In Event Blogging, we write blogs on specific events such as Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Pakistan super league(PSL), etc. Event blogging is very similar to other types of blogging but the key difference is that we get more traffic/users for the short term.

Event Blogging

In event blogging usually, we write blogs on micro-niches therefore event blogging is usually considered “micro-niche blogging”. Event blogging is about the special days, festivals, and upcoming events therefore most niches related to event blogging contain the word of the day such as labor day, Defense day, etc.

In event blogging usually, the event blogger targets upcoming events/festivals/special days. Event bloggers start to write blogs on that event before coming to that event. Usually, when the event blogger starts to write blogs then there are few searches and low trends. But when the event/festival/day is near to come then searches and trends start to increase. As a result, event bloggers succeed to get more traffic.

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The above screenshot reveals the trend of the event Pakistan Super League(PSL) before and after that event. The trend is high only in the month of February and March because this cricket league is played only these days. when Trend increases mean an increase in the traffic/users of websites on that event as a result of income/revenue increase. In event blogging, income/revenue can be 10x increase than writing blogs on other topics which are not related to events/festivals/special days.

How to Start Event Blogging?

How to start Event Blogging

Choose an Event/Festival/Special Day

The first step to starting event blogging is to select an event, festival, or special day. A lot of events occur in a year, a blogger can pick any event to start event blogging. As a beginner, an event blogger must find an event that has low competition because working on a low competition event he/she can get more traffic/users, as a result, they can easily generate more revenue as compared to working on a famous event that usually has high competition.

An event blogger can take an idea to select an event/festival/special day to start event blogging from the following categories


  • Cricket leagues(PSL, IPL, Big Bash, etc.)
  • World cup
  • Asia cup
  • Champion Trophy
  • Football leagues
  • Wrestling, etc. 8


  • Diwali
  • Christmas
  • Eid’s etc

New Product Launches

  • iPhone launches
  • Android launches etc

Ecommerce sales

  • Amazon prime number
  • Black Friday
  • Winter sale
  • Summer sale etc.

Special yearly events

  • New Year
  • Mother’s day
  • Labour’s day etc.



  • Summer Holidays
  • Winter Holidays
  • Mexico’s day etc.

Mostly the events which are not famous in the world have low competition as compared to the famous events. As a beginner, the event blogger must find the events which are not famous and he can easily rank in less effort as compared to writing blogs on famous events.

There are some events which are not famous.

  • Burning man
  • Carnival
  • La Tomatina
  • Mardi Gras etc.

Select Domain

A domain is the base of your website therefore it is necessary to construct a website. After selecting an event then you have to select a domain. Before registering a domain think of a domain name that is most suitable and related to your targeted event. A domain name gives you access to your online identity and the content you publish. A domain name is unique and is selected by the user/blogger.

Some domain names contain .com, .org, or .net which show that this is the top-level domain. Country code top-level domains shows the internet top-level domain for a country like .pk for Pakistan, .ae for the United Arab Emirates,.af for Afghanistan, and so on. You can generate a name for your domain by using various tools like a domain name generator and then register the domain that you have selected.

Keyword Research

The most important step after selecting an event is keyword research. Find all possible related keywords of your event. Your first approach should be to find all those related keywords which have low competition and high volume.

There are several ways to find keywords.

  • You must analyze your competitors and take valuable keywords from your competitors.
  • You can take keywords by the method of google instant(When you search on google and put backspace after writing your keyword then google show related keyword)
  • You can use tools for keyword research. There are several tools for keyword research like Ahrefs, Keyword Helper, MOZ, etc.

Write Quality Content

Mostly the event blogger does not write quality content for their blog because they plan for a short time. Before writing blogs you have to be planned for a long time. The most important benefit of long-term planning is that the old domain has some domain authority that easily ranks as compared to the new one.

The quality content increases your chance to rank. If your content is not quality content then it will make it difficult to rank. If you rank then you will not sustain your ranking. Therefore write quality content so that you get ranking and your domain gets domain authority. The most important benefit of quality content is that next time you will have to make less effort because your website already has some domain authority due to quality content and you will easily rank.

Quality Content

Points to Keep in Mind before Start Event Blogging

The event bloggers face some issues. They can minimize issues they have to face if they keep in mind the following points that will help them a lot.

Plan for Long Term

Most event bloggers work hard to get bulk traffic for a short time. Their planning is for a short time. But I will advise you to plan for the long term. The most important advantage of long-term planning is that when you write blogs next year on that event then you will comfortably rank as compared to the first time because you have an old domain that has already some domain authority and it will help you to make less effort.

Plan For

Do not Target a Specific Country

Most event bloggers target famous countries like the USA, Uk, and so on. Events infamous countries mostly have high competition which makes it difficult to rank. As a beginner, you have to find events in countries that are not famous so that you will easily rank.

Find Low Competition Keywords

Low competition keywords can easily be ranked. Therefore your approach should be to find all those related keywords that have low competition that you have to succeed to get ranking in less time.

Analyze your Competitors

“Study the methods of your competitor and do the exact opposite”

(David Ogilvy)

Without analyzing our competitors we cannot beat our competitors. First of all, you have to analyze your competitors and learn from them. Then you will be able to complete them. Make a better plan or site structure that will make you unique from your competitor.

Write Valuable Content

Quality content support to rank comfortably. The most important benefit of quality content is that it will assist you to sustain your ranking.

Advantages of Event Blogging

Quick and Greater Income Resource

In event blogging as we start to write blogs on our targeted event before to occur of that event. Traffic/users increases on the occasion of that event therefore we succeed to get more traffic as a result of our income increases. In event blogging, a blogger can earn 10x more as compared to writing blogs on other topics.

Require Less Effort

In the event of blogging our target is to get more traffic in a short time and usually our traffic increases on the occasion of the event. As a result, we get more traffic by doing less effort as compared to writing blogs on other topics.

Increase Experience and Knowledge

“Every job you do, you gain more experience. You never stop learning.”

(Joanna Cassidy)

Every work we do in our life increases our experience and knowledge. Similarly when we write blogs about an event then our knowledge and experience increase blogging.

Skills Improvement and Learning

When we find keywords for our targeted event then it improves keyword research. Similarly, when we are writing blogs our focus is to minimize our mistakes in writing. Our focus is to choose proper words, make the sense of sentences meaningful, no grammatical mistakes and so on which improves our writing skills. We learn from our mistakes and try not to make mistakes again.

“Mistakes grow your brain”

(Jo Boaler)

Drawbacks of Event Blogging

Short and No Fixed Income Resource

In event blogging, we get bulk traffic/users only on the days of the event After the end of the event our traffic starts to decrease gradually. Therefore event blogging is a short time income resource. The income of a website depends upon the traffic/users. In event blogging, there is no fixed income since traffic is flexible. Before and after the event there are some users.

Event Blogging is Difficult

Event blogging is not easy as it seems particularly when you are writing blogs on a famous events like Christmas, Diwali, and so on. There are not only writing blogs but you need to optimize your website. It requires a lot of hard work and consistency to rank your blog and increase your revenue.


Event blogging requires a lot of time and work to make your blog successful. It needs a lot of time from your daily life. When you give a lot of time to blogging from your daily life and work hard then you do not have time for your entertainment. It can produce a feeling of loneliness.

Disappointment if You do it Wrong

Blogging needs consistently hard work for success. Beginners when taking event blogging as a start of blogging and if they do not perform it properly or make some mistakes. Then they do not succeed to make their blog successful and it can make them disappoint.


What Is Event Blogging?

In event blogging, we write blogs on a specific event such as Happy New Year, Dewali. It may be some festivals like Eids and Sports events such as leagues,worldcups.

How To Start Event Blogging?

Before starting event blogging you have to choose a specific event, festival, and so on. Then you have to write a blog on that specific event some months ago before to come of that event.

Is It Easy To Write Blog On An Event?

It is quite easy to write a blog on an event but you must have some experience in blogging. If you are a beginner you do not have to start event blogging.


In event blogging, we write blogs on our targeted event. It is quite easy but you need some experience in blogging if you have to make mind to write a blog on that event because you have a short time to cover and rank. If you are a beginner and have no experience then it might be difficult for you to rank in that short time.

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