You must be aware of the time when applying for Google AdSense approval was not tough. In the previous times of Google and its forums, most of the time, you only had to set up a website and apply for approval. Then google staff on their check fraudulent or spammings. Nothing complicated was there at that time. But after the update of 2019, getting approved by Google AdSense is no more easy and simple. The process involves highly automated processes that keenly focus and review every page of the website.

AdSense Approval

This checks whether the website is truly following the rules and regulations of Google or not. And this procedure of approval can take up to 2 weeks for results. Hereafter all the research and reading the experiences shared by people online, I have come up with the common questions, queries, requirements, and tips to get the approval of Google AdSense without any complications. Make sure to give it a thorough read as it will help you in understanding Google AdSense approval and what are the important aspects of AdSense that should be kept in mind when looking for approval.

What Is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a renowned and highly reliable way to earn additional money for publishers with the help of their websites, blogs, and YouTube channels. It provides you with the advertisements on your websites that are relevant to the content and visitor’s demand. The ads are matched with your content and then displayed on your site. Then, these ads are paid for by the creators and advertisers promoting their products. This is what Google AdSense is and how it helps you earn extra money.

How To Create a Google AdSense Account?

Previously at the very beginning of Google AdSense launching it was easy for you to approve your Google AdSense account but now there are some changes and amendments done making it slightly complicated for you to apply for approval. The basic procedure of how to approve Google AdSense is mentioned below to make you able to learn how you can apply for approval and what are the necessary steps should be fulfilled before applying.

In case you are new to Google AdSense you need to first create an account and go for your account approval. The following details will tell you about the approval of a new Google AdSense account.

  • Before applying make sure your website, blog, or channel is eligible and accurate for account approval.
  • Sign up, add information and proceed to the creation of an account.
  • Log into this Google AdSense account you have created.
  • Add the code for the account.
  • Wait for at least 2 weeks for approval to complete.
  • After adding code to your website or blog, it will be showing you the blank ads on your site.

Keep in mind it would take around 48 hours for the analysis and review of your AdSense account approval application. If the review is alright and there is nothing out of the rules you are eligible for advertisement on your sites. Your blog will start showing ads and you will be able to make extra money right from your website. This is how you apply for the application of Google AdSense account approval. Now after the successful creation of the Google AdSense account you will be applying for Google AdSense approval.

How To Apply For Google AdSense Approval?

The following details will tell you about how you can apply for the approval of your Google AdSense to make you able to earn more.

  • Open and register for an AdSense account here.
  • Make sure you enter everything in the correct way, that includes your name, address, other general information, and website URL.
  • Now login here and place the codes on the sidebar of your blog after creating the AdSense codes properly.
  • Blank ads will be displayed on your blog unless and until they are approved. This can take upto 2 weeks.
  • Ensure you are not removing the ads in any case.
  • You will receive a confirmation email within two weeks after application if your application is accepted and your AdSense account is approved.

This is how you can approve your Google AdSense account. The minimum amount you can take out of AdSense is $100. This is also a small procedure to follow. You have to wait until your income reaches $ 10 in your AdSense account. As soon as it happens AdSense will email you a pin code on your provided email.

Now you have to log in to the AdSense account that you have created previously and enter the received pin here. Here is the time when you can finally relax because you have completed all of the required steps. When your account reaches $100 you can take out your money whenever you want.

I with my personal experience will recommend you to enable the direct bank transfer for the payments from AdSense. It would be easier and effortless for you to manage.

Requirements To Approve Google AdSense

Since I have explained the total procedure of Google AdSense in the above-mentioned details I want to mention here some of the essential requirements that should be fulfilled to get approval from Google AdSense as soon as possible. These are as follows. Ensure you have fulfilled every requirement so that you will not end up listening to something like you are not eligible for approval.

  • The topmost thing that you should focus on is to have your own unique and interesting content without any copy-pasting. It should be original and of high quality to appeal to the visitors and readers.
  • The second thing that should be kept in mind before applying for approval of Google AdSense is that you are complying with the policies of the program. The policies, terms, and conditions often get updates. So make sure to stay up to date before applying for approval.
  • The basic requirement of applying for approval is that you should be at least 18 years or above that.
  • You should be the owner of your site and should be able to properly control your content.
  • The content should not be fake and should not be copyrighted in any case.
  • It should be in the language that is supported and is compatible with Google AdSense terms and conditions.
  • You can apply for AdSense only if your site is 6 months old and not less than that. Otherwise, the application will be rejected.
  • Before applying for Google AdSense approval, make sure you have sufficient viewers, visitors, and readers of the content on your site.
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Tips And Tricks To Get Approval Of Google AdSense Quickly

The proper procedure of approval of Google AdSense takes time. If you want to speed up the approval process you should follow some of the following tips and tricks that are recommended not only by me but also by many other professional bloggers. I followed these steps while approving my account and got success just within the two days of application. These are as follows;

  • Design and create a website that is user-friendly and very attractive and its Outlook. Customize your content in your unique style.
  • Create such pages on your website that will make it more trustworthy and reliable. Such as disclaimer, privacy policy, terms and conditions, and about us.
  • Good quality content is a must before applying for Google AdSense approval. This not only speeds up the approval procedure but also provides highly positive feedback from the AdSense owners.
  • A strict no to copy content.
  • Your writing and articles should be in supported languages.
  • The content should not be illegal in any way.
  • Never edit or make noticeable changes after applying for AdSense until you receive the approval email.
  • Keep on publishing new and appealing content while the verification is still carried out.


How long does Google AdSense take to approve?

There is no specific answer to this question because the time taken by Google AdSense to make approvals varies from one account to another. Sometimes it only takes 24 hours to approve an account otherwise it may go up to two weeks. Moreover, one to two weeks are the most common and general period that is taken by Google AdSense for approval.

Is it hard to get approved for Google AdSense?

No, it is not hard to get approved for Google AdSense. But you have to meet the requirements and criteria that are necessary for approvals. Google AdSense is used to make money and is very reliable but make sure to not violate any of their rules and regulations. This is because they take strict actions against violators and can throw them out of the program for a lifetime.

How many posts are required for AdSense?

Within each tag, page, and category you must have 3 to 4 posts for AdSense. Google AdSense asks for enough content that should be present on every web page of your website. You should have a minimum of 30 top-quality content without any copy-pasting and plagiarism. In case you have multiple categories on your site, you should focus on all of the categories and pages before applying for Google AdSense and should check whether they are having enough quality content or not.

How many articles do I need for AdSense approval?

You need to have at least 30 good-quality top content articles on your site to apply for AdSense approval. One should not compromise on copy-pasting and plagiarism and ensure that the content he has had on his site is his own attractive, appealing, and interesting for the user. Moreover, there is no maximum limit that you should have but the more articles you have on your site, the more it would be better for you.

Can I have two Google AdSense accounts?

No, it is not eligible for you to have two Google AdSense accounts at once. But you can have one account and can use it on multiple channels, blogs, and websites. It means you do not have the requirement of having two or more two accounts.

How do bloggers receive their money?

There are two ways that bloggers receive their money; one with pay per click and one with pay per impression. Pay per click way of earning money from advertisements is when the viewer clicks the ad and reaches some other website. In this way, the blogger will get money. Whereas, the pay per impression is the way of earning money that will let you have money per impression. More the views and impressions you have, the more money you will have in your account.

Final Thoughts

To get the approval of the AdSense account in the first go you need to follow the above-mentioned tips, tricks, requirements, and procedures. Do not skip any step and follow everything step-by-step as mentioned above. For this, you first have to read the above-mentioned details thoroughly so that you can follow them properly. Keep in mind not to go with fake and copy content. Keep the quality and quantity of the content high to get approval within no time.

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