Often, sellers struggle in getting orders on Fiverr mostly because they are making many mistakes in writing Fiverr buyer request proposals. It doesn’t take a lot of skill and ornamented language to make a buyer request proposal; however, there are a few things to keep in mind before writing one. A successful buyer request proposal is always simple to understand, to the point, and brief. In this article, we will discuss how to write a Fiverr buyer request template and what are the common mistakes people usually make while writing.

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Before you make a Fiverr buyer request proposal, you should have a clear picture of what kind of services you provide better. It is very important to write a buyer request with clear and easy-to-understand words. Here are the few points you should always consider before sending a buyers’ request proposal.

Tips To Write An Effective Fiverr Buyer Request

  1. Understand The Assignment
  2. Biding Price
  3. To The Point Proposal, Formal Tone
  4. Ask Questions And Talk About Your Expertise
  5. Tell Them How You Will Do The Job
  6. Attach Samples In The Proposal
  7. Adding A Call To Action At The End Of the Proposal

1. Understand The Assignment

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind before responding to a buyer’s request is to understand what a buyer is demanding fully. Think to yourself whether you are eligible for the task or not. Remember, most buyers filter the requests of those who don’t read the job description. Therefore, the best Fiverr buyer request template is the one that sounds confident because the reader has fully understood the job.

2. Biding Price

A goof Fiverr buyer request is directly proportional to the right biding price. Before sending a buyer request proposal, make sure your biding price is neither too low nor too high. Setting the right amount will increase the buyers’ level of trust in you. Most people put a low price tag on their services, which instills many thoughts in a buyer. For instance, no one will create quality content at such a low rate; therefore, chances are, your buyer request proposal will be rejected.

3. To The Point Proposal, Formal Tone

The way you respond to a buyer’s request greatly affects the possibilities of your getting the task. Some people like to impress buyers by sending a proposal in highly ornamented language. This isn’t a good idea since buyers want brief and to-the-point job proposals. Write a clear description so that the buyer can understand that you are fit for the task. Moreover, use a friendly and formal tone in your proposal so that the buyer wouldn’t get offended.

4. Ask Questions And Talk About Your Expertise

Another way to win Fiverr buyers is to ask them questions regarding the task they want to get done. This increases the level of trust in them and ensures that you are ready to work on it. Moreover, you can also briefly mention your expertise to them so that they will know you can do the job easily.

5. Tell Them How You Will Do The Job

Many buyers want a good solution for their problems. Sometimes, a seller knows how to accomplish the task better than the buyer. Therefore, you can also write about how you will do the job for them. Moreover, you can also mention some valuable solutions that will enhance the quality of the task they want you to accomplish.

6. Attach Samples In The Proposal

Attaching the Fiverr buyer request samples is another to convince and increase the trust level in the buyer. The buyer will look at the works you have done previously, which will increase the chances of you getting the task. Therefore, it is important to attach samples in your buyer request proposal, so the buyer doesn’t feel the need to ask for one.

7. Adding A Call To Action At The End Of the Proposal

Many people miss adding call-to-action at the end of their buyer request proposal, which prevents the buyer from initiating a conversation. Adding notes such as “I’ll wait for your response” or “you may place an order today” boosts the confidence level of people. Such messages act as initiators in any conversation. The buyers will think you are ready to communicate with them when they see a call-to-action in your proposals.

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Infographics: Tips to Write an Effective Buyer Request

Sending Buyer Request Proposal As a New Seller

Suppose you are a new seller. You will start your proposal like this: Hi, I see that you are looking for a professional logo designer, video editor, or (whatever the client has specified. I can complete the task for you, as my expertise matches your project’s demands. I am a new seller here, but my skill level will not disappoint you. Moreover, I will follow ( this methodology) to complete the task you want me to accomplish. It is completely okay if you want an experienced seller for this job; however, it would be great if you gave me a chance. I will be waiting to hear back from you.

Suppose the buyer has mentioned all the details about the project and wants someone to do a certain task; this is how you send a proposal

Hi, after reading and understanding the project thoroughly, I have completely understood that you want to get (mention the buyer’s demand) done. My question from you is that (ask a question regarding the project. Coincidently, I finished doing a similar project for someone else with almost the same demands.

I followed (mention your methodology) to complete that task (you can also attach a file of the project you completed). My expertise matches your demands, and I strongly feel I can complete the given task using (mention tools and methodology). I have been working in this field for the past (mention your experience). I’ll be waiting for your response.

How Do You Get Buyer Requests On Fiverr?

How Do You Get Buyer Requests On Fiverr

Previously we talked about how to make a Fiverr buyer request. Now, we shall move towards how to get Fiverr buyers or jobs. Sellers will benefit a lot from this section as this is specifically for those willing to work but don’t get buyers on their Fiverr accounts. Here is how to win buyers and multiple jobs on this site.

Keep Your Profile Online

The first and foremost thing to do as a seller is to stay active on Fiverr so that your profile can appear online to the buyers. If you are a new seller, chances are you will get fewer buyer requests. However, that shouldn’t disappoint you because you can do many things to win buyers. For instance, staying active will bring your profile to many potential buyers.

Time Difference Management

One thing that might play as a hindrance between you and buyer requests is the time difference between the two countries. Sometimes, your time doesn’t match with the time of buying. Therefore, you need to be active at the time when the buyers are online. For that matter, make sure you know the working hours of different countries and how different is their time zone from yours.

Make Maximum Gigs

The more gigs you make each day, the more buyers will come knocking on your door. One way to win Fiverr buyers is to make a maximum of 7 gigs in almost all the categories, which will automatically appear in the public eye. The gigs you make shall present your skill and services in a straightforward way.

Choose The Right Categories And Subcategories

Many times, sellers don’t get the desired buyer offers because they have submitted their services in the wrong categories and sub-categories. This step prevents buyers from reaching you as it negatively affects your overall profile. For instance, if the project is about logo design, you will select graphic design as your main category and logo design as a sub-category.

Be Very Responsive

One thing that affects your performance on Fiverr is how responsive you are when it comes to responding to buyers’ requests and messages. Send at least 10 buyer request proposals daily. If you do this, you will be connected to more buyers, and Fiverr will notice how active and responsive you are. Thus, your chances of winning a worthy job will increase.

Write SEO Gigs

Search engine optimization holds a lot of importance in the digital world. Try to write gigs with good SEO to be able to get potential buyers. SEO brings your gigs to the top list of search engines; therefore, more people will notice your gigs. Writing an SEO gig will improve the quality of web traffic and will bring more buyers to your door.

Mistakes Sellers Make While Writing A Proposal

Mistakes Sellers Make While Writing A Proposal

You might be really good at what you do, but if you don’t get potential buyers on Fiverr. A possibility is you are making some mistakes that prevent buyers from reaching you. These mistakes are so common that some sellers don’t even realize they are making them. Let us see what errors some sellers make, which are hindrances between them and buyers.

Copy Pasting Of The Same Template

If you are a beginner, you should know the importance of creating unique content even when making a Fiverr buyer request template. Many new sellers make the mistake of copy-pasting the same buyer request template many and sending them as a response to buyer requests. This puts a very bad impression on buyers since they can see the templates everywhere.

Not Checking the Proposal For Grammatical Mistakes

Everyone can make grammatical or spelling mistakes, but not proof-reading your writeup can be very problematic. A lot of sellers will send a buyer request proposal without even reading what they have written. If there are grammatical errors or spelling mistakes in your writeup, no buyer will contact you back. Therefore, the best you can do is always check your seller’s proposal for errors and correct them if there are any.

Using Highly Ornamented Language

Many sellers make this mistake without even realizing it. They use ornamented language with difficult vocabulary to impress the buyer. This won’t do you any good if you make the same mistake. Remember, buyers want plain, simple, and error-free language for their tasks. Therefore, when you write a proposal, make sure you use simple language.

Long Paragraphs

When you write long paragraphs, it loses its meaning towards the end. Long paragraphs can put the buyer in a lot of confusion. Many sellers will write long sentences when writing Fiverr buyer request proposals, which aren’t wise. When writing a proposal, make sure you write short, concise, and to the point sentences, which is preferred by the buyer.


Why do some new sellers don’t get buyer requests?

Getting buyer requests on Fiverr can be a bit tricky, especially for the new sellers. There are some strategies you need to follow when sending a buyer request proposal. For instance, you need to fully understand the client’s demand send a concise, error-free, and to-the-point buyer request proposal. Moreover, avoid copy-pasting so that more people will notice you.

How many gigs should you send every day?

It is a wise idea to make gigs every day for the buyers to notice you. You should create at least 7 gigs a day to post on Fiverr. Make sure you make the gigs for different categories according to your skill. Moreover, always write the gigs in simple and straightforward language mentioning all your skills.

What mistakes should you avoid while writing a buyer request proposal?

Some common mistakes you should avoid while writing a buyer request proposal are as follow: never copy past the same template everywhere because the buyer can see that you have copy-pasted it. Don’t use highly ornamented language because people always prefer simple and straightforward language. Never send a request without fully reading the whole description. Lastly, re-read your request to check for grammar and spelling mistakes because many sellers do that.

Final Thoughts

Fiverr is an incredible platform that opens endless possibilities for skillful people to monetize their abilities. However, it can be tricky for some sellers, especially the new ones, to kick start their business on Fiverr. There are some strategies to follow and some mistakes to avoid to win as many jobs and buyer requests on Fiverr. This article, “Fiverr buyer request template,” will help you win projects and have endless opportunities easily.

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