Upwork has received global recognition for its quality and excellence in providing financial freedom to millions of freelancing aspirants. If you are a beginner and aspiring to earn on the Upwork, but you are confused about the choice of the jobs, then there are no worries because we have compiled this detailed guide on the best Upwork jobs for beginners based on the experience of our team. Finding these jobs as a beginner will liberate you from 9 – 5 jobs, and you will be able to excel as a competent and independent professional.

Best Upwork Jobs
best Upwork jobs

As you develop your profile on Upwork, you will access a wide range of businesses, and other cooperate companies that will hire you for your talent in performing various jobs according to your skillset. Therefore, choosing Upwork as a beginner is the best decision you can make. If you want to select the best job fitting your skillset, please continue reading about the Upwork jobs to find the essential details. Here we go with these in-demand jobs for beginners!

Best Upwork Jobs for Beginners – Exploring the In-Demand Jobs of 2022

Being a freelance content writer and web developer, I have made a sumptuous amount for the last three years by working after my job hours. I initially adopted it as a side job, but then the journey became more exciting when I found this platform an excellent place to flourish financially. That was when I quit my job and started my own web content company providing solutions to different companies that prefer to hire through Upwork.

Now an expert at Upwork, I have been a beginner at some point. Therefore, I truly understand what a beginner freelancer looks for while hunting for jobs. That is why I have compiled a list of the easiest and in-demand Upwork jobs for beginners that can help you gain financial independence by using your talent and skill set. I can assure you a victorious career on the Upwork if you opt for the right job as per your skills. Let’s begin!

1. Data Entry

  • Time required to learn this skill: 3 to 12 weeks
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $10 to $20 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy
Screenshot 2022 03 28 173221

The first and most in-demand Upwork typing job that beginners can start is data entry. The world is moving towards a digitized system where you see several institutions switching from conventional written systems to digital systems. In this regard, converting the data from registers to excel sheets is an exclusive example. For example, several high-class hospitals in Europe aim to store their patient history in their online system so that they can access it easily at any time.

Luckily, several such hospitals prefer to hire workers by using Upwork. Similarly, many other companies need data entry agents to process the data stored in digitized form quickly. The good is that data entry is one of the high-paying jobs on Upwork and other freelancing sites. One reason is the highest demand for it and because it is an easy job. Hence, several companies prefer buying services from both beginner and professional freelancers. This makes it one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners.

Therefore, adopting data entry as your niche will benefit you because you will see a more significant number of companies approaching you to accomplish their clerical activities on this online platform. As you start working and developing your skill, you will also observe a considerable change in your efficiency, leading to more significant financial gains. After gaining specific skills in Upwork data entry jobs, you can increase your pricing, and ultimately, you will gain more substantial benefits. Do it! You will be amazed at the gains you make through data entry.

2. Audio Recordings

  • Time required to learn the skill: 1–3 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $40 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy

Another high in demand and most straightforward job that you will find at Upwork is audio recording. This is one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners that does not require you to be highly qualified. If you can speak fluently in a particular language, no one can stop you from selling your audio skills at the highest price on Upwork. Now the trick here is, to begin with, the clients that do not wish to pay more money. Remember, you are a beginner, so your first preference has to gain positive reviews, after which you will be attracting potential customers.

Audio Recording

In the current era, thousands of companies and firms are approaching Upwork and other sites for hiring freelancers who can do audio recording at the cheapest prices. If you succeed in attracting such companies, we can promise you that you will be employed by many. Only, you have to be fluent enough in the target language to see the single client approaching you for different projects. Once you become familiar with them and are satisfied with the pricing, you will be able to work comfortably with them.

For me, audio recording has always remained the easiest way of making money. Therefore, I strongly recommend letting your voice and confidence make money for you. The good news is that different companies have divided labor. For example, you will get the script pre-written which you need to speak. That means you don’t even have to brainstorm on the ideas your client needs you to speak. With time, you can become an expert voice-over artist. Try it!

3. Jobs Based On Examining Website and Other Apps

  • Time required to learn the skill: 10 – 20 days
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $15–$30 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Intermediate
Screenshot 2022 03 28 175515

Website and app examination cannot be neglected in the list of the best Upwork jobs for beginners because it has made many freelancing millionaires. In this highly digitized age, almost all companies and firms develop their websites and apps. Perhaps, the global world in the commercial area belies in the power of IT. This interest in the websites and apps makes a considerably higher chance for freelancers who can test apps and websites. So, if you have skills in testing apps and websites, why not let them make money for you!

Website and app testing is a reasonable assurance job to be more technical. Being a freelancer, your job is to monitor the target sites actively and provide the company administrations and focal persons with smoother working because a slight issue many causes millions of losses to a company. In terms of the money, this job is also high-paying because website testing and maintenance require considerable expertise that you do not possess as a beginner. Still, with constant efforts, you will considerably excel in it.

In terms of the websites, you will not only have the choice to work for the companies related to IT. Instead, you will see different sorts of clients. For example, you may be hired by a company that works for the security of various institutes using different systems. On the other hand, a cathedral site may hire you to maintain and test their website so that the worshipers can attend the sessions on time without missing them. So, there is an excellent variety waiting for you. Plunge in the Upwork freelance jobs and make your dreams come true!

4. Amazon FBA Specialist Jobs

  • Time required to learn the skill: 1-3 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $30 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy
Screenshot 2022 03 28 175220

Another best job in the high-demand Upwork jobs list for beginners is becoming an Amazon FBA specialist. If we talked about these specialists some five years ago, we would find more people unaware of this concept. However, in 2022, Amazon specialists are making the money you may dream of. Therefore, you can also adopt this excellent job as a beginner, develop your skills, and gain financial freedom through it. The greater prevalence and demand for Amazon specialists is due to a considerable shift from the market to online shopping.

Well, at the current time, there is nothing that you cannot purchase online, ranging from veggies to electronics. Amazon and people associated with it are always looking for people who can sell their services as FBA specialists. That is why you will see several Amazon specialists making huge amounts of money. If you wonder what I have to do if I become an Amazon specialist, then there is no rocket science for you to do. Instead, all you have to do is carry out some creation and management tasks on Amazon.

To be more specific, you need to optimize the purchases. Also, you need to become an active part of the paid campaigns and help different companies make considerable purchases. As a beginner, you will need to learn much, and within a few weeks, you will be excelling in making money. That is why different freelancers on Upwork and other websites love to be hired to become Amazon FBA specialists.

5. Logo Designing Tasks

  • Time required to learn the skill: 3 days to a 3 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $15 – $30 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy

Well, no one can underestimate your superpowers if you are a creative freelancer. So, why not use this creativity to make money for you? Logo designing is one of such creative power that you can use, and thus we added it to the Upwork jobs list. That is why this is one of the most demanded Upwork jobs for beginners in 2022 that you should try. We must tell you that the field of logo designing on Upwork and other freelancing websites is very saturated.

Logo Designing

That means that once you start seeing clients who need logo designers, you might be disappointed at first to see the tough competition. However, tough competition does not mean you become disheartened and let your logo designing talent go to waste. Therefore, always hunt for the client to perform your best to become satisfied with your work and keep coming back to you.

Remember, as a beginner, your first goal is to gather five-star ratings and positive comments so that other clients are happy to work with you too. Apart from the competition factor, you will be amazed to see the frequency and flux of the orders placed for the logo designing jobs. That means there are many opportunities existing for those ready to work.

6. Search Engine Optimization

  • Time required to learn the skill: 4-6 weeks up to 5-8 years
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $20 to $75 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Intermediate
Screenshot 2022 03 28 173540

In 2022, if anything has impacted the global scale of freelancing, then indeed, it is search engine optimization (SEO). That is why freelancers offering SEO services are getting paid beyond your imagination. The reason is that different companies have understood the effectiveness of SEO in their successful marketing. So, if you are a beginner with SEO skills, we can assure you that you will make considerable progress on Upwork because this is one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners.

In SEO, all you have to do is check the website for certain factors to maximize the website traffic. In this regard, you might need to employ specific skills and changes so that website ranking is increased and, as a result, your client is financially benefitted. In this regard, you will need to work on your keyword research and other details of Google to increase your website rating.

7. Creative Writing

  • Time required to learn the skill: 4 months to 1 year
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $30 – $50 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy

Creative writing is one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners that you should consider doing in 2022 because this job does not require you to do some technical work. Instead, you will be asked to compile a scenario creatively so that readers find it easy and engaging to read. In short, Upwork writing jobs are just a compilation of the smaller tasks that will take only a few hours and make you earn more money. In creative writing, jobs can vary from client to client, depending upon their requirements.

Creative Writing

For example, I have been asked by a client to write about the food items that they were going to introduce in their restaurant. In this regard, they only gave me the names, and the rest I had to do by searching and then compiling logically. On the other hand, I also encountered a few clients who were animating different stories, and they needed captions that the kids easily understood. So, by this, you can know that creative writing can be easier and more versatile. However, these are the writing jobs on Upwork, which never goes out of demand.

8. Research and Technical Writing

  • Time required to learn the skill: 6 months to 4 years
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $30 – $50 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy
Screenshot 2022 03 28 175014

You will be amazed to learn that plenty of highly educated clients needs writers with technical expertise. For example, if you have just graduated with a research degree and want to pursue a career at Upwork, you will find many people looking for your technical expertise. Many multinational companies need technical reports regularly to access aspirants looking for Upwork online jobs. For this purpose, they are always looking for freelancers who can compile such reports.

Research and technical writing are among the best Upwork jobs for beginners because it has minimal requirements in terms of writing, but the technicality has not to be compromised. In addition to these, many medical sites need writers who can effectively research and put them in the research paper or review format to publish them. Therefore, you can adopt this if you have a slight knowledge of technical writing.

9. Video Script Writing

  • Time required to learn the skill: 8 – 12 weeks
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $30 – $50 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy
Screenshot 2022 03 28 174834

If you love YouTube videos explaining different topics of your choice, you would understand the importance of the script behind the video, which has been put in audio form. That is why video scriptwriting is also one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners that can make more money than you think. Different clients who are making videos for websites, including YouTube, need to do better than competitors. They need to be very meticulous with every aspect, including the script.

This makes an opportunity for you to be hired by them if you can write an influential and engaging script. If the writing is terrible, the audience will not spend more time on the website, causing clients to lose. However, if you save them from this unfortunate situation, they will be glad to hire you again and again. Therefore, we strongly recommend you consider this job!

10. Email Copywriting

  • Time required to learn the skill: 3 – 6 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $30 – $50 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy
Screenshot 2022 03 28 174655

If you think email copywriting is an easy task, why would the clients pay for it? Then we are here to make you understand why it is among the best Upwork jobs for beginners. Business in the current time is dependent on emails. Therefore, effective emails are integral to success and progress. Addressing buyers in a good way can decide if they will come back and make purchases in the future.

That is why clients focus on the quality of the emails they send their buyers and the emails that float around inside a company. There are specific points that need to be incorporated. So, in short, this is an easy skill that you can sell as a beginner and make a considerable amount of money. With time, when your email copywriting skill is polished, you can increase your pricing.

11. Slideshow Making Jobs

  • Time required to learn the skill: 5 hours to 1 week
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $50 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easiest

From school kids to grownups, all love to work with Microsoft PowerPoint and other software to make presentation slides. If you have expertise in producing a Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow, then congratulation! There is a job for you on the Upwork. You can sell this expertise by making attractive and elegant slideshows to the clients who approach you. There has been a great demand for it on Upwork and other freelancing websites, making it one of the best Upwork jobs for beginners.

Screenshot 2022 03 22 162743

Like other jobs, you will also encounter a versatile range of clients for this job. For example, once, I got an order from a client who provided me with the details of the peace conference, and his presentation was on the role of women in it. On the other hand, I also encountered a client who wanted me to make a presentation for him that would be displayed in the background while he delivered a speech on clean water availability. So, you need to be flexible and make the best slideshows to attract potential clients.

12. Translation Jobs

  • Time required to learn the skill: 1 week to 2 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $15 to $25 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Intermediate
Translation Jobs

Do you know other languages than English? If your answer is yes, then we have good news for you. You can use this multi-lingual skill as a selling tool on Upwork. We are indicating towards one of the high-paying Upwork jobs for beginners, translation. Particularly, if you know German, French, and Italian, you will see the number of clients requiring freelancers who can translate in these languages.

You will also be amazed that in this domain of Upwork, the competition is slightly less because most of the world’s freelancers are experts in English. However, they cannot speak or understand other languages. This is the point where you get an edge over them, and you can use this edge to make money for yourself. In this regard, you may be provided with different content to translate. This is a worth considering option.

13. Proofreading

  • Time required to learn the skill: 2 days to 1 month
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $18 to $35 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy

Millions of freelancers on Upwork are making impressive amounts of money just by proofreading. This is one of the high-demand Upwork jobs for beginners, which will not take much time, and you can charge the client per word. In this way, you will earn more than you think. At the start, you have to do an effort in getting potential clients.


Also, some clients need you to change the structures as you are proofreading. That means they give the freedom to modify, edit, and enhance quality while proofreading. That means you have more chances to improve the provided content and earn more money as a beginner. Based on my experience, I see great potential in proofreading jobs to give you more excellent financial benefits than the tough jobs requiring more significant time and expertise.

14. Plagiarism Removal

  • Time required to learn the skill: 1 week to 2 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $18 to $35 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy

The power of the writing is highly appreciated on the Upwork, and thus you will see greater demand for writing tasks. In addition to the creative and technical writing, as discussed before, you can earn money if you have any text that you need to rewrite. That means you have to remove plagiarism. Plagiarism removal does not require you to do any research. Instead, all you have to do is read the text and write it in your own words.

In this regard, you may find clients who want you to remove plagiarism from their study material so that they can submit it. In addition to the academic clients, different multi-national companies aim to update their important documents by removing plagiarism and adding new data. So, if you have expertise in writing stuff your way, you have a greater scope on the Upwork. Use it!

15. Photography for Marketing

  • Time required to learn the skill: 3-6 months
  • Average hourly rate on Upwork: $12 – $25 per hour
  • The difficulty of skill: Easy
Screenshot 2022 03 28 174011

Well, gone are the times when models were selected via auditions. Upwork has made it relatively easier for the modeling enthusiast who can do marketing of the product by appearing beside them. This will make their money. Indeed, this is one of the easy jobs on Upwork for beginners because it does not need any particular expertise. For example, I am an engineer by passion, but I love Kayak fishing. Seeing my profile, one of the clients sent their kayaks to me and asked to capture photographs sitting in the kayak and catching fish.

It was incredibly straightforward for me because all I had to do was give my camera to my daughter, who was with me on the kayak, and she captured me. For this, if you are a sportsman, scientist, beautician, or anyone belonging to the medical field, you can always do marketing of different products by capturing a picture of yourself using them. This makes you money, and the client will get more purchases.


How can beginners start working on the Upwork?

Upwork is one of the most influential freelancing websites, which is gaining attention because of the best policies that center around the satisfaction of clients and freelancers. Beginners have a good chance here and they can make money by first finding the potential skill they have and ways to sell it. In this regard, a proper description of your skill and attracting positive reviews at the start is integral.

Can an animation expert work on the Upwork?

Yes, why not. Animation has become one of the in-demand jobs on the Upwork. In this regard, either you can opt for making animation for explaining videos that the client provides you. That means you need to develop different characters. On the other hand, you can also do 3D modeling animation in which you need to create different items e.g. homes, furniture, etc.

What are the tips to strengthen your profile on Upwork?

The first and unavoidable fact is indeed the quality of the work you do. No matter what you do to sell your skills, you need to do it with care so that the clients love to come back. In this way, they will also give you a good rating. Another important tip is to always be punctual. Clients do not like to argue or run behind you. If you are not punctual then you will lose clients because they don’t have time.

Final Thoughts

The world is a good place if you are financially free to enjoy all the good things in it. Therefore, you need to look for income sources that are versatile and efficient to make you money like Upwork. Being a beginner, you should not be disappointed because there are many jobs that you can do to sell your skills. We hope after reading this detailed guide you will be in a clear position to opt for it. The top three skills that we recommend for the beginner are:

  • Proofreading because of its simplicity and also it is needs less time.
  • Video scriptwriting because it is easier to write, content is provided, and sequence is given in advance.
  • Audio recording because it only needs your fluency in the language and the script is provided by the client.

Thank you for reading this guide till the end. Don’t forget to share your feedback with us. Take care.

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