It’s been an issue for people to remember where their sites are hosted. It mostly happens when people are using different hostings for their websites. Also, people want to check the hostings of other people to know where their websites are hosted especially most bloggers and SEOs do such type of research to outrank their competitors.

This image tell"How to check Hosting of a Website"

It also helps beginners to know where the popular website hosting is located, so it can help them to choose the best hosting for their website. Some hosting checkers also tell you the speed of the servers you are hosting on, This can also help you out to choose the best hosting server for your domain. There are many methods and tools to check the Hosting of websites. You must need an accurate source to get information regarding your hosting servers because it means a lot.

Nowadays there are many tools that help you to find the hosting of your or any website. Hence there are many tools so if you guys are confused about how and where to find and check the Hosting of a website. So don’t worry in this article we gonna discuss some tools that help you to check the hosting of your website.

First, we provide you with a list, and then we are going to explain each tool like how it works, what it shows, and many more interesting things.

Top 5 Best Hosting Finder Tools

There are many tools that are used to check the hosting of a website, but there are some chances of not accurate data. It is difficult to choose which tool is best for this.

We make a list of the top 5 best hosting finder tools for you, which help you to provide accurate data.

  1. HostAdvice
  2. Rishavapps
  3. Geekflare
  4. Sitechecker
  5. Digital Host Checker

1. HostAdvice

HostAdvice Checker

Hostadvice is one of the best internet hosting information centers. It covers many hosting companies and provides many services around the world. The host advice community will help their user to choose the best hosting, also help to choose which company is perfect for you, as you know there are many companies that offer Hosting. It also shows you different deals, coupons, and vouchers from different hosting companies.

One of the great features of Hostadvice is that you can also check the hosting of your or any site. It helps you to analyze that which website is using which type of hosting for their website. It helps you to choose which hosting is better for you.

Hostadvice is a web-based service, which quickly determined who hosts the website. In Hostadvice to find out who is hosting a website just put the domain name of the website and it shows all the data. It shows you data like the name of the web hosting provider, IP address, location, and many more useful things. So guys if you are looking to find the best hosting provider companies deals or to find hosting of any website you can use Hostadvice.

2. Rishavapps

Rishavapps Website

Rishavapp checker is another fantastic hosting checker tool, which also helps you to determine where and who is hosting a website.

To find who is hosting a website you simply have to insert the domain name in Rishavapp and it shows you the data like where the website is hosted, also tells you the IP address and also the geographical location of the particular website. In addition, you will find tips and tricks for blogging, SEO, and development. Rishavapp is very easy and useful to use for any beginner.

3. Geekflare

Geekflare  Website

Geekflare is also another great tool for finding the hosting of a website. It is a very great tool, Geekflare also has many other tans of tools that also help you a lot like DNS lookup, WordPress security scanner, TLS scanner. You can also check the backlinks of any website by using their backlink checker tool.

It is very simple to find the hosting of any website in geek flare, all you have to do is just put a domain select the hosting checker tool, and bang it shows you all the data. like where and in which country that website is hosted. So are you looking to analyze all the aspects of your or any other website, you should definitely use Geekflare.

4. Sitechecker

Sitechecker Website

Sitechecker is a very powerful tool that is especially used to figure out who is hosting and where the hosting of any website is located. It gives you very impressive data and shows you more things as compared to other tools.

To use Sitechecker first put a domain name and then click enter and it will show you data like web hosting provider, DNS provider, and IP address. It also shows you all the severs like nameservers and webservers, also tell the location where a website is located. It tells you the exact country, region, city, and organization.

It is a very great tool to check all the information of hosting of ant website. Anyone can use sitechecker to check the hosting of any website without any difficulty.

5. Digital Host Checker

Digital Host Checker Website

Another important tool to check the hosting of the website is the Digital Host Checker. It is very simple and easy to use. This web hosting checker will give you the detailed ownership and information of any website you want to check.

It is very simple and easy for any beginner to use, first enter the domain of the website you want to check. After that, it will show you some data like nameservers, DNS lookup, IP addresses, and many more information about that particular website. You may also consider Digital Host Checker to check the hosting of any website.

As we discuss many tools above, to check or find the hosting of any website. All the tools are very great and easy to use. Every tool has its own features. We hope this list will help you to easily choose which tool is perfect for you.


Why is Important to Know the Hosting of a Website?

For suppose if you come across a website that works speedily and properly and had great speed. You want to know that who is hosting this website, and which company should they use for their hosting servers. It also helps you to choose the best hosting according to your need.

What is WHOIS Database?

Whois is a term referring to who any given domain name blogs. A WHOIS search tells you who a given name belongs to and their contact information.

What are Web Hosting Services?

Web hosting is more or less an agreement between you and your web hosting provider, that you will pay a monthly lease to own and operate a massive portion of their web servers.

Why are Web servers Important?

Web servers are very important elements of the internet, as every website needs one in order to function. Web servers are computers that are responsible for transmitting data from a website to site’s visitor’s computer. Without a web server, your website could not exist, because there is no space to store anything on a web server. That’s why a web server is a critical element of the website.


There are many ways to find the hosting of a website, we should explain each and everything for you. Hope now you know how to check the hosting of your or another website, we should also provide several tools for you to check your hosting. I suggest you check 3 or 4 tools so you can easily decide which tool is best for you.

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