Raising your voice through words and sharing your thoughts, knowledge, and skills online with people can be done through blogging. If you are deciding to get into blogging then it’s never too late as there are many different platforms available online that share and publish your content. The two major and mostly used platforms for publishing heavy text-based blogs are WordPress and blogger. Both of these platforms offer a plethora of features and designs that can be a bit confusing for beginners.

Blogger vs Wordpress

Blogger is the basic online platform that enables users to create and publish blogs online. Whereas on the other hand, WordPress is a content management system that is fully featured, and used for building websites. It is an influential site that is mostly used for self-publishing. Although both of these platforms offer eye-catching and advanced features, the suitable platform for beginner bloggers might not be the best one for professional ones. Despite many similarities, these two platforms have many noticeable differences as well that everyone should know.


Blogger has given a chance to many countless voices of the people and started the rise of blogs since its inception way back in the late 1990s by Pyra Lab. This platform gained popularity when Google purchased it in 2003. After that, in 2006, all the blogs were transferred to Google servers and were consolidated into a large company’s ecosystem. Furthermore, blogger was further infused by many of Google’s core monetization features including Analytics and Google AdSense.

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Blogger provides services that are free of cost as all you need is to create a Google account in order to start publishing your blogs. Being a basic blogging platform, It is the best and most suitable option for novice writers where the learning curve is low and takes only a few minutes for publishing posts. Moreover, this platform is used by about 1.4 % of the websites consisting of a known content management system.


WordPress is the most popular, highly featured, and frequently used platform with a content management system founded in the early 2000s. Basically, WordPress is an open-sourced platform that enables users to create everything from private websites to online stores. According to the recent stats, WordPress is creating about 40% of all the active sites on the internet.

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While it is used interchangeably, the services that WordPress offers are completely different from those that WordPress.org offers. The user must host his blogs with a specific company. However, WordPress.com offers the users hosted blogs containing WordPress subdomains. Being popular with the blogging community, the users can make use of different themes and plugins while contributing through codes to change and create things accordingly.

Blogger Vs WordPress

Although both of the platforms are linked with blogging and have many similarities, they are also different from each other through various factors. Here in this article, we have compared and mentioned some major and most important differences in how these two platforms stack up. This will also help you to get a clear idea about the two platforms before starting using them for blogging.

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Content Control

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Content-control determines the user’s control over the content that they have created. While using bloggers for blog creation, they are owned by Google. The services that this platform offers are free of cost by the largest technology company as the free sites are stored on Google servers. They own all the content of the blogger and users are free to do anything and can create their own content accordingly. Furthermore, Google has the legitimate right to delete your content or implement restrictions.


WordPress is rather a better option in this regard. Here the users own everything that they create as it is an open-sourced website. The users can monetize their website according to their preferences and can do anything they want to. The most important thing is that the site that users want to create should be published by third-party hosting providers. The best part of this platform is that no matter who you go with, the content you create only belongs to you. Also, the platform has no restrictions.


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The feature of usability can make or even break these blogging platforms. While talking about the usability of the blogger, it has an incredibly streamlined user interface. This platform is easy to use and manage. Once the Google account is created, the user can create their website easily. Having basic knowledge about graphic design and HTML, the users can improve their blogging experience in order to make things much easier.


While talking about the usability of WordPress, it is also very easy to use and can be managed easily. Before using WordPress, the users should have extra knowledge about how they can take advantage of the services that this platform offers. Furthermore, the users can install a wide range of custom scripts and plugins to their WordPress website. It is easy to understand and by learning some basic skills, the user can operate the site very easily.


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As this platform offers some basic services to the users to simply publish their heavy content, the feature of customization of the content is absent in it. Hence this blogging platform is quite limited in what users can do. The user is limited to what the blogger makes available to them. The best part is that the users can add many beneficial tools to the site. The users can also contact forms, implement ads, forums, and many more with just a single click.


One of the biggest reasons behind the popularity of WordPress is that this platform is highly flexible. The platform is flexible because it is open-sourced and allows the users to implement many different types of features that cater to their needs. The features available on WordPress are created by third-party creators that make these features available on the site at all times. The user can implement fun gadgets, eCommerce systems, custom scripts, and many more.

Design And Theme Options


Most of the users are well aware of the basic themes that bloggers offer. As this platform has very limited and basic themes and designs and does not offer new options, these same basic themes are used by thousands of sites. If the users want to customize the themes and designs, they can change them through CSS and HTML. With the help of a website builder, the users can also modify the placement of certain elements. Hence bloggers do not provide the user with freedom.

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WordPress in this case is highly flexible and provides maximum freedom to the users in this regard. While using this platform, the users can use many different customizations options. Furthermore, WordPress also offers 7000 plus templates and the best part is that the themes are divided among various categories. All the themes and designs that this platform offers are innovative and utilize modern design principles to create the blog more attractive.

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Security Features


This is one of the most important factors that must be there in today’s digital landscape. As a blogger is connected to Google, it has several advantages and disadvantages. When it comes to security issues, Google’s technology is the most beneficial in this regard. The conglomerate goes to a great extent to make sure that serves are in good conditions and are safe to use. As the new blogs are stored in these servers, they are safe and secured.


WordPress is one of the safest and most secure blogging platforms on its own. However, the platform does not have its own built-in security system feature as blogger does. It is because WordPress is a self-hosted platform where the user is responsible for implementing their own security protocols. The safest hosting option that WordPress offers comes with built-in firewalls, free SSL certificates, and much more. Furthermore, automatic backup can also offer firewall protection.

Blogger Vs WordPress: SEO

SEO or search engine optimization is a great marketing technique, helping the users to get their site noticed. SEO helps in producing the modified content that audiences are demanding. The user can benefit from the services that SEO offers by simply gaining basic knowledge and skills about it that help in determining successful efforts.


As blogs the bloggers can take benefit from the in-built tools from Google, Google Analytics is one of the most important and significant tools available for SEO. This tool helps the users to create the content that their audiences are looking for and help them to create the keywords to implement in their content. Due to this reason, many people consider bloggers as a better and more suitable option for SEO.


WordPress does not have many in-build security features as a blogger has. However, it makes use of third-party to create these features. Most of the creators have plugins and applications that are focused on SEO. These tools and applications work within the WordPress platform for enhancing its efficiency, facilitating the users to achieve many features and things as they would get from Google Analytics. Moreover, the user can also check the ranking of their SEO.

Pros And Cons Of Blogger


  • This blogging platform is easy to use and can be managed easily.
  • The user can create the blog easily and can publish it in a few minutes.
  • The users can make use of all the primary features that are available in bloggers for creating their content and blogs.
  • This platform is free of cost.


  • The functionality of this platform is very basic.
  • Unavailability of advanced features, templates, and designs.
  • Limit the activities of the users.
  • User’s blogs and content are not owned by themselves.

Pros And Cons Of WordPress


  • You can start writing blogs and content very easily and quickly while using WordPress.
  • This blogging platform is easy to use and is user-friendly.
  • There are millions of customization options available to the users to customize their own content.
  • The platform is very flexible and users can build and change anything accordingly.
  • The blogs and content are owned by the user specifically.


  • In order to startup WordPress typically requires a small amount of capital as free hosting is not suitable for serious sites.
  • The user is responsible for ensuring the performance and security of the site.


Which is better blogger or WordPress?

Blogger is one of the better options than WordPress for creating blogs. Furthermore, it is a better option for beginners as they can work with the limited features that it offers to the users. On the other hand, for creating long-term impact and making money, WordPress is the better option.

What is the difference between blogger and WordPress?

The basic difference between blogger and WordPress is that Blogger is the simple blogging platform for creating and publishing blogs online immediately. Whereas WordPress is a full-featured blogging platform with a content management system that is used for building sites.

Is WordPress still the best for blogs?

WordPress is considered to be the best blogging platform for creating professional as well as personal blogs. WordPress is used by many professional bloggers for their content management because it is user-friendly and has high functionality for creating a successful blog.


Blogger and WordPress both are well-known and frequently used blogging platforms, facilitating the users to create and build their blogs and content. Both of these blogging platforms are best suitable for beginners as well as professional bloggers. The user needs to identify his goals before selecting any one of these two available blogging platforms. Moreover, Blogger is suitable for beginners as it offers limited features and is free of cost. Whereas WordPress is used by professionals for making money and creating professional content.

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