Content creation is a common source of knowledge and is an integral part of the digital world. It is the driving force behind the success of all marketing and advertising campaigns. Content creation has types that are not the same, and this is why we are going to discuss the difference between content writing and copywriting. These have different purposes and can be used to create awareness or run campaigns. Stick around to know the responsibilities of content and copywriter and how these are different.

Content writing vs copywriting

What Is Content Writing?

Content writing is planning, editing, and writing web content to target the online audience. It includes writing blog posts and articles but is not limited to writing only. Different platforms such as Twitter or Reddit can be used to post videos, images, and written content. Emails, Newsletters, podcasts, YouTube descriptions all come in content writing. All the content you post should be in writing, as it is the main foundation.

Many bloggers publish online content for several reasons. They might use online platforms to create awareness among the customers or increase the traffic to their websites. Professionals hire content writers for writing high-quality articles, such as product descriptions and press releases, to create awareness among people. The writer’s main objective is to make sure they can connect to the audience and write what appeals to them. 1

Content Writing Process


Content writing is undeniably important as it can change the reader’s prospects. It has three main parts and begins with the prep work and research. Your content should reflect that it has been well researched before being written. Misleading information can lead to backlash from the reader and damage your reputation. Factual content and in-depth research can help you attract many people. 2


Once you are clear about the topic and have done enough research, you can plan and discuss it with the content management team. The market and content specialists and SEO experts can help you write high-quality content. Use of editorial calendars is encouraged to coordinate while you write, publish, promote and update the content.

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After in-depth research and planning with the team, you can now start writing the content that is on point and meets the goal. Use enticing titles that are short and sweet. Try to begin with a question and make the reader hungry for all the details related to the topic. Divide your content into headings and use bullets for the reader’s convenience. Make sure you use images and highlight relatable things for people. Last but not the least, avoid punctuation and grammar errors as they are crucial when writing.

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Responsibilities Of A Content Writer

A content writer, when hired by professionals, has many responsibilities. The production of online content for the audience should create awareness and fulfill the purpose. Let us discuss some of the responsibilities of a content writer when creating content for online platforms.

  • Conduct research before writing about anything, either a product or running some awareness campaign. Interviews, articles, studies, and several online sources can be used to gather authentic information.
  • Structure the content with the help of a content management system.
  • Cooperate and discuss with the writing team, such as your editor, manager, and web publisher, to improve the quality of the content.
  • Do not stick with one platform and create related content for other websites to promote your product or run the campaign.
  • Follow the SEO guidelines to increase traffic to the website.
  • Seek feedback and analyze performance through KPI (key performance indicators) to fill in the gaps.
  • Do not stick with one type of content and update with time to improve the quality and attract people.
  • Organize writing schedules and use a calendar to ensure timely deliveries of material.

What Is Copywriting?

Copywriting is the process of writing persuasive content that motivates or forces people to take action. The content in this writing is known as “copy” and includes scripts, commercials, or videos. You may not realize but when you see around, copywriting is present everywhere. Your mailbox might be full of emails from different brands trying to advertise their product or services.

All the YouTube tutorials that you watch are spoken copywriting. It is a call to action and has words that compel the people to respond but on a bigger scale. Copywriters have high value as they have learned and practiced the craft with persistence. Almost all organizations, profitable or non-profitable, use copywriters as they are the core of the business. They act as a medium that conveys the messages to the targeted audience.


Responsibilities Of A Copywriter

A copywriter can change the whole game for an organization by conveying powerful messages to the people. He has some responsibilities that need to be taken care of. Let’s discuss some of them down below:

  • Writing error-free and creative content for the brands that reflect their reputation.
  • Arrange meetings with clients to understand their needs and identify the target audience.
  • Collaborate with marketing firms to brainstorm and develop materials to attract people.
  • Plan everything, from the institution to the conclusion of the project.
  • Prepare copies of the content to get feedback and approval from everyone.

Content Writing VS Copywriting

When we compare content writing vs. copywriting, we can see that they have different purposes. The digital marketing uses stories to get people’s attention and gain their trust. Content writing and copywriting play as the mid-party who make meaningful connections with the audience. The content writer gains the trust and creates awareness while the copywriter forces the people to take action or respond. Let us highlight some key differences explained by the experts.


The copywriter’s job is to use persuasive words to sell a product or service to the target audience while a content writer tries to inform the audience. It gains the public’s trust and provides information based on facts and in-depth research. One common thing between both of them is that they attract people and engage them by providing solutions for their problems.

Direct And Indirect Selling

Content writers provide information that lays the groundwork for the future and is indirectly concerned with the selling. They like the audience to be engaging and want to be a reliable source of knowledge for them. On the other hand, the copywriters are concerned with immediate actions, a call-to-action, and want the audience to respond quickly by purchasing, downloading, or signing up for a subscription.


When comparing copywriting vs. content writing in terms of emotions, we can observe that copywriting can outperform content writing here as it invokes an emotional response from people. The Fear Of Missing Out or FOMO is at its peak nowadays due to social media, and consumers feel compelled to try new products every month. They easily get influenced by other people and need instant self-gratification. Emotions can compel people to take action, and as a result, the product can be sold.

Long And Short Form

Copywriting uses short form and copies content from advertisements, catalogs, sales letters, television, radio, jingles, social media, and videos. Whereas content writing uses long-form content gathered after researching articles, blogs, studies, magazines, podcasts, press releases, and movies. Content writers make a long-term strategy that has staying power among the audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Any piece of information that has high-quality content can get a rank in the SEO, but content writing outer performs the copywriting here. The websites developed by the content writing get organic traffic as it does not has any commercial intents. On the other hand, copywriting can attract more people to the website, but it further leads them to backlinks. Hence there is a thin line between these crafts, which should be understood. 3


All of the content present in the digital market should have no grammatical errors as it can grab the reader’s attention, and they might abandon the content without reading. All your hard work will drain if the information is left unread. Grammar is very important in content writing as it can help you impress the readers. While copywriting, the punctuation and the grammar are not considered to make the text look attractive. This can be a total off, and you might not be able to persuade the reader.


Should I learn copywriting or content writing?

Content writing can help you captivate the reader’s attention so they can relate and gain trust in you. At the same time, the copywriter uses persuasive words so the readers can take action. You can learn any of these, depending upon your liking.

Is content writing a stressful job?

Content writing is a demanding job initially, but once you term stress as your best friend, it is no more daunting and stressful for you. It will require concentration, focus, and all your energy so you can come up with ways to connect with the audience.

Is freelance copywriting a good career?

Yes, freelance copywriting is a good job, but it does not have a guarantee as it is not full-time employment. You have to go the extra mile to gain the clients’ trust to get work.


Content writing is all about awareness, entertainment, and information in digital marketing while copywriting is about persuading and compelling people. The only common thing in them is that they are directed towards the audience. Copywriting demands instant action while the content writer works with future objectives and gains the public’s trust.

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