Many people want to know the difference between web hosting and domain, in this article, we gonna tell you the difference between domain and hosting. Many beginners don’t know whether these two things are different or not. Web hosting and domain are two different services, but both plays very important role to build a website. So if you are going or planning to build a website, you have to know the difference between web hosting and domain.

Domain vs Hosting

The main difference between these two things is that a domain is an address of your website so a user can easily find your website online while hosting is where your website is stored, web host stores content on the internet on different’s like the home of your website. In addition, to have a website you need both web hosting and a domain.

For the proper functioning of your website you need the best hosting and domain, several best companies offer the best hosting and domains with lots of features.

What is Domain Name?

Domain 1

The domain name is the address of your website that people search in the browser’s URL bar to visit your website, without a domain name the user has to type a numerical label assigned to every website also known as an IP address. But it is very inconvenient to use an IP address.Domain.In simple words, if the website is your home then the domain is your address.

Altho computers have no problem communicating and remembering the IP address. For humans, it is impossible to remember these numbers, that’s how the domain is invented, the domain name has words that are easy to remember for humans.

Generally, a domain name consists of two main parts a top-level domain (TLD) and a second-level domain( SLD). Second-level domains usually consist of words or phrases, while top-level domains are predetermined extensions that follow.

Each domain has a unique web address, which means there can be only one website in the world. There are billions of websites on the internet but no one has the same domain address.

Domain Name Registration

There are many companies and organization, which provides the best domain for your website. Some companies offer both domains and hosting, you can also purchase a domain and hosting from different companies. But if you purchase both two things with the same provider it’s a little bit easy to set up your website.

There are many domain provider companies, and it’s a little confusing for you to decide, which hosting should choose. The prices of domains vary with extensions like .com, .org, .net, etc. So don’t worry here is a list of the top best domain companies which I use and helps you to decide which domain company you should go for.

  1. Namecheap(best domains plans)
  2. GoDaddy(best cheap domains)
  3. domain overall)
  4. Google Domains(best domains price)
  5. DreamHost(best domains for beginners)

What is Web Hosting?

Domain 2

Web hosting services allow you to publish your website on the internet, hosting providers will rent you a portion of their server to store your website on the internet. Hosting is a very important part of your website it controls server management, and page speed load and also stores all content of your website on their server.

In simple words if the domain is the address of your home then hosting is the home itself. Whenever someone types your domain name, your hosting provider will be responsible for sending its content to visitors.

Hosting providers also offer many tools to easily control your website like 24/7 support, SSL, and CDN, a web host also protects your website, server speed, and reliability.

Types of Web Hosting

Types Of Hosting

There are many types of hosting like shared hosting, VPS hosting, Cloud hosting and dedicated hosting, and many more. some types of hosting are discussed below, so it can be easy for you that which hosting type is suitable for you.

  • Shared Hosting: This type of hosting is especially for beginners. In this type of hosting multiple websites share the same server and have a set amount of storage and resources. It is the most affordable option of all, it is best for small businesses. So if you are looking to build your website for a small business, you considered shared hosting. Many companies offer shared hosting.
  • VPS Hosting: This hosting type is for those who have normal businesses and want some little more power from their hosting.VPS is a physical server virtually separated into multiple portions, giving the user a private environment with their resources.
  • Cloud Hosting: this hosting type is for those who want to take their website hosting to the next level. Cloud hosting uses a cluster of different servers to host the website. Its benefits are if one server is down, the other server quickly steps in. It is an ideal solution for sites that has high traffic and visitors.

Best Hosting Providers

As we know there are many hosting providers in the market right now, and it is difficult to choose the right hosting provider for your website. Because we know hosting plays a very important role in website performance, so for your ease, we make a list of the top best-hosting providers for your website. So you can easily choose your favorite hosting.

  1. WP Engine(best hosting plans)
  2. SiteGround(best hosting overall)
  3. Hostgator(best cheap web hosting plans)
  4. Bluehost(best hosting for beginners)
  5. A2 Hosting(best eco-friendly web hosting)

We did a round-up post on the best hosting providers in Pakistan that you must check out.

How Domain and Hosting Work Together

As we know domain and hosting are two different terms, but work together to run a stable website. Both have equal importance on their website.

A domain name system is a massive address book that is constantly updated. Behind each domain name, there is an address of a web hosting service that stores your website on internet servers.

Without a domain name, users can’t find your website and without hosting it is impossible to build your website.

Buy Domain and Hosting Together or Separately?

You can buy both domains and host separately and together. Certain companies provide both hosting and domain, but some of them have a good domain but do have not stable hosting servers. But if you purchase a domain and hosting separately, you have to connect them which is a little bit technical for beginners.

To avoid too much hustle, we recommend you to purchase domain and web hosting at the same place because it is easy for beginners to set up their website. In addition, you don’t have to link them manually.

Many companies offer both hosting and a domain name for your website. It is very easy to use your domain and hosting in that way. Some companies which offer both things, some of the best companies list are

discussed below:

  • BlueHost.
  • Hostinger.
  • Namecheap.
  • Cloudways.
  • Hostgator.


What do I Need To Build a Website? Domain Name or Hosting?

To build a website you need both domain and hosting. If you buy a domain name only gives you a right to use that name for a particular time but you don’t have an option to store your website content. For that, you need hosting which helps to store your website on the internet.

So it means both are important to build a website because the domain is just an address of your website and hosting is used to store your website.

Why We Use Hosting?

We use hosting to store data and information on our website on a located server, provided by hosting companies. hosting is a very important part of our website. The hosting must be responsive and fast.


Despite being completely different, some people still don’t know the difference between domain and hosting. Hence both are essential components of the website. And both have their function if we summarize all things.

  • A domain name is the address of your website in the form of words or phrases. It is what users type in their browser. You can choose your domain name according to your site.
  • Web hosting is a service that provides space on a server to store your website on the internet. When the user types your domain name your hosting provider transfers your file to the web browsers.

We hope this article helped you to know the exact difference between domain and web hosting, we tried our best to serve you. Hope there is no more confusion left behind in your mind.

And now you can easily differentiate between hosting and domain. Also, we suggest some of the top best hosting and domain, providers. So if you are interested to buy go and check those out.

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