Sometimes taking a step back and canceling orders can save you from unwanted trouble and frustration. The same goes for Fiverr. If you have ordered something on Fiverr and feel that things aren’t going the right way, it is best to cancel the order before everything gets out of your hand, and you might find yourself in troubled waters. This article provides you with all the required information on how to cancel an order on Fiverr in easy steps. So, let us begin.

How to cancel order on fiverr

#1. Opening the Dashboard

To cancel a Fiverr order, first, you have to visit your Fiverr dashboard, where all the information regarding your completed and pending orders is stored. If you work as both buyer and seller, then you will see your gigs as well as the order requests that you have made in the past as well as the present. In simple words, the dashboard works like a diary that stores all the required information about your orders.

fiverr dashboard

#.2 Choosing the Order that Needs Cancellation

Once you have opened the dashboard, the next step is to scroll down to the order that you want to cancel. For this purpose, you only need to click on order, and a new webpage will open. The new web page is accessible to both buyers and sellers. This is the place where all the required information regarding that particular order is stored.

#3. Click the “Visit the Resolution Center” Button

After opening the new webpage that displays the information of the order, you will have an option stating “Visit the Resolution Center” on the right side. Click the option, and you will be directed to the resolution center, where you can make amendments to your order.

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#4. Choose the Cancel Order Option

Once you have accessed the resolution center, you will be asked about the modifications you want to make in the specific order. Some notable options available there include the extension in delivery time, modifying the order, and order cancellation. Choose the option stating, “Ask the buyer to cancel this order.” Similarly, if you are a buyer and want to cancel the order on Fiverr, then you might see the option “Ask the seller to cancel this order.” Despite your status as a buyer or seller, you need to select this option in order to cancel the order successfully.

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#5. Select a Suitable Reason

After you have made your choice to cancel the order, a pop-up will appear asking you the reason for the order cancellation. You will find various options regarding the buyer’s attitude towards the order, price issues, inadequate information, and much more. You can specify your reason for the Fiverr order cancellation. If you can not find the desired reason among the listed options, you can click the one stating the other at the end, and then, you will be asked to write your specific issue.

#6. Click Continue and Type the Message

Click the continue button after you have stated the reason for canceling the order, and then you will be directed to another page where you will be asked to write a message to the buyer/seller (depending on your role), explaining the reason for canceling the order. Moreover, you need to be polite and be extremely clear and transparent about your problems. You might end up with a bad review if you are misunderstood by the other party.

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#7. Send the Message

Click the send button after writing the message, and you will be redirected back to the order page. One thing you must remember is that the order has not been canceled successfully yet but has been shifted to the dispute category. Once the other party agrees to the cancellation and accepts your request, it will be canceled mutually. However, they also have the right to reject your request, and then it will be processed accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the buyer cancel the order on Fiverr?

Yes, buyers possess the right to cancel the order on Fiverr. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you are a buyer or a seller; you can cancel any order in a similar way. However, you must state a clear reason for canceling the order otherwise, you might seem unprofessional, and you also need to offer proof along with the reason before you can successfully cancel it.

What happens if I cancel the order on Fiverr?

When you order cancellation on Fiverr, the funds are credited to your Fiverr balance. You can always check the returned funds in the Fiverr balance when you visit the Fiverr account. Moreover, the Fiverr team is renowned for refunding the whole amount to your account. So, you do not need to worry about losing your money in case the order doesn’t work out.

What happens if my Fiverr order is late?

If you are a buyer and feel that it has been a long time since the seller has contacted you regarding the completion of your order and has exceeded the deadline, you can always cancel the order by visiting the resolution center. Similarly, you can also choose to extend the delivery time if you are satisfied with the seller and want to give them additional time for order completion.

Summing Up

It isn’t difficult to cancel the order on Fiverr, and you have every right to do so if you are not satisfied with the process or the result. Despite your role as the buyer or seller, Fiverr gives you permission to request the order cancellation with valid reason and proof. This article offers you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to cancel your Fiverr orders.

So, if you ever feel that the other party is ditching you and things are not going as planned, you can follow these steps to resolve the issue. Similarly, you can also involve Fiverr customer support if both parties do not agree to cancellation mutually.

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