Millions of businesses are operating all around the world and all of them are now dependent upon digital marketing tools for their survival. The evolution of digital marketing has changed the methods and ways that companies used previously for conducting business. It is all about taking advantage of innovative and smart tools that are created in order to give a competitive edge to businesses and companies.

Digital Marketing Tools

Remember that digital marketing revolves around your customers. If you focus on the demands of your customers and understand their needs and wants, then using these digital marketing tools will further expand your audience and will enhance your efforts while maintaining the base of your loyal customers. If you are searching for ways to get your legs up on the competition then you need to access the best digital marketing tools for lifting up your business which are following

1. MailChimp

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MailChimp is one of the most effective digital marketing tools that is designed to systemize digital marketing campaigns. With the help of this tool, you can track the traffic that is generated and can also improve your campaigns. Furthermore, this online platform allows the users to integrate with multiple Saas companies. By using this tool for an email campaign, the users can easily engage with their customers. The best part of this tool is that it has the best self-service support option that ensures that all the queries of the customers are solved quickly.

2. Google Analytics

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Google Analytics is one of the best digital marketing tools that can help users in making numerous decisions. With the help of this tool, the users can track their goals as well as e-commerce businesses that keep their companies on the right track. Google analytics provides innumerable data and insights that make it easier for marketers to understand the direction that is required to modify and change their website.

Furthermore, if you want to understand your customers and want to know what is better for your website, this is one of the best tools that you should opt for which is free of cost as well. This tool provides you with information about the traffic on your website that is divided by the products, pages, devices, and much more. It also enables the users to create a dashboard, metrics, dimensions for easy access to information and data.

3. Canva Business

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This is considered to be the best digital marketing tool that creates quality designs, helping the users to create impressive and unique social media posts and videos. This is a drag-and-drop that enables the users to create impressive, high-quality images and can also develop effective marketing campaigns via visual content that can be shared on your websites, blogs, and other social media platforms.

The tool offers impressive and unique templates and designs with the help of which the users can design their own logos, postcards, certificates, brochures, magazine covers, wedding cards, presentations, and many more. Moreover, the best part of this tool is that you don’t need a professional designer for creating your content. It is simple and easy to use and the users can create and customize visual pieces according to their digital marketing campaign.

4. Google Ads

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This digital marketing tool can work best for any type of business whether small, medium or large. This is one of the most powerful and highly effective digital marketing tools that can help businesses to reach new heights. One of the most significant features of this tool is the return on investment (ROI) which is relatively simple to measure. Another noteworthy feature of this platform is the feature of artificial intelligence that helps the users to get results faster in the case of display advertising.

More importantly, the users can even access Google Agency Account Strategists where they can learn much more about Google and the latest features that it offers to users. Being a useful SEO marketing tool, the keyword planner of the Google ads can help the users to optimize their digital ads that enhance their effectiveness as well as their organic search strategy. Furthermore, whenever the users inquire about keywords, the Google Ads will be displayed on search result pages.

5. Trello


This content management tool is one of the most popular and effective digital marketing tools that provide visual ways for users to strategize and brainstorm their content for digital marketing campaigns. The tool is used by millions of digital marketers to create, organize and schedule their prepared content online. With the help of this tool, the communication gap between the team members is reduced as it keeps the team together where communicating with them is much more manageable and easier.

Moreover, this tool allows the users to incorporate notes and create cards on the card topic while assigning the topics to team members and creating deadlines. In this way, the user will get to know who is in charge of writing, editing, designing, and posting digital content. The best part is that it provides free-of-cost services that can be opted for by anyone easily.

6. All In One SEO

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This is one of the top-rated digital marketing tools for WordPress websites with almost 3 million installations. This tool is infused with the most beneficial features that help the users to optimize their websites and content that is created for search engines. Furthermore, this tool also offers an actionable checklist that focuses on making adjustments for increasing click-through rates and fixing errors.

7. SEO-Proof

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The proof is another beneficial and top-rated digital marketing tool that connects the users with websites or CRM while using social proof to boost up the conversations on the websites. Another function of this tool is that it implements reviews, social proof messaging, and videos for potential customers once they visit the website. The most noteworthy features of this tool are Hot streak and Live Visitor Count notifications that boost the customer perception of a specific brand, product, and service.

Furthermore, with the help of this digital marketing tool, the user can analyze the activity of the customers on their websites and can examine their journey on the site. This will help the website owners to optimize and design their website according to the customers for higher conversation. Along with this, the tool can be installed freely and is easy to use and manage.

8. Slack

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This is one of the beneficial and favored business communication services. Digital marketers use this tool every single day to discuss new articles, client work, new support tickets, new projects, send messages, and share useful information and messages. Furthermore, this tool is the most effective and powerful medium to communicate with the team members. Slack can also play a role in enhancing the efficiency of the organization.

Moreover, it is an online messaging platform that is equipped with many advanced and beneficial features and settings that enable the users to have a group discussion that also includes confidential conversations. This is the best tool that emphasizes the collaboration between employees and teams. The services that this platform offers are free of cost and the tool is easy to use and manage.

9. Survey Anyplace

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This digital marketing tool is one of the best and top-rated tools that is suitable for marketing professionals. The users use this tool to create quizzes, surveys, assessments for their targeted customer base. It is a highly interactive tool that enables the users to engage with their target audiences which helps them in building their brand name and personality. In order to know about the current demand for the products and services, this tool is considered to be highly beneficial in this case.

Furthermore, with the help of this tool, the user can make questionnaires, surveys and also provide personalized responses in return for the responses of the customers. While using this tool, the best part is that the user can get to know the market demand, customer needs and wants and what type of product are they looking for, etc. The surveys that are provided by this tool are simple, well designed, and compatible with mobile phones.

10. Yoast SEO

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In order to optimize the websites to perform better search results, this digital marketing tool is considered to be one of the most useful ones in this regard. This is the most popular tool that works with both classic editor and Gutenberg in WordPress. Furthermore, this tool helps the users to focus on keywords that help them in ranking, select the cornerstone content, individual content URLs, and several internal links for boosting up the website. This also evaluates the readability of the website page.

11. Ahrefs

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The function of this digital market tool is to make it easier for the users to optimize their website based on the market requirements and demands. The basic function of this tool is to check the backlinks along with its massive data index. While using this tool, the user can find the right website for their content and also help them to select the content topic strategically. Furthermore, with this tool, the user can analyze the competitors and then take action accordingly.


What are the main tools of digital marketing?

Following are the best digital marketing tools that are highly recommended to digital marketers.

  • SEO
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing
  • AdWords
  • Social media marketing

What is a digital marketing tool?

Digital marketing tools are the online resources and websites that make difficult tasks easier. With the help of these tools, the user can get to know about the market demand and needs of the customers.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

The main difference between SEO and SEM is that SEO is the digital marketing tool that optimizes the website while allowing the users to get traffic from organic search results. Whereas SEM is another digital marketing tool that enables the users to get visibility and traffic from both paid and organic searches.

What are the types of digital media?

Following are examples of digital media that include video games, digital video, websites, social media, software, databases, digital data, digital audio, electronic book, electronic documents, etc.

What are digital marketing channels?

Digital marketing channels are the online digital platforms that enable the users to communicate with their targeted customers regarding the information about the product, brand, or services that they are providing.


Due to the evolution of digital marketing, businesses can sustain themselves in competitive markets. Whether you are running a small or large business or whatever your marketing plans or tactics are, there are hundreds of the best digital marketing tools available that can make your tasks easier. Through these tools, the user can communicate with their targeted customers and can get to know about their product demand in the market and the needs of their customers. With the help of these tools, you can also optimize your website and can also get to know about the competitors.

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