Blogging has remained one of the top freelancing jobs around the globe for the past few years. Perhaps, it is attributable to the versatility and ease that it has. If you are a beginner thinking to gain financial independence through blogging, then a question might pop up in your mind and that is how to earn money from blogging? You will be glad to learn that online blogging can help you make considerably higher revenues because they make up the essential part of most websites. Therefore, bloggers make huge amounts of money for their time and value.

How To Earn Money From Blogging

To help you start blogging effectively and earn more, you need to have knowledge about some important facts associated with money-making blogging. In addition, there are also some steps that you need to follow to derive the best results in form of higher earnings. That is why we have compiled this detailed review guide for you so that you can read all the relevant details in one place and start with your blogging without any worries. So, please continue reading to know more and earn better through online blogging!

How to Earn Money from Blogging in 2022?

How to Earn Money from Blogging
  1. Brief Description of Blogging as a Source of Income.
  2. How Much Money You Make from Blogging?
  3. List of Some Basic Steps: Make Online Money from Blogging.
  4. A Short Guide to Earn from Blogging.

1. Brief Description of Blogging as a Source of Income

Some years ago when technology and online blogging wasn’t that famous, one could not see them as a source of active income. However, today we are all members of the global village where our first action is to check our phones in the morning to check the new updates in form of news, social media, and articles/blogs. Therefore, bloggers aim to provide their readers with fresh and better-presented content. That is why we cannot ignore the significance of bloggers in the current era.

Now, why do different bloggers work so hard? This is because this is an outstanding earning source that keeps them earning actively by providing excellent content to their readers. If you are a beginner then the next question arises, how to earn money from blogging? Online blogging might seem an easy task but this is not short. There are some rules on which you need to work to produce outstanding content. Only after that, it will get recognition in the sea of the blogs that others are producing.

Recent years have proved that online blogging is not just a favorable job with the theoretical estimations for making financial gains. Rather, different freelancing websites have expressed a higher demand for individuals who can sell their blogging skills. This shows that different bloggers are practically deriving financial gains from it. To help you in progressing as a blogger, this guide will provide you with all the important steps and information. So please continue reading about how to make money from blogging!

2. How Much Money You Make from Blogging?

Before diving deeper into the steps and guide for making earnings through blogging, we feel it is important to further motivate you by sharing some financially advantageous features with you. In simple words, we want to share the amount that bloggers can make through working. So, bloggers earn money and that is what should inspire you. As soon as you start blogging and follow the basic steps and methods, you will be able to make huge earnings spanning over the range of $500 – $2,000 on the monthly basis for the first year as you start.

After that, you will attract considerable traffic on your website for your blogs and thus in the next year of your blogging, your money will multiple in the order of your skills and hard work you put in blogging. Therefore, generating significant revenues with blogging is not a big deal if you are ready to invest some quality time in it. You will be amazed to learn that according to Glassdoor reports, the salary earned by an average blogger exceeds $32,800 per year. There can be further additions depending on the submission done anonymously by the blogger.

You might think that this blogging for money is very attractive and you suddenly want to practicalize this dream too. However, you should know the time that you need for blogging because you may not be a full-time blogger. In this regard, different researches show that if you invest almost 10 to 30 hours in blogging, then you will for sure earn more than $200,000 on yearly basis. Many individuals have adopted blogging as their hobby and side hustle. As a result, they made an impressive earing exceeding $400,000.

3. List of Some Basic Steps: Make Online Money from Blogging

It’s time to gear up your further interest and tell you what steps to follow for making from blogging in our guide on, ‘how to earn money from blogging?’. The results of years of research and experience indicate that there are a total of the seven steps that you need to follow for effective blogging that can make money for you. For your convenience, we are discussing these steps one by one in a simplified manner. Let’s begin and see how to earn from blogging!

Self-hosted Blog Setting Up

As you embark on the journey of starting your profession or side hustle as a blogger then first of all you need to have a separate identity from the other bloggers available in the market. This is the first and indeed the easiest step is to set-up a blog that solely belongs to you. That means you will be the head in hosting it. Though, you may assign different duties to other people. The good news is that you can go on starting your blog just by registration with a domain name and it will set up your blog. However, you should not overlook the important pointers and guidance in this regard.

As a beginner, you might get lost in the varied options that appear. However, you need to have tunnel vision. That means your end goal has to be making money not playing with different options. For this purpose, you need to have a laser-sharp focus. Even if you spent months making a perfect blog but if it is lacking in the target subject matter then you won’t attract much traffic to your website. The reason is that Google and the audience are not that concerned about trivial things but they do check the targeted content. So, you need to be very careful with your time in blogging earning.

Publication of the High Impact Content

Another important step that will lead you to make a six-figure income is to carefully select the material that you want to show on your blog. Simply, your publishing content has to have the power to keep the audience engaged. In addition, it also needs to be quality-wise best, precise, and comprehensive enough to compete with the competitor blogs and sites. Your blog running on google is not a big deal, however, exceeding others is what will make you financial gains. The content you produce has to be credible enough so that the audience keeps coming back to you.

So, how do you decide if the content is of high impact or not? This is a tricky question that needs explanation but for brevity, we must tell you in nutshell. Your content will only be unbeatable and loved by the audience if you keep it genuine. That means it has to be your idea presented in the best possible manner. Readers are tired of seeing the same stuff depicted and jotted down in different ways. Therefore, you need to make it stand out so that in turn it can make you a millionaire. I think it’s not a bad deal to indulge in! A high impact content is:

  • Always unique
  • Grammatically correct
  • Meaningful
  • Thought provocative
  • Engaging
  • Totally impartial
  • Value-adding to the audience’s life
  • Easy for understanding

Developing Genuinely Organic Traffic

If you have decided to adopt blogging as your career, then you need to comply with the terms of Google for getting ranking. That means you have to have a wide range of the audience spending time on your blog and they have arrived there through different search engines. The generation of organic traffic is an integral factor that cannot be overlooked if you want to make money. For a blog made for making money, the traffic needs to be organic. That means general traffic won’t work in this regard because a blogger earnings is based on organic traffic.

Organic traffic is created employing Google and there can be other search engines that can do so. Organic traffic is more preferred and useful because it is directly associated with the intentions of the user who arrived at your blog by searching keywords on Google. That means he has not accidentally landed there. In this regard, the role of the Google directing organic traffic towards your blog will be decided by your compliance with the terms it has set. An SEO expert or short courses will help you in this regard.

Community Building for Your Blog

Another integral step that we must define in our guide on ‘how to earn money from blogging?’ is to build an effective community that can support your blog. However, this step is only possible if you are completely and fairly done with the first three steps. Some bloggers tend to overlook this step and directly jump into sales and conversions. Well, if you are also intending to do so then stop! First, your blog has to become credible enough so that users trust your content and are ready to keep coming back. If you do so, you will see a boost in sales and conversions.

Your blog is a kind of brand that has to compete in the market. The reason is that blogging is not just a hobby to adopt in your free time. Rather, this is a ‘real’ business with practical rewards and performance. Therefore, like other brands, it needs to be distinctive and has the support of the wider community. The simple trick to achieve this is to make your logos and other content stand out. So, next time, as it appears on the screen or feed, users can instantly open it and spend time on it reading.

Selling Ads and Money Making

Next is selling Ads in the guide on, ‘how to earn money from blogging?’. Well, gone are the times when ads were made for television channels only. Today, you see different ads popping up beside your email and other websites. So, you can also make money by selling such ads on your blog. If you succeed in dealing with the ads effectively then there are chances of greater revenue generation. So, why not add some more amount to the money you will earn through blogging? That too with no pains, only gains. Based on my experience, I strongly recommend you to sell ads by using Google AdSense.

This is one of the most powerful tools that can earn you boosted money gains. In fact, for the last fifteen years, different alternatives have been developed trying to replace Google AdSense, but the reliability and high performance of this tool have remained unparalleled. If you choose for it, I can assure you that shortly, you will be able to make six-figure earnings. So, monetization of your blog is much easier now with this user-friendly and trusted tool. Also, the organic traffic arriving at your blog will be considerably enhanced.

Role of Genuine Products/Services in Making Money

It is always appreciated by the users if you come up with products and services that are unique, outstanding, and genuine. Or simply, if they come through your creativity. In terms of the AdSense addition, you may think about how can it attract organic traffic? Although one purpose of this tool is to make you money with little effort employing advertisement. However, apart from that, the most conspicuous role of this tool addition is the promotion of digital marketing services. Now there is one trick for you here!

If you advertise the products of other companies, firms, and individuals, you will only get 30% or around this benefit in terms of the monetary gains. However, if you start advertising your products and different services then only you will be the end beneficiary. Isn’t that an amazing way of minimizing the money losses? So, use your creativity in the creation and selling of different products that can benefit you. Several individuals adopting this strategy ended up having the best results. So, we strongly recommend you to try it.

Using the Power of the Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing has remained an important source of income generation for millions of people on a global scale. That is why we have added it in our guide on ‘how to earn money from blogging?’. In addition to advertising others or your products and services, there is an option for you to decide your commission for facilitating them. This is what leads to the most famous concept of affiliate marketing. In this regard, you need to have clarity about the target products you are intending to promote.

There is also an established procedure for becoming part of affiliate marketing. In this regard, there is an enrollment procedure. You will be granted the different links and banners for use. After the addition of these links to your blog, you will be able to do affiliate marketing. That means a reader clicking on the link will be taken to the target site. Sooner after they are done with the purchasing of the specified product, you will be getting your decided commission. So, if you work hard and adopt a systematic approach, the results will be astonishing.

4. A Short Guide to Earn from Blogging

Short Guide to Earn from Blogging

We hope the guide on ‘how to earn money from blogging?’ is providing you with the important details and they will prove beneficial if you follow them. After defining the important steps that you need to take for earning money from blogging, it’s time to give you a brief overview of how can you use blogging for money-making. In short, you can call this guide the amalgamation of the ways how to earn/make money from blogs/blogging. The following details will clarify your concepts by enlisting these ways.

  • Business directory creation: If you check the recommendations section, you will see what users require of you or frequently ask for. You should be smart enough to make a list and after that add an effective tool like Business Directory Plugin so that users find it easier to approach their preferred services.
  • Consulting services: Another easier way to make a huge amount of money using your blog is to add a consultation service. No matter what type of blog you own, there will always be something for which users need consultation through email, phone, etc. So, you can cash this consultation with minimal effort.
  • Sponsored posts: It is important to mention sponsored posts in the guide on, ‘how to earn money from blogging?’. You can write different types of sponsored posts that make you money. Honestly, many companies invest in effective sponsorship and they hire different bloggers to do it. Therefore, this is another efficacious way to increase earnings coming from your blog.
  • Coaching services: Over time, different top-level bloggers have been recommending coaching services if you are looking for a way of making money with blogging. Coaching packages can be variable and versatile depending upon the domain of your blog. However, you should consider working on it.
  • Webinar hosting: In the current era, webinars and other online modes of meetings and information dissemination are highly encouraged and in use. They are advantageous over the live seminar in some aspects due to which they are preferred in this era. You can take advantage of this and offer webinar hosting. This will not only make you money but also attract a greater audience to your blog.
  • An ebook expressing your blog: Another highly recommended way to generate exceptional revenues is to compile an ebook and this is an excellent accessory for your online earning blog. Enclose all the details of your blog in it including your domain, packages, affiliations, sponsorships, and paid partnerships. Over overview of these aspects of your blog will be enhancing your readership. The good thing about an ebook is that you can always update it and revise the charges you get from the users.
  • Job board: I always instruct my students to add a smaller job board on their blogs because the majority of the audience is attracted to them. There are fair chances of them opening such boards and exploring more. As a result, you will get them engaged on your site and your monetary gains will increase beyond imagination. Don’t forget to give them customization and notification option so they keep coming back to you.

We hope through these ways; you have got an answer to your question of how to earn through blogging.


How much time is required for a blog to attract a potential audience?

If you want your blog to make considerable progress in making money, then it is integral to attract organic traffic through Google. In this regard, you need to follow different steps that comply with the terms of Google. Once they are satisfied, you will see traffic on your blog. It can take from 1 month to approximately 2 years. However, hard work is the condition for all success in blogging.

What is the procedure for receiving money made through blogging?

Different global money-based companies cater to the bloggers like other freelancers. In this regard, you should always opt for a highly reliable source so that you do not end up losing money through any possibility of fraud. They include PayPal, Payoneer, Coinbase, and Transfer wise.

Blogging done in the free time can make money?

Generally, you can say that you can make money if you do blogging when you are free. However, from my experience with the blogging for last fifteen years, I cannot say that blogging is a free time job. It will not give you good results until and unless you invest your time in it, understand the money-making procedure, and then follow the steps and ways associated with it. In short, it needs hard work and dedication, if you put them, the results will be miraculous.

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap up the detailed guide on ‘how to earn money from blogging?’. We hope the information outlined in this guide is beneficial enough to start working as a blogger and achieve your financial goals. If you work hard and provide your audience with genuine content, then we can assure you that you are not far from getting beyond your dreams with blogging. The reason is that every blogger earns what they work hard for. Give it a try! This is worth investing your time and energies in!

Don’t forget to share your views with us in the comments section. Thank you and take care!

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