Are you searching for a computer system that works perfectly for graphic designing? We do realize the fact that finding the best PC for graphic designing can be a difficult task so we have narrowed down the options for you. A list of the 10 best computers is given below that have a decent amount of graphical power. Read the article till the end to go through all the specs and choose the one that fulfills all your design needs.

best pc for graphic designinig

Best PC For Graphic Design

Name Of PC
Main Feature For Graphics
Radeon Pro 5300XT Graphic Card
Compatible with all design applications
Giant 28 inch screen
Fast And Smooth Workflows
Large Storage Capacity
NVIDIA GeForce MX130 Graphic Card
High speed and fast performance
Powerful Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
High-performance and colorful graphics
Intel UHD Graphics 620

1. 2020 Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display

  • Radeon Pro 5300XT Graphic Card
  • Wireless Hardware
  • RAM up to 128 GB
  • 10th Generation Core i5

The 2020 Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display stands first on our list for the best PC for graphic design because of the true tone technology, 500 nits of brightness, and powerful processor. With one billion colors, the iMac has spectacular resolution and graphics. It is a great choice for a graphic designer in search of a computer. The features and the display make it a full package.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 095033

Behind the curtain of a 27-inch retina display screen, you get an Intel Core i5 and Radeon Pro 5300XT graphic card that ensures a responsive working experience. To maximize the multitasking capabilities, you can get RAM of 128 GB along with a fast SSD storage of up to 8 TB. Despite being an older product than Apple’s latest launch, it is considered an incredibly accomplished PC for graphic designing.

The macOS works fine with all the demanding applications and the upgraded 1080 HD camera with studio-quality triple microphone array adds to the impressive hardware. The matching Apple Keyboard and Mouse 2 are wireless and give your computer a minimalist look as no cables are trailing over the desk. Hence it is an unbeatable PC that is best for graphic designing.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 094722


  • Fast SSD storage
  • Truetone color technology
  • Radeon Pro 5700XT graphic card
  • 27-inch Retina display


  • Two thunderbolts only

The 2020 Apple iMac with 5K Retina Display is an incredible PC for graphic design as it comes with a 5700XT graphic card and SSD storage. It has a true tone technology with a large 27-inch retina display. The only drawback of this amazing system is that it has only two thunderbolts that can limit you while making external connections.

2. 2021 Apple iMac

  • 4 USB ports
  • Thin 11.5 mm Design
  • P3 Wide Color Gamut

Next, we have the 2021 Apple iMac on our list as it is a redesigned version and available in seven colors. The 24-inch screen is thin in size and comes with an upgraded display resolution from the previous models. It has a 4.5 K retina display which is incredible for graphic designing, photo editing, and image manipulation.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 095348

Although iMac 2021 does not has a dedicated graphics processing unit (GPU) but the M1 core processor can run all the designing applications. You will hardly feel any difference because it can export the designs at a good speed and does not lack behind in any way. It has Apple’s Silicon M1 system on a chip and can run Adobe Photoshop with no fuss. You can buy this PC for graphic design without giving it a second thought.

The 2021 Apple iMac can perform all the tasks perfectly and has 4 USB ports that can help you make external connections. It has an ultrafast SSD card that allows you to multitask without hindering the speed. The three-mic array, six speakers, and an HD Facetime camera make an impressive impression and provide an amazing experience overall. We’ve always heard that life is better with a big screen and the iMac proves it with its performance.


  • Redesigned hardware in seven colors
  • Silicon M1 SoC present
  • Compatible with all design applications


  • Lacks a proper GPU
Screenshot 2022 04 09 095501

The 2021 Apple iMac is a redesigned version launched after almost 10 years and is available in seven bright colors. It has a 24-inch screen and comes with a Silicon M1 SoC. All the hardware is improved in this version despite lacking a dedicated GPU that is compatible with all the designing applications.

3. Microsoft Surface Studio 2

  • 16 GB Memory Storage Capacity
  • NVIDIA GeForce GPU
  • Windows 10 Operating System
Screenshot 2022 04 09 100309

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 made it to our list of the best PC for graphic designing because of the adjustable touchscreen display. It has some of the amazing features that are missing in the macOS and can improve your overall design game. The screen can be adjusted and can be tilted so you can draw easily and make strokes from different angles. It uses the NVIDIA GeForce graphic processing unit and has an i7 processor that can help you perform many tasks simultaneously.

The giant 28-inch screen with high resolution has powerful graphics and pen support. You do not have to spend more money buying tablets while you lay back and rest for a few minutes. It is a versatile computer with multi-touch support. The Surface Studio 2 is an expensive option but covers almost all the devices that you will have to buy separately for designing purposes.

It is a powerful, versatile, and sleek PC, ideal for graphic designers as it works with every 3D simulator and creative application. The Surface Studio 2 is a powerful device that has a 1 TB SSD for ultrafast speed and works smoothly with intensive professional software like SolidWorks, Adobe Illustrator, Autodesk, etc.


  • Giant 28 inch screen
  • Adjustable touch screen
  • Surface Pen Support


  • It is an expensive PC
Screenshot 2022 04 09 100224

The Microsoft Surface Studio 2 is an excellent PC that has amazing features which can beat the Mac. It uses Windows 10 and is compatible with all the intensive design programs. The surface pen support can help you draw easily as it provides a grip on the touch screen. The only drawback of the Surface Studio 2 is that it is expensive and still uses the old quad-core processor.

4. 2020 Apple Mac Mini

  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • Fast And Smooth Workflows
  • Portable Design
Screenshot 2022 04 09 100624

By this point, you might have realized that we are obsessed with Mac because of their amazing features. The 2020 Mac Mini is our third pick from Apple. It is the best option for newbies thinking to start their career as graphic designers. This Mac is a budget-friendly option for people who cannot afford Apple as they cost too much for a beginner.

It has the same features and is updated to an M1 chip so that the performance is not compromised. This can work fine with any graphic designing application and is portable like a laptop. You can carry it around for work purposes as it has a space-saving design. The 8 core CPU and 16 core Neural Engine make sure that it runs smoothly while heavy applications are being run.

The 2020 Apple Mac Mini has four thunderbolts that can help you make external connections with other devices. Although it does not comes with a monitor but it gives you the freedom to buy any display system that works well with it. Hence it performs incredibly well and is light on the pocket.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 100726


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Space-saving, compact design
  • Updated with the M1 chip


  • Not compatible with eGPU

The 2020 Apple Mac Mini is an affordable option for people who cannot buy the expensive version and want the work up to the mark. It almost has all the features integrated with the latest M1 chip. The design does not occupy much space and is travel-friendly. This is not compatible with eGPU which can be an off for some people.

5. Dell XPS 8930 Tower Desktop

  • Windows 10 Pro Operating System
  • 9th Generation Core Processor
  • 2 TB Hard Drive
Screenshot 2022 04 09 101455

The Dell XPS 8930 Tower Desktop made its way to the list of the best PC for graphic design because of its versatility. It is a professional computer with a 9th generation core processor. This PC has some powerful components that are best if you are starting to pave your way in the graphic designing industry.

It has four connection ports and gives fast performance when working on designing software and video production. The 64 GB of DDR memory and a 256 GB SSD card is present so you do not have to worry about storing heavy files. Once you set up the PC with peripherals, the Dell XPS 8930 is a highly compatible system ideal for graphic designers.

It is a most powerful computer with the Intel UHD Graphics 630 that produces the most colorful images. A built-in internet system is present that can improve your workflow. Several devices can also be connected by making Bluetooth connections. A laser mouse and a wired keyboard are also included in the package which can be connected through USB ports.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 101656


  • Large Storage Capacity
  • 4 USB ports
  • Uses Windows 10 Pro


  • Loud and irritating fans

The Dell XPS 8930 Tower Desktop is a good option for people who like using Windows. It has all the features that one might need for graphic design. The USB ports can help you make connections with other devices to facilitate the workflow. The cooling fans make loud noises and can be very irritating.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 101343

6. Acer Aspire C-27-962-UA91 Desktop

  • NVIDIA GeForce MX130 Graphic Card
  • Built-in Speakers
  • Wireless Mouse and Keyboard

The Acer Aspire C-27-962-UA91 Desktop is next on our list for the best PC for graphic design. It can run high demanding applications smoothly on the system simultaneously. This computer is ideal if you have to study and work at the same time. The combination of a processor and a graphic card can get the job done in less time.

It comes with a 27-inch screen and thin 3.7 mm bezels that delivers a high-quality image with really bright colors. The screen can be tilted up to 178 degrees so you can easily play around with colors. It has an HDMI connector that can help in making additional connections with the system.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 043645

The Acer Aspire C_27-962-UA91 Desktop is stable because of the v-shaped stand that gives support to the monitor. It can make successful connections with Bluetooth devices and WIFI. This comes with an NVIDIA GeForce MX130 graphic card and operates on Windows 10. Hence it is a great option for people who do not like using macOS but want all the features.


  • Thin 27-inch screen
  • Tilted screen and stand
  • HDMI connectors present


  • Slows down while playing videos

The Acer Aspire 27 is a great option with a big screen that can be tilted to adjust the color scheme of the images. It has HDMI connectors that make sure you can form connections with other important devices as well. The only drawback of this amazing PC is that it can slow down while working with video files.

7. HP Pavilion Gaming Desktop PC

  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650
  • 256GB Hard Drive
  • Leading Edge Technology

The HP Pavilion Business Desktop PC is a reliable device that is ideal for intensive graphic editors as it has all the necessary technical paramount you will ever need. The big 27-inch display screen and the Intel Turbo Boost Technology along with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX allow you to work comfortably in the most difficult situations. Applications can respond in seconds and you can complete all your tasks ahead of time.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 102456

The screen has very thin bezels but delivers crisp images and realistic colors during the designing process. The angles of the monitor can be adjusted from 5 to 25 degrees so you can preserve the original colors of the images by looking from different angles. You can connect the system with WIFI and Bluetooth as well.

The HP Pavilion Business Desktop PC is stable and has secured support by a metal V-shaped stand. A Windows 10 is installed into the system when you buy it and it has USB ports so you can make external connections as well. As by the name, you might think of it as a gaming PC, but it is also best for graphic designing because of its amazing features.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 102132


  • High speed and fast performance
  • V-shaped metal stand
  • Power-efficient system


  • Might be heavy

The HP Pavilion Business Desktop is the best PC for graphic designing because of its high speed and fast performance. It is safe and stable when placed on a table as a v-shaped metal stand is present for support. It is a power-efficient system but might be heavy because of the solid computer case.

8. Apple iMac 21.5 inch

Screenshot 2022 04 09 102943
  • Powerful Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640
  • Three USB Ports
  • Intel Core i5 Processor

Apple iMac 21.5 inches is another great option if you are a beginner in graphic designing. It meets all the requirements and is a great PC to get started with work. This 21.5 inches Mac can run smoothly with all the designing software such as CorelDraw, Inscape, Adobe Software, etc. Even though the screen is smaller when compared with other versions but it does not compromise on the graphics and display.

The 4K retina display and the Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 card are a great combination for producing crisp images and one cannot detect any graininess. It has one billion colors with 500 nits of brightness which is pretty amazing for beginners. The 21.5 inches iMac supports the P3 gamut and uses Temporal and Spatial dithering techniques.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 103119

Without compromising on the quality, Apple also wants the users to embrace the multi-touch gestures, super smooth scrolling and zooming in on the content. It comes with 256 GB SSD storage and a 1920x1080FHD LED screen display. The only drawback of this PC is that it can slow down a little when you leave all the applications open. Otherwise, you won’t face any problem in using the 21.5 inches iMac.


  • 4K retina display
  • LED screen display
  • Compatible with all applications


  • Might work slow
Screenshot 2022 04 09 103303

The 21.5 inches iMac is considered the best option for beginners and is compatible with all the designing software. The LED screen and retina display can produce crisp bright images. The only drawback of this PC is that it can get slow when you do not close the applications after finishing your tasks.

9. Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer

  • High-Performance Wraith Cooler
  • RGB Ring Fans
  • 4 Different USB Ports

The Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer is no less in features and is loved by artists and graphic designers. It can work with high-intensity software and ensures high performance because of the AMD Ryzen 5 6-core processor. The GTX GeForce 1600 6 GB graphic card is ideal for graphic design as it displays clear images.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 093727

One of the most impressive features that Skytech possesses is the heat spreading feature. It spreads the heat evenly throughout the system so the performance is not hindered. The system becomes efficient and you do have to wait for it to cool down. The Wraith cooler keeps the PC in excellent condition over the years.

The Skytech Archangel Gaming Computer is a powerful PC that uses a 500 watts supply and has an impressive 16 GB HDD memory. It has four USB ports and three-ring fans. You can make connections with other devices and connect the PC with WIFI as well. Hence it is a great investment for any professional graphic designer as it has high performance.


  • High-performance and colorful graphics
  • 4 USB thunderbolts
  • Wraith cooler is present


  • Different video/graphic cards

The Skytech Archangel is one of the best PC for graphic designers as it has three fans that keep the system cool and makes it efficient. The thunderbolts can help you connect your PC with other devices and make connections. The screen displays colorful images because of the video card but it can differ on computers.

10. Kingdel Smart Mini PC

  • Intel UHD Graphics 620
  • 14 nm Lithography
  • Fan-free cooling technology
Screenshot 2022 04 09 104538

The last on our list for the best PC for graphic design is the Kingdel Smart Mini PC because of the 4K graphics. It is a mini PC that is ideal for beginners who have less office space and does not compromise on performance. This is a powerful computer with Inter i7 core processor and runs smoothly with all graphic designing programs such as Photoshop.

It is a space and energy-saving design that can connect with WIFI and Bluetooth and enables fast operations. If you are someone who likes working on a silent computer, then this can be your go-to option. It does not make any noise and comes with a one-year warranty for all users.

The Kingdel Smart Mini PC not only saves space, but the fan-free cooling system helps in saving 80% of the energy. It has an Intel UHD Graphics 620 which makes sure you can have an amazing design experience as it can change 60 to 80 frames in almost a second and draws attention to the main focal point.

Screenshot 2022 04 09 104247


  • Space and power-saving design
  • Powerful i7 core processor
  • Ultra-fast connectivity


  • Fewer extension options

The Kingdel Smart Mini PC is the best PC for graphic designing as it is small in size, can save space, and comes with a powerful core processor that does not compromise the output of the system. It can make fast connections with WIFI and Bluetooth devices to facilitate the designing process. The only drawback of this mini PC is that it does not have a lot of extension options which can limit you sometimes.


Which computer is best for a graphic designer?

We cannot name a single computer system that is best for a graphic designer, but a list is present which can help you choose the best one according to your skills and design needs.

Do graphic designers use PCs?

Yes, the graphic designers can choose both, Mac and PCs. This depends upon their preference and what features they would like to have in their system.

Is 16GB RAM enough for graphic design?

Yes, 16GB RAM is enough for graphic designing if you stick with this only. If you plan on creating and running some video files, you can upgrade to 32GB RAM.


A list of best PC for graphic design is discussed in the article above. You have some options from Apple and some from Windows. The best according to me in each category is:

  • 2020 Apple iMac with Retina 5K Display is best because of the True Tone Color Technology and Radeon Pro 5700XT graphic card.
  • Microsoft Studio Surface 2 is best because of the adjustable screen and surface pen support.

Both of these have a good amount of features that can facilitate you during your projects. They are compatible with all the applications and have powerful graphic cards. There is no clear winner but you can use the one which diversifies your skills and fulfills your design needs.

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