the lengthy steps suggested. However, we have good news for you.

You can make an effective gig considering your skills to be sold, and there is no rocket science in it. The procedure of Fiverr gig making and Fiverr account is quite simplified where you need to provide the details in an accurate and reader-friendly manner. If your gig is complete in all aspects from a client’s point of view, then you will see several clients approaching you.

2. Making Gig – Step-Wise Description

  1. Creating an Account on The Fiverr
  2. Setting Up Your Profile
  3. New Gig Creation
  4. Gig Overview Description
  5. Gig Pricing Step
  6. Gig Description and FAQs
  7. Stating the Gig Requirements
  8. Adding Gig Gallery
  9. Publishing Your Gig

Some freelancers famous globally earn millions of money on Fiverr and other freelancing websites. However, it is not that they have been millionaires from day one. Instead, they joined Fiverr and other websites as a beginner. They worked hard on their skill with time and improved their gig specifications. As a result, their gigs got the highest ranking making them the most desired freelancers that companies and firms love to higher.

You can also be one of these millionaires if you walk in their footsteps. To help you in this important journey, we have written these steps on what is gig in Fiverr and how to make it, which you can follow and gain the financial gains sitting at home, working on your computer. Well, this is something unique about freelancing that does not require you to work from 9 – 5. Instead, you can work at your convenience and make money. So, to do so, let’s begin with the simple steps that need to follow to make money on Fiverr!

1. Creating an Account on The Fiverr

Join fiverr

The first and mandatory step that we have added in our guide on ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’ is creating your Fiverr account. Without making an account, you cannot post any gig on Fiverr. With this account, you will gain an identity to work on Fiverr and sell your skills through Fiverr gig ideas. The good news is that if you have a Google Facebook account or an email ID, they will be used to make a direct account. All you have to do is choose any of them and click on the account-making icon.

After that, you will be required to provide a username and password. Be careful with username choosing. Preferably, it has to be professional and better to use your real name instead of any other name. The reason is you won’t be allowed to change it afterward. After that, create a password and remember it. After account creation, you will receive a confirmatory email stating your account details. Here you will need to activate this account by clicking on the link given in the email. After that, you will be directed towards the profile.

2. Setting Up Your Profile

Profile Settings

After account creation, you will arrive at your Fiverr profile. Fiverr profile is one of the most important things that buyers check before checking the gigs you have created. That expresses the importance of the profile. Therefore, you need to be very careful in setting it up. Fiverr has a set of questions and options like photo uploading and description. Preferably, you need to upload your picture so that buyers get a professional impression from your profile and they decide to work with you.

Apart from the profile picture and description, we would also strongly recommend filling in all the fields like languages, skills, tests taken, and certificates, and you may check the highest-ranked Fiverr gig examples for further clarity. These details will reflect your past experiences. After reviewing these details, the buyers will be in a better position to decide to hire you or not. However, you need to keep all the descriptions as simple as possible. Using highly complicated vocabulary and unfamiliar terms might appear difficult to understand and drive the buyer away from your profile.

3. New Gig Creation

Create New Gig

In this step, we will be answering your question, ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’ Once you are done with the account making and profile set up, the next step that you have to do is to make the gig finally. On your Fiverr seller dashboard, you will see different options; first need to click on the ‘Selling’ in menu, which will appear on the right top beside your profile name.

After that, you have to scroll through the menu. You will see options stated with the ‘Gigs’ this menu in this menu. This is the option that you have to click. After that, an option stating ‘Create New Gig’ will appear. All you have to do is click it and start creating your gig based on the skill you intend to sell on Fiverr.

4. Gig Overview Description

Gig Overview

In this step, you have to write a proper description of the gig you have created. This description on the Fiverr is usually referred to as the ‘Gig Overview’. Fiverr will give you three options in the form of boxes. These options are related to the title of the gig you want to create, the category in which it falls, and the last box asks you about the relevant search tags so that when buyers are feeding something in the search box, they can get access to your account. Therefore, you need to be careful with all these steps. You can check the best tags for Fiverr gigs.

Based on my experience with the Fiverr gig creation and attracting potential clients, I strongly recommend you to keep your gig title for Fiverr as precise as it can be. If it is concise, your buyer will be at ease choosing you. In addition, if you add a small novelty factor, it will make your gig more distinguished than others making it easier for the clients to hire you. For example, if others are writing ‘write an article’, you need to write ‘write an article in an hour’. There are many other options like this, depending on your skillset.

5. Gig Pricing Step

Price Your Gig

Well, we should not forget about the gig pricing step in our guide on the ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’ because, after your skills, this step will decide your fate on the Fiverr as a beginner. Fiverr needs you to put your price tags on your selling skills. This is quite an innovative approach that Fiverr has adopted to give you freedom of deciding your earnings. In this regard, you will see Fiverr dividing your skill into different packages. Namely, they are basic, standard, and premium packages.

You need to narrow down your service to these three categories and then decide the price tags. Now it’s up to fill the three packages or two of them. However, based on my experience, I strongly suggest you fill all three options because packages with triple specifications tend to make 64% more money than those with limited options. After a number of the package, you need to make an attractive title for the package so that buyers find it easy to understand. Also, don’t forget to mention the delivery times because buyers closely consider this.

6. Gig Description and FAQs

Gig Description and FAQs

In addition to the other basic steps explained in this guide on the ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’, Fiverr does cater to the buyers because they have the right to read all the details before making a payment. That is why Fiverr gives you an option to describe your gig in detail so that clients find it easy to hire you. In addition, if you add the frequently asked questions (FAQ), buyers will read about the common concepts, and they will have clarity about reasons to choose you. The description you will provide should be a detailed one showing the services that are enough to satisfy your buyer’s needs.

Again, we suggest you be very accurate in writing anything in this description. It has to be easy to understand and completely comply with your skills. For example, if you create a gig on the research article writing and describe making graphical abstracts in it, potential clients will love to hire you. On the other hand, if you mention anything negative, it may not attract the buyer, and as a result, you will not be hired by them.

7. Stating the Gig Requirements

Gig Requirements

We cannot ignore the importance of establishing gig requirements in our guide on ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’. After all the steps, you need to develop your requirements relevant to the gig you intend to create. This section will have to inquire the buyers regarding any requirements. For example, if you are designing a logo for a company, you may ask the potential client about the choice of the colors and other details. In this regard, you can first only write down the basic requirements you need to work with.

Later on, after getting the order, most of the clients will communicate to you the type of work and other relevant details they want to see. Also, you can ask them through the direct messages (DM) option of Fiverr. Also, Fiverr gives you a chance to select ‘Answer is Mandatory’. You can use this option if you want. Otherwise, you can also keep it aside by unclicking. Another good news related to this section is that Fiverr allows you and your buyer to upload the relevant documents so that you both can exchange views more effectively.

8. Adding Gig Gallery

Adding Gig Gallery

This is my favorite step because it allows the clients to learn about your gig in a matter of a few minutes. So, what you do in this step is add relevant stuff to your gig. This gallery can be in the form of related images, videos, Pdfs, and other formats. For example, if you have created a Fiverr gig on making Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, you may add one of the high-quality slideshows you prepared. The buyer will gain clarity in your skill and decide to hire you by checking this.

The important tip that we want to give you is never to attach anything unsuitable for your gig. That means anything you upload needs to have great relevance. Also, you need to be careful about the material’s genuineness. By this, we suggest that you need to upload plagiarism-free material so that your gig gets approval on a global scale and you succeed in attracting potential clients. Fiverr gig video is also a fantastic idea. In terms of the video, it needs to be short. The secret is that gigs having videos get 200% more chances of attracting buyers.

9. Publishing Your Gig

Publishing Your Gig

Woohoo! Here we are at the gig publishing after completing all the steps. In this final step, all you have to do is strike the ‘Publish Gig’ button. Make sure to check all the steps before you hit this button. After publishing, your gig will start appearing on Fiverr for the buyer community. In this regard, we strongly recommend you do Fiverr gig promotion on different social media platforms to attract potential buyers. According to research done, promoted gigs Fiverr have more chances of selling.

We hope the steps outlined in the guide on the ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’ we have shared have clarified your confusion. You need to understand that the world is moving closer to a digitized age. In this regard, Fiverr has been playing an essential role by attracting people who want to make money and are interested in purchasing these services. As a result, there is tougher competition. However, by creating an effective gig and selling your services in a good way, you can generate considerable revenues. Do not stop believing in the BOSS inside you!

3.How to Become a Seller On Fiverr?

Become a Seller On Fiverr

Creating an account and setting up your Fiverr profile are the essential steps to start your journey on Fiverr. However, there are some challenges that you will face, and they should not disappoint you. In this regard, most beginners know how to become a seller on Fiverr after making their profiles. Another most frequently asked question in this regard is, ‘how can we earn money from Fiverr’.

Both questions are somewhat similar, and they are associated with the generation of revenues on Fiverr. That is why we have added this section in our guide on how to make a gig on Fiverr? The simple trick is to be efficient enough to attract potential buyers through showcasing your skills and proving your worth. The Fiverr marketplace is highly saturated, especially now; therefore, you can only survive if you work hard.

However, once your gig starts getting attention, you will see a wide range of buyers accessing you. So, being a seller, you will have to decide which one to opt to offer you more significant financial gains. To make you an effective seller, there are some in-demand and more accessible skills that you should closely consider and work upon to earn. They will take a short time, but they will be beneficial in the long term. We have enlisted these influential jobs as:

  • Logo-based branding: Getting your unique logo that defines your skills can be an effective way towards selling more and greater on Fiverr. Therefore, there is a high demand for logo designing as this is one of the top gigs on Fiverr.
  • Copywriting and proofreading: The importance of copywriting is expressed because many companies hire freelancers for official email copywriting. Similarly, proofreading is a simple tasking needs a few minutes, but it can make you money.
  • Audio recording: Well, if you have a good voice and are fluent in a language, you can use these skills to make money. Fiverr is creating many voice-over professionals because there is a high demand for them. This is one of the easy gigs to sell on Fiverr.
  • Video scriptwriting: Another in-demand job that you can do on Fiverr is video script writing. Indeed, most of the YouTube videos you watch have captions, and someone writes them. You can also do it and make a considerable amount of money.
  • Data entry: There is a great demand for data entry individuals. Data entry gigs on Fiverr get excellent ranking. This is one of the most accessible jobs you can adopt and sell your expertise on Fiverr. Try it! You will love making money with this easy task!

We hope after reading about these jobs in our detailed guide on the ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’, you will now have an answer to your question regarding selling on Fiverr. To earn a tremendous amount of money, you need to make your buyers happy to be easy to work with you in the future. If you want to sell better, don’t forget to offer different bonuses to your clients. They will help them but more than them, they will prove beneficial to you in the long term.


What do you need to do on Fiverr for making money?

In order to use Fiverr as a money-making platform, you need to first understand how it works. By completing the requirements, you can sell your skills on it. By creating our account and setting up your profile, you have to create a gig on it that will be checked by the buyers. Effective gigs attract a greater number of clients and thus you will be able to earn more.

How can you make your gig ranked on Fiverr?

There are certain points that play an influential role in the success and ranking of Fiverr because Fiverr is becoming a saturated media of online earning in the present time. In this regard, you should closely focus on the keywords. They need to be unique yet easily understandable. In addition, the visual appearance and description of your gig are also important.

How can you boost your freelancing career on Fiverr?

Well, boosting your freelancing career on Fiverr or any other platform seems easy but in reality, it needs a great deal of time and dedication. You can be mentally ready for accepting the lowest amounts in the start as a beginner. With the passage of time, you should attend the seminar, conferences, and workshops delivered by the professionals so that you can understand the success matrices and how to achieve them through a target-oriented approach.

Final Thoughts

This section concludes the final thoughts on our comprehensive guide on the ‘how to make gig on Fiverr?’. We hope the steps that we have shared with you in a simplified way are easy to understand. By following them, you will be able to make an effective profile and gig that can make you a great deal of money. Don’t forget to follow the tips that we shared in every step so that you save your gig from doing badly.

If you have any queries, you may ask them in the comments section. We will be glad to share our experience with you. Thank you and take care!

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