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Graphic design is basically the use of graphs, images, graphics, and typography for building and communicating an idea. Furthermore, a graphic designer creates graphics and combines typography with the different images and illustrates them to represent the idea. They are more focused on creating logos and printing different designs like magazines, posters, brochures, layouts, etc. Moreover, graphic designers have the basic knowledge of the fundamentals of graphics and designs and can work on both digital and print projects.

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Benefits Of Graphic Design

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In today’s business world, graphic designing is one of the tops paid jobs as all businesses either on a small or large scale need a good graphic designer for making them profitable. Services that are included in Graphic designing are the creation of effective marketing material, building and developing a unique logo that helps in building brand image and makes it recognizable. The main purpose of graphic design is effective visual communication and creating a unique design while converting them into sales.

1. Building Brand Strategy

Building Brand Strategy

One of the most significant benefits of graphic design is the development of a strong and effective brand strategy. It is all about focusing on creating a unique and attractive brand logo that attracts and targets potential audiences so that they can easily associate with the brand’s image. Furthermore, the following are the noticeable strategies that include creating and printing marketing material are business cards, banners, brochures, web designing, social media pages, etc. That a graphic designer should focus on while building a brand strategy.

2. Attractive And Beautifying

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Humans are virtually driven by beauty. Apart from the fact that content and functions are more important and significant as compared to aesthetics, still, most people believe that what looks good is actually the best and are attracted by the beauty. Therefore, the main purpose of a graphic designer is to create and design the advertisement and promotional material in a way to make it look more beautiful, unique, and attractive. The most important factor while designing the advertisement is to grab the attention of the targeted customers and make them think positively about your company’s brand image. A positive brand image of the company is very important in order to sustain itself in such a highly competitive market.

3. Enhance Navigation And User Experience

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Graphic designing is widely used in converting large blocks of content into attractive and interesting graphics and images. It is also used in printing all types of interfaces and materials. These designed images and graphics are used to convey the information and message that is related to the brand’s image. In this way, the user gets knowledge about the product and the colorful graphics and images are pleasing to the eyes of the viewers.

These customized images and graphic elements make sure to enhance the navigation in order to boost usability. These customized graphics help in easy navigation through the app or website through which large numbers of viewers are retained by creating a huge positive impact. Furthermore, these viewers are also driven by viewing stylish and attractive visual graphics and elements.

What Is Web Design?

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Web design works similar to that of graphic design which is basically the process of creating and designing the attractive visual looks and feels of the website. Furthermore, it is more concerned with the website design and not the prints. The basic aim of web designers is to create and design a website that looks attractive and is loaded quickly. Moreover, they have to select the design and add them to working websites that typically involve programming.

A good web designer is one who has deep knowledge of CSS, HTML, and many other programming languages including PHP, javascript, etc. There are professionals and expert web designers with the name User Experience designers (UX) that are specialized in how a website feels to the viewers whereas User Interface (UI) designers are the ones that are concerned with how the website is laid out and what is the overall style of the website.

Benefits Of Web Design

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1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics

A web designing team makes use of google analytics in order to understand the methods and ways through which people from all around the world interact and communicate with the website. The reports that are provided by google analytics can help the user to understand the worth of the web design by displaying the details about the website’s traffic which is very important for potential clients.

2. SEO

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A web designer that creates and builds an excellent web helps in boosting the businesses in search engines. The web designing team will help the users to load quality content on the website to make sure that it is easily accessible and will help them find their business anywhere where they want to see it. Nowadays, websites play a major role in keeping customers updated through search engine algorithms.

3. Branding

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This is one of the most beneficial factors that the user can get from excellent web design. Here the web designing team will help the users to establish a website in order to keep a clear brand image of the business. Furthermore, the websites that represent the cohesive brand of the business make sure to navigate and understand the company’s message while providing a better experience to the target customers.

Difference Between Graphic Design And Web Design

1. Medium

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This is one of the major differences between graphic design and web design. Graphic designing is related to the creation and designing of websites and prints online. Whereas web designing is more towards designing the website according to the company and also requires basic information and knowledge in order to understand the ways of making the website more intuitive and functional.

In graphic design, the main focus is on strong integrity and presents the statics. It relies heavily on the printing in which material and media are used while post-production activities are limited. On the other hand, web design is lively in visual effects and is more dynamic. Furthermore, the basic aim of web design is to guide the user’s operation of the specific website that as a result enhances interaction.

2. Technical Skills

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This is another major difference between web design and graphic design. Web designers should have deep knowledge of HTML and CSS and should know how to create and develop an attractive website in order to effectively interact with potential customers. On the other hand, graphic designers customize, create and design unique and attractive logos, brochures, banners, etc without any limitations.

3. Static And Interactive


Graphic design is static whereas web design is highly interactive. With web design, the user interacts with the website easily by simply clicking the button and navigating it through different web pages. Motion graphics and videos are also included on web pages. On the other hand, graphic design is static and less interactive. The user can see the designs and graphics but the users cannot interact.

4. Colors

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One of the key differences between web design and graphic design is the use of colors. In web designing, the color display is different on various monitors and screens and has different resolutions of images. While on the other hand, the colors of the print design are consistent throughout the projects because the graphic design makes use of CMYK color mode that produces consistent and same results in all published materials. Web designers make use of RGB color modes while designing websites.

5. Graphics

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Graphics of both web design and graphic design are different from each other. While focusing on graphic design, graphic designers make use of physical sizes like centimeters and inches, etc. Furthermore, there is no need of taking final effects into consideration. Whereas on the other hand, web design makes use of pixel sizes for their proper functioning. In this case, the quality of graphics and size matters as they will impact the speed of loading and running the website.

6. Maintenance

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While talking about the maintenance of both web design and graphic design, web design requires continuous maintenance. As web design is dynamic, the user can bring change anywhere. Here, the work of a web designer is to update the website according to the requirements of the company in order to retain potential customers.

Whereas in the case of graphic design, the process is completed once the image or print material is sent for printing. In other words, a change in graphic design material means creating a new version from scratch. Furthermore, reprinting and distributing graphic design print material can be costly. Hence graphic design does not require maintenance as it is permanent.

7. Distribution Of Information

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Both web design and graphic design have different mediums of spreading and distributing information to their potential or target customers. Graphic design typically distributes the information through printing, sales, delivery, posting, and many other ways of marketing communication. On the other hand, the information that is spread through web design is directly driven by the traffic on the site which shows the number of visitors who visited the website.


Is web design different from graphic design?

Web design is different from graphic design in many ways. Graphic design is static whereas web design is highly interactive. Furthermore, in web design, a website requires maintenance and needs to be updated timely whereas the images and graphics created by the graphic designer cannot be changed once they are set for printing.

What are the different methods of graphic design?

  • Designing the logo and creating a brand identity
  • Design of packaging
  • Mobile and web design
  • Print design and layout

Is photography a graphic design?

Graphic designing is basically the art of combining different images and words to convey and deliver the idea in an effective way to potential customers. It is mostly used in the field of marketing like advertising in which every image has a specific purpose and meaning. Photographs are considered to be one of the most effective images that are used in graphic design.

How are websites coded?

The websites are coded through HTML which is basically a language that is used to indicate the layout and structure of the websites. HTML is one of the simple and easy-to-learn front-end programming languages.


Web design is the method of designing and creating a website where different people all around the world interact through the website. The job of the professional web designer is to not only build an attractive website but also to develop its backends. In short, web design is a two-way relationship between the company and target customers.

On the other hand, graphic design is basically the art of customizing and creating different images and graphics that help in communicating the idea in an effective way to the customers. It is a one-way relationship with the target audience and is one of the effective ways to build communication between them. Furthermore, it helps in establishing the virtual identity of the company or a brand and makes it recognizable. Hence both of them are equally important in fulfilling the needs of the target customers.

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