The Internet provides thousands of platforms where you can earn some extra money besides your regular office job. One such platform is Fiverr which allows the users to connect with people who require their services. Fiverr is easy to understand and free to sign up and you can find a long list of jobs related to your skill level. Therefore if you are a graphic designer, content writer, web designer there are endless chances you can get a job and earn a lot of money. Here is a detailed article on Fiverr jobs for beginners.

Fiverr Jobs

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is an online marketplace for buying and selling services, for instance, Writing, Assisting, Managing as well as Graphic designing, Video Editing, Programming, Voice-over, etc. The base price for any job on Fiverr is as little as 5$. Thus providing a cheap gateway of outsourcing digital services from one end of the globe to another conveniently.

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Generally, freelancers post ads called ‘Gigs’ based on their skillset on Fiverr. The buyer can buy the service through just a few clicks or negotiate for a particular job for a sum of money. Fiverr was co-founded by Micha Kaufman and Shai Wininger in 2010 and the marketplace already had 1.3 million gigs by 2012. The growing popularity led to the launch of the IOS App in December 2013 and Android App in March 2014.

How Does Fiverr Work?

There are two categories of people on Fiverr: sellers and buyers. If you are a seller that means you are selling your services to the buyers on Fiverr. There is a long list of jobs that are offered to the people. For instance, you can be a web designer, graphic designer, content creator, data entry person, and many more. If you have any of these skills, you can register yourself as a seller and select the things you can do so that you can be noticed by the buyers.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer, you will have to register yourself as a buyer who wants services from a skillful person. Both buyers and sellers make gigs on Fiverr where the seller states their expertise and the buyer their requirements. A buyer search for people who can willingly complete the task they require for which the seller is given the money they require.

How To Start Selling On Fiverr?

Fiverr freelancing isn’t as easy as it may sound to some people. It might get on your nerves at first because a lot of sellers get disappointed because they don’t get a potential buyer. Hence, the next section will help all the beginners to build a strong profile on it and start selling their Fiverr services.

Sign Up

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The first and foremost thing to do is to sign up on Fiverr by making an account. You can only provide your Fiverr freelance services to people if you have a registered account on it. For that, you need to register yourself as a seller and create a good-looking profile so that people can notice you from across the world.

Set Up A Seller Profile

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Remember, you need to make a good impression on your Fiverr account by creating a good seller profile. How you present your profile to the buyer depends on how many requests you get from them. Hence, if you are a beginner and want to get Fiverr freelance jobs quickly, you need to mention all your skills in an attractive way so that a buyer can notify you immediately. You need to make impressive gigs, with simple yet convincing language so that the buyer can send you a job request.


Fiverr gig

Gig on Fiverr holds extreme importance, it is a brief job description form that you fill with all the skills you hold and what tasks you are proficient in doing. The gig is something that is seen by the public therefore you need to make one gig on a daily routine so that it can be fresh on your seller profile for people to notice.

Services/Skills You Should Learn Before Starting A Career On Fiverr

Fiverr Jobs

As a beginner, you must be confused about where and what to start learning so that you can have a successful journey on Fiverr. There is a long list of Fiverr online jobs and you can opt-out for any of them according to your skill level. However, it is wise to learn the most trending skills that are required by people. Here is a list of the most demanding services/skills on Fiverr that you should learn and perfect.

  1. Graphic Dessigning
  2. Digital Marketing
  3. Content Writing
  4. Translation And Proofreading
  5. Video Animation
  6. Photoshop/Image Resizing/Phtot Editing
  7. Tutoring
  8. Music/Audio/Voiceover
  9. WordPress
  10. Writing App Reviews

1. Graphic Designing

If you are a graphic designer, you are the luckiest one because Fiverr offers many related jobs. However, you don’t need to hold a graphic designing degree to be able to earn some money in this marketplace. As we all know that this is a digital world, and almost all businesses, big or small require good animations and graphics for their success.

graphic designing

You can learn, to make logos, banners, flyers, package designs, magazine cover designs, and many more skills to step into this realm. Graphic designing is the most demanding skill on Fiverr and there are many chances you can earn many buyers if you have these skills.

Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • It takes some time to be the best graphic designer to be able to provide your services to people. Learning graphic designing isn’t as easy as it might look, but if it’s your field you will need a little time to perfect your skills.
  • People who don’t know a thing about graphic designing need a lot of time to learn even the basics. Getting deeper into this field might take years to learn to become a professional. However, if you need to learn the basics you can give a month or two to it.

2. Digital Marketing

Businesses and offices cannot operate optimally without good digital marketers. This is one of the best Fiverr jobs for beginners because it requires minimal skills. If you ace digital marketing skills like search engine optimization, research analysis, e-commerce, web analysis, there are greater chances people will hire you for business promoting jobs. You can effectively monetize all your skills using these simple and easy-to-learn skills.

Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Digital marketing requires a minimal skill level because you mostly have to do SEO, research analysis, and stuff like that. If you are a beginner, you will have to give everything a month or two to learn basic digital marketing skills.

3. Content Writing

Content writing is another great skill and is likely to get you many Fiverr jobs in a line. There are many incredible Fiverr jobs for students related to writing and the only skill you need is to have a good hold on writing style. If you are a student and want to have side earnings, you can learn some basic typing and writing skills to get a list of content writing jobs such as article writing, data entry jobs, essay writing, and many more.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Content writing isn’t as difficult as it might seem to you, many people are born with good writing and grammar skills. You need to perfect your writing and typing skills because it takes time to become a fast typist. If you have some good writing skills, you need to perfect those skills in a week or two.
  • For you to become a fast typist, you just have to practice typing on your computer for a month by regularly writing up to 200 words daily. This will not only enhance your writing skills but also increase your typing speed.

4. Translation And Proofreading

Translation and proofreading are other top trending skills on the Fiverr services list. There are thousands of people who are trying to find someone who can translate a document, proofread, a document, help with their research work, blog writing, and do much more. If you have an interest in this field, you can take your interest and work upon it to be able to find jobs related to translation and proofreading.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Learning translation and proofreading is moderately difficult as it needs perfection. Meaning you need to have the native language skill in order to correctly translate a document from one language to another.
  • It requires 2 to 3 months to achieve such perfection in a language. For instance, if your native language is any other than English and you need to translate a document from that language to English, you will need some time to have a perfect command of your native language and English Language.
  • On the other hand, proofreading a text or document also requires a great skill level because you need to eliminate errors, correct, the syntax, and structure of the given text. For this, you have to have a good hold on grammar and vocabulary. This command of grammar, vocabulary, and syntax can be achieved by working hard for a month or two.

5. Video Animation

Be it for their school or college project, for business promotion, or just conveying a certain massage, people are looking for skilled video animators everywhere on Fiverr. You can also be a good video animator in just a matter of some time. If you are a graphic designer by profession, it’s high time you learn skills like video animation so that you can be hired by potential buyers.

Video Animation

Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Video animation is a difficult task, it takes a great artistic idea, proper hold on graphics making, and much more to make one-second animation. Video animation may take many months to learn because there are a lot of things to learn about it.
  • It can take upto months or a year in order to perfect your video animation skills. Buyers are looking for professional video animators because a lot of hard work and time goes into making a few seconds of animation.

6. Photoshop/Image Resizing/Photo Editing

Again, many people are looking for sellers with having a strong grip over photo editors. Sometimes, it’s their job requirement, university projects, or business promotion. They need people who know how to use professional photoshop software for photo editing, or image resizing. Again this is a good opportunity for a graphic designer, however, you don’t necessarily have to be one to learn this skill.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Photoshop software are a bit technical, but once you learn how to use them, you can easily edit photos in a few hours. At the start, you might find it difficult to use because there are hundreds of tools in one software that are used to edit photos. With time, everything will get easier.
  • It takes up to one month or more depending upon how quickly you learn. If you are a graphic designer by profession, it would be a hard task for you to learn photoshop skills. However, as a beginner, you might need some time to learn and perfect your skills.

7. Tutoring

Suppose, you have just graduated in any subject and waiting for your job call, you can spend that time teaching other people on Fiverr. Yes, you heard that right, Fiverr offers online tutoring jobs because many people are looking for a tutor. You can enhance your communication skills and find a tuition job on Fiverr related to your own field.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Online tutoring isn’t difficult at all and does not require any skill as such. You just have to have a stronghold on your subject and have basic communication skills.
  • If you really mean to start an online tutoring career on Fiverr, you should know how to communicate with people virtually. It needs a lot of confidence to start talking to people and virtually teaching them. Moreover, it is a great responsibility to teach someone, therefore, knowing everything about your subject is necessary.

8. Music/Audio/Voiceover

Another top trending Fiverr job is music and audio editing and voice-over. Many people who run youtube channels seek people having good communication skills and attractive voices. There are also many related jobs in this category, for instance, songwriting, podcasting, song composition, and many more.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • Skill learning related to any of these job categories isn’t difficult, instead, it’s fun to get indulge in such activities. If you have the gift of a good voice, you can use that to earn money on Fiverr. It takes a month to learn and practice to speak in a melodious way.
  • Moreover, voice-over jobs require talking in a way where you have to constantly change the pitch and loudness of your voice, therefore you need to practice on that too.

9. WordPress

I am sure everyone has heard about WordPress. If you don’t, it is an online tool that helps you build and design other websites. It offers a platform to digitize your brand and make it engaging. You can learn how to operate WordPress either online or with a help of someone who already knows how it works. If you can operate WordPress, chances are people will hire you for web designing, and web publishing.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • WordPress is an easy-to-understand and operate online tool which you can learn in a few weeks. Once you have a hold on WordPress, you can either launch your own website through it or help people create websites, make their websites engaging, and much more.

10. Writing App Reviews

As you know many aspiring people who have just launched their android apps need genuine reviewers to give reviews on their apps so they can be recognized. It doesn’t require a great level of skill to be an app reviewer. All you have to do is to have good writing skills to write a review.

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Difficulty Level/Time Required To Learn

  • As mentioned above, you don’t need anytime or skill as such in order to learn how to give reviews on the app. You just need to have the basic writing skills to be able to give honest remarks on someone’s recently launched app. You will find such buyers on Fiverr to connect with. This simple task can make you earn a few dollars.


Is it difficult to find Fiverr jobs for a beginner?

Finding jobs on Fiverr can be time-consuming however, it requires certain skills that enable you to earn a buyer quickly. For instance, you need to make a good seller profile, with clear statements about your skill level. Moreover, you should make at least one gig once a day that states all the services you can provide so that your profile can be noticed.

What are the top trending skills people are looking for on Fiverr?

There are numerous jobs you can find on Fiverr. However, some of the skills that are high in demand are graphic designing, content writing, translation, proofreading, voiceover, web designing, video animation, and much more. If you have any of these skills, there are many chances you will be hired by someone sooner.

How to make a profile on Fiverr?

It is simple to make a profile on Fiverr all you have to do is sign up as a seller or buyer. If you are looking for a job you will register yourself as a seller. After that, set your profile photo and fill in all the information required. The most important thing to do is build your profile in a way that buyers get attracted to it. Make gigs on daily basis filling in all the services you can provide so the buyers can reach you.

Final Thoughts

In this digitized world where most businesses are run virtually, there are endless opportunities for those who want side jobs online. Fiverr provides such jobs not only for beginners but also for skilled people. All you have to do is create a strong profile and make gigs related to your skills. This article gives you all the information about Fiverr jobs for beginners. I would suggest people would learn digital marketing, content writing, graphic designing, voice-over, and app reviewing because these skills are easy to learn and help you earn a lot.

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