Do you seek to tag your website in the number one position on search ranking? If yes, you must be familiar with domain authority and must have browsed considerable facts on how to increase domain authority. Before beginning the deliverance of knowledge on this topic, I like to indicate that domain authority is one of the ranking factors among 200 others on Google.

How to increase domain authority of a website

Concentrating on your domain authority and holding it in your attention not only helps enrich your marketing planning but also encourages you to boost your website’s domain authority score. This is something very valuable for owners of websites and bloggers. That is why I intended to highlight domain authority and tips to help you guys excel in website management in every feasible way.

When you search for something on Google, your site’s rank is placed in the search engine results showing how successful your site is. This is what is measured by domain authority. Following descriptions will help you know exactly how you can increase domain authority and can rank your site at the top position in search ranking.

What Is The Domain Authority Of A Website?

Domain authority is basically how much your website is high up in search engine results. It is defined as a search engine ranking score that tells you about the success of a website based on ranking in search engine results. “Moz” is a renowned software development company that created this domain authority.

It helps bloggers and website owners check the actual search engine performance of their websites. After using Domain Authority Moz Checker, you will receive a score lying somewhere in between 1 to 100. It helps you in generating, amending, and creating the website that is the most appealing to the clients.

This will not only help you in making your website better but also will provide you with numerous options to make more and better improvements. This is what domain authority is and why you need to check it regularly. Now without wasting any time, let us move towards the calculations procedures and how to fit a website’s domain authority most effortlessly.

For example Domain Authority(DA) of is 96.

Screenshot 2022 03 26 175511

How Is Domain Authority Calculated?

One rule of thumb in relevance with domain authority score is “Domain rating is good if it’s higher in numbers or is comparable to its competent relevant sites.

Domain Authority Moz checker checks the domain rating by focusing on and analyzing 40 various factors. It mainly focuses on the quality and quantity of backlinks with websites. It includes inbound links and linking root domains to give you a combined score in the form of domain authority.

Keep in mind, focusing on the inbound link factor is more important than any other because the more the count of inbound links from compatible domains is, the more it will enhance the domain authority score. Moz provides you with the Link Explorer to check domain authority scores for free.

Steps to check the domain authority are mentioned here:

  • You need to click on
  • Enter your domain URL and click on get free link data.
  • The domain authority score will be visible on your screen automatically.
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Furthermore, keep in mind that this website also provides you with various other information such as the number of linking Domains, the count of inbound links, and other vital metrics.

Moreover, the following step-by-step guide tells you about the procedure of checking and calculating the score of domain authority of a website.

  • Check the count of unique link domains connected with the target website.
  • Check for the authority of all of those uniquely linked domains.
  • Separate each of those connected sites and count the number of linking domains those sites are linked to.
  • Apply math, make calculations, and note down rough domain rating scores.
  • Now is the final step in which you will plot these rough domain rating scores on a 100 points scale to get the exact number of domain authority.

Remember never to take the domain rating scores in absolute numerics. It is a relative metric and not a definite term. You cannot judge the exact performance of your website based on these domain authority scores. It is not right to say that the domain rating of 60 or above is perfect and below 30 is not good. All of these domain rating scores are relative and are not absolute figures.

Other Sites Where You Can Reliably Calculate Domain Authority

Not only Moz but there are many other tools and sites where you can calculate your website’s domain authority. They are reliable and are used by many other larger website owners. It includes Ahrefs, another best domain rating tool that uses formulas and calculations for scoring.

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Then comes SEMrush that is another famous SEO tool used and recommended by most SEO professionals to check and assess the domain authority score of the website.

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Which Factors does It depend On?

There are multiple factors affecting domain authority scores and results. The aspect being assessed depends upon the tool used for evaluating. When it comes to Moz, you will notice around 40+ factors responsible for giving you domain authority value.

The most important ones are mentioned below:


Mozrank is a factor that generally analyses the count of websites making links to your webpage. We consider Mozrank as the topmost factor affecting domain authority score. Moreover, this Mozrank not only focuses on the quantity of the site but also focuses on the quality of these web pages because these websites are responsible for providing your site with an inbound link. This is why you are suggested to focus not only on the quantity of the content but also on the quality.

Screenshot 2022 03 26 181826

Root Domains

Root domains are the count of unique backlinks. When analyzing your domain authority, the root domain focuses on the count of these unique backlinks present on your link profile. For example, if you have around 50 links from one single website, Moz will take it as one root domain. This is why it is guided to get backlinks originated from various multiple websites. This gives versatility to the backlinks and can possibly make a noticeable increment in your domain authority.

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Site Structure and User Friendliness

Making a user-friendly site structure is necessary to get high domain authority. This is because site structure is measured during the domain authority analysis. More the site is easy to search, user-friendly in reading and it will increase your domain authority. This is another important factor on which the domain authority actually focuses.


This is another important factor that is analyzed and assessed while checking the website’s domain authority. While checking domain authority, Moz focuses on how trustworthy and reliable the linked websites are. For example, if the website linked to your web page is from a strong and genuine authority such as government universities or other official departments, you will automatically get a higher count in domain authority and vice versa.

Link Profile

A link profile is a factor that contains the list of external and internal links to your website. For example, if the post on your website is linked to the superior website and also receives backlinks from bigger and more reliable websites, you definitely will get a high score of domain authority. Otherwise, the case is the opposite.

Techniques To Increase Domain Authority Of A Website

Techniques to Increase Domain Authority
Infographics: Techniques to increase domain authority

Certain factors and steps can be taken to increase the domain authority. Some of them are mentioned below, which you can apply and maximize the domain authority within a possible limit. These are as follows:

  • I always prefer to get the relevant and the most compatible backlink instead of the one that is not significant and unimportant. This means focusing on quality, not the number of backlinks.
  • Keep on checking your backlinks and make sure there is a do-follow to all the websites that are interesting and have backlinks.
  • If you really want to increase the domain authority, always go with quality content that will automatically increase the count of natural backlinks.
  • Focus on generating content that is in demand and the one that could go viral instead of the one that is boring and not interesting for your audience’s heart.
  • Ensure you are continuously checking all of your pages to make sure they are high in domain authority. In case they are not, you can always add some interesting and relevant new information in those previous pages that had lower domain authority to enhance their DA score and make them more interesting for the visitors.
  • Make sure to create engaging and demanding content. This quickly impacts your domain authority and increases your score within no time.
  • Focus on what are the appealing things present in the content of your competitors, analyze them and follow them to make the visibility of your website better.
  • Search for the root site of your competitor’s backlinks. And try to get similar ones.
  • With the help of social media networks, try to spread your content as much as possible. But make sure it should be your own personal and not copy-paste in any way.

One thing that should be kept in mind while learning the techniques to increase a website’s domain authority is that you can not reach the highest score within a day. It is long-term planning, so you do not see noticeable changes immediately. This guide mentioned above will help you increase your audience and visitors to your site, ultimately making your domain authority score better, affecting the performance of your website in the most positive way.


Is a higher domain authority better?

Yes, we can say higher domain authority is better somehow. The domain authority score ranges from one to a hundred. When you create a new site, it has one domain authority. And when the audience and traffic on your website increase, the ranking of SERPs on your site automatically increases domain authority. Moreover, the general scoring system of the domain authority says the value of 50 or above is good, and 60+ is an outstanding one.

What’s a good domain authority score?

Domain authority checker provides you with the scoring in between one to hundred. You can get any score from these values. The higher the score, the better domain authority is considered. Scoring below 40 is ok. Suppose you receive a score between the numbers 40 and 50. These are taken as the average score. The number of domain authorities between 50 to 60 is good. At the same time, above 60 ratings is an excellent and outstanding domain authority score.

How long does it take to increase domain authority?

As per research, it has been noticed that a noticeable increase in the domain authority can take up to 6 months. This is for larger websites. Alternatively, if you own a small website and have only a few referring domains, this process will take hardly up to 2 months.

Does domain authority affect SEO?

Actually, no. The domain authority score does not affect the ranking of SEO of your website. It does not mean that the domain authority score totally will not affect the SEO campaigns results. It somehow impacts the final SEO campaigns. Moreover, it is also assumed that high domain authority scores mean a higher search engine ranking.

Final Thoughts

One thing that you should keep in mind while reading the details mentioned above is you cannot directly influence your domain authority score. Because it is not an absolute figure; instead, it is a relative metric system that scores your website’s search engine ranking. It is not something to rely on completely. There are several factors affecting the domain authority of the websites. They either can increase or decrease it.

Moreover, keep in mind you can not make a noticeable change in the domain authority of a site unless and until you follow the above-mentioned guidelines and instructions used to increase domain authority. Lastly, because it is a long-term strategy, it takes time.


  1. Shayan, good stuff!
    Have you ever done any research on how accurate DA really is as a ranking factor?
    During the last 2 years I did a lot of work on my site on SEO, content and (white hat) link building. I improved my site’s ranking to be in the top 3 Google results for most relevant keywords and increased traffic by 1000% (yes, no typo, the site had not much traffic before). – Still my DA actually fell from 21 to 19 during that time.
    So, I wonder how important DA really is.

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