The NFTs have taken the world by storm. With the expanding digital market and virtual currency, you are now even able to have digital assets of your own in the form of NFT. The NFTs include video clips, in-game skins, art pieces, music, and much more. If you want to join the latest trend by owning or creating an NFT of your own, then you first have to know about some of the best NFT marketplaces. The NFT marketplace is a platform where you can not only buy but also sell your own digital creations.

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The fate of the NFTs cannot be predicted but has surely gained great hype in the past few years. You can get ownership of these virtual assets by buying them. You can also create an art piece and can later sell it on these marketplaces. Due to the sudden increase in people’s interest regarding the NFTs, now several marketplaces claim to give you the best offers. Here I have brought to you some of the renowned NFT marketplaces that can provide you the portal to this growing digital market.

Top 10 Best NFT Marketplaces

Easy to use
Free to sign in
A large variety of NFT’s
Ethereum Blockchain
Customer-based marketplace
Different options of blockchains
Token of its own
Can be brand
Convenient to use
Easy tools
Helps in minting NFT’s
Inconsistent quality
Fiat currency
Curated Drops
Don’t need crypto to buy something
Many celebrities NFT
Digital artwork
Unique artwork
Gallery mode
Strict Criteria
Original artwork
Professional artists
Nice art collection
Artistic NFT’s
Good quality work
Higher prices
Less number of artists
Convenient to use
1% fees
Expanded marketplace
Large variety
Brand Dominant
Programmable NFT
Many different creators can add layers
A bit Technical
A selected number of NFT
High quality
Ethereum blockchain
NFT drop
High Prices

1. Open Sea

Open Sea

The Open Sea is surely the most paramount NFT marketplace available. It is used on a large scale by a number of NFT creators and owners. It is truly a sea of some of the amazing NFT creations. There is a wide range of NFTs available on the open sea that can be sold and bought very conveniently. Once you have found it, you don’t have to go to any other NFT marketplace. It offers every kind of NFT that you have ever wished for.

Any NFT website is known for its range of NFT available and the number of tokens it supports. The open sea has left everyone behind in both categories as it offers a large number of NFTs such as music, video clips, in-game skins, art pieces, and sports-related collectibles. So, you don’t have to search multiple marketplaces for the different types of NFTs you need as you can have it all in one place.


  • Easy to use
  • Free to sign in
  • A large variety of NFT’s
  • Allows 150 types of token
  • 3 types of blockchains
  • User-friendly
  • No fee is needed for polygon blockchain


  • Ethereum Blockchain

The open sea allows 150 different types of tokens, so you can use anyone out of these to pay for the extraordinary NFTs that are available on the website. It also uses three different types of blockchains including the Polygon, Klatyn, and Ethereum, out of which the polygon blockchain is known for its fee-free qualities. The user doesn’t have to pay any kind of fees while buying or selling NFTs on the Open Sea.

2. Rarible

Rarible Websste

The Rarible is the best NFT marketplace for you if you are interested in novelty when it comes to the type of NFT you want to buy or sell. It is not a centralized system as the users are given more control and power. It is a community-based platform. There are many different types of users including brands, on the Rarible as it offers many different types of NFTs. You can even buy a collection of NFTs, which can help you make a large collection of your own.

One of its unique features is that it also collaborates with different brands so it can offer various types of NFTs for its users and can provide security to the creator’s work. You don’t need any other kind of token as Rarible marketplace has one of its own. It is a cryptocurrency called RARI, which the users require to buy and sell different NFTs available. You can get NFTs such as Game collections, music, arts, and videos. It has a very secure system of transactions so that its decentralized system will be securely functioning.


  • Customer-based marketplace
  • Different options of blockchains
  • Token of its own
  • Single and collection purchase
  • Number of NFT categories available


  • Can be brand dominant

The Rarible takes care of its users to the extent that they have to vote in favor or against a certain update before it’s implemented. It has three different types of blockchains including the Flow, Tezos, and Ethereum. The Flow is a blockchain that doesn’t have very high fees, whereas Ethereum has very high gas fees. Although the Ethereum blockchain is used on a large level on rarible as compared to The flow blockchain. The flow and Tezo blockchain is recommended for users that want fewer carbon fees. You can easily select the one you like.

3. Mintable

Mintable Website

If you are an NFT creator, then Mintable is one of the best NFT marketplace out there. It is one of the latest editions to the list and has been designed by keeping the new trend of creating NFTs, in mind. The mintable is owned by Mark Cuban. As the name indicates, the mintable helps the new NFT creators in minting NFTs of their own with the help of amazing tools. It offers a wide range of different types of NFTs for its users.

It is specially designed for newbie creators and traders, so the makers have tried to make it as simple as possible. You don’t have to be too technical to sell, buy, or even create an NFT. It has a very simple procedure for selling and creating NFTs. You can use any type of digital file to make your NFT, you just have to simply add the selected file on your platform and it’s done. It has different types of art, videos, music, and games available.


  • Convenient to use
  • Easy tools
  • Helps in minting NFT’s
  • Free Course
  • Two blockchains
  • Best for Creators


  • Inconsistent quality

The mintable is one of the best emerging NFT marketplaces. It offers two different types of blockchains that are Ethereum and Immutable X. If you have selected Ethereum then you have to pay fees, but if you have opted for the Immutable X, then you can create your own work just for free. It is also suitable for artists as they can sell their own creations digitally easily. You can do this all very easily on your own with the help of Mintable. If you need any help in using it you can also take help from the mintable university.

4. Nifty Gateway

Nifty Gateway

If you love to have unique and different kinds of NFTs, then you are at the right place. The NIfty Gateway is the best NFT marketplace for such users. The Nifty Gateway provides the users limited NFTs that are called nifties. You won’t find the nifties available here, anywhere else as the gateway works with many amazing brands and creators. If you believe in novelty, then you have found the most suitable NFT marketplace.

One astonishing feature is that the NFT that what you have bought will stay with you in your possession no matter what happens. The user cannot put the NFT assets in their wallets, rather it is stored in the Nifty Gateway. It makes a large number of NFT work that is available at the site for a certain time. As the time limit exceeds, the demand for the NFT increases. It has two different types of cryptocurrency, but you can still use fiat currency for purchases. It makes it easy for individuals to buy the nifties.


  • Fiat currency
  • Curated Drops
  • Don’t need crypto to buy something
  • Number of Nifties
  • Limited edition


  • Many celebrities NFT

The Nifty Gateway is the best one as the NFT is made with the help of the Ethereum blockchain. One of the other blockchains used is called Gemini by the Winklevoss twins. These two blockchains help the Nifty Gateway in making the exceptional nifties that it has to offer. It uses Fiat currency, so the user does not need any kind of online cryptocurrency wallet associated with the Nifty Gateway, to buy their favorite NFTs.

5. Super Rare

Super Rare Website

If you want to get the artwork of the best artists out there, then Super Rare is a tremendous NFT marketplace for you. It is recommended for individuals who have an artistic taste. The artists who can create digital artwork can also use the Super Rare NFT marketplace. They can create their own digital gallery at the Super Rare website. It also offers some special features that allow the creators to get amazing privileges.

It is the best platform to sell, buy and create digital artwork. There are very different artworks and experienced artists present on the Super Rare. It has very strict criteria when it comes to approving any art piece and very few individuals can make it through. You can’t just add any part of existing content. You have to make eyecatching and exceptional artwork. Becoming a part of the super rare art gallery and the amazingly designed work makes the creators proud.


  • Digital artwork
  • Ethereum
  • Unique artwork
  • Gallery mode
  • Take to the Open sea.


  • Strict criteria

Super Rare has a special token system that will help the users in selling and buying the different artworks such as videos, 3D art, and sports collections. The artists are given royalties, so even they will get a certain amount each time on purchase of the product that they initially created. You can use the Ethereum Blockchain and can also use the most recently awaited Cryptocurrency of the super rare. The NFTs of Super rare can be available on the Open sea too.

6. Makers Place

Makers Place

One of the most flourishing and in-demand NFT is digital artwork. With the help of the maker’s place, any artist can make his own masterpiece and can sell it without deducting any profit from it, unlike that in the case of galleries. You can sell your digital artwork conveniently on the NFT marketplaces like Makers Place, just like the real markets. You can even sign on to these digital artworks. If you are a professional painter, then you should right away use the maker’s place to sell your paintings and art.

The makers’ place is not only used by newbies or hobbyists, it is also used by professional artists and gallery owners. There are several users on the marker’s place and the authenticity of the work can be difficult to find, but the marker’s place has also found a solution for it. The creator of the digital artwork has to sign its creativity. The signature of the artist is present in only the original version. So, you can easily identify the real and the one.


  • Original artwork
  • Professional artists
  • Nice art collection
  • Ethereum
  • Blockchain


  • Expensive

The makers’ place is one of the best NFT marketplaces for people who love unique artwork, appreciate emerging artists and galleries. The makers’ place uses Ethereum blockchain technology to create a specific number of copies of original art with the signature. The NFT marketplace does not compromise when it comes to the quality of the artwork. This rare design and high quality of makers place NFT makes them High-quality artworks.

7. Foundation

Foundation Website

The foundation is one of the recent and fastest growing NFT marketplaces that took the market by storm as soon as it was introduced. It was launched last year and since then it is expanding rapidly. The foundation is also an NFT marketplace with some artistic touch to it but is also unique in many different ways than the rest. One of the unique features of the foundation is that it is not a completely open marketplace for creators.

The foundation includes various types of NFT arts, ranging from fine arts, photography, digital arts, and 3D arts. The creators of these amazing NFTs are very limited in number as compared to that of other marketplaces. The community includes artists who can share the link with any one of their favorite artists. The link is an invitation link that will help the receiver to join the community of the foundation marketplace.


  • Simple
  • Hassle-free
  • Artistic NFT’s
  • Good quality work
  • Limited artist community
  • Fast-growing


  • Higher prices
  • Less number of artists

At the foundation NFT marketplace, you may find a limited number of creators, but all of these few artists are authentic and know their jobs. The link is only circulated within the community and each member can share it with only one person. You can easily get the 85% value of your artwork with the help of the foundation marketplace. It uses the Ethereum blockchain. If you want to buy an artwork, then you will need a wallet of cryptocurrency having Ethereum. It is a very easy-to-use foundation marketplace.

8. Binance NFT

Binance NFT Website

If you are looking for a convenient and user-friendly marketplace, then the Binance NFT is one of the best NFT marketplace out there. The Binance NFT is launched by a very expanded and famous cryptocurrency exchange called Binance. The marketplace is growing too fast because of its very own crypto exchange as the users find it easier to use as it offers its own special blockchain called the BNB.

The Binance NFT is a very expanded marketplace as it offers a large variety of different NFTs, you just have to name it and you will find it. Buying NFT is very easy when it comes to Binance. You just have to buy anyone out of the three compatible tokens and add them to your Binance wallet. You can easily buy any Binance NFT by simply paying through your wallet.


  • Convenient to use
  • 1% fees
  • Expanded marketplace
  • Large variety
  • Easy payment method
  • It owns a special blockchain


  • Brand dominant

The Binance NFT is the best one for future-oriented users as it provides some security as compared to other marketplaces because of the Binance crypto exchange. It has three different types of tokens including its own special tokens BNB, Ethereum, BUSD, and BSC. It is more convenient to use BNB as a token, but you can choose among the other options too. You can even convert the cryptocurrency in your Binance account into Fiat currency.

9. Async Art

Async Art Website

The Async Art is truly one of the best NFT marketplaces when it comes to programming art. The demand for programmable art is increasing rapidly. Programmable art is a kind of digital art that uses different lights to add color to them. There is more than one layer on each NFT. Unlike other NFT assets, the programmable art is not owned by any single creator.

The programmable art is tokenized, so many different creators can add a different layer to the original NFT. You can buy any programmable art and can later change it by adding layers, according to your personal choices. The Async art also offers a blueprint that will help you create a general idea of how your artwork works with the help of any other creator’s design.


  • Programmable NFT
  • Blueprint
  • Many different creators can add layers
  • Not a single creator
  • There is always a chance of change


  • A bit technical

The Async Art is truly an amazing NFT marketplace, there is no restriction on the buyer to not use and sell the NFT. You can buy any artwork that you slightly like and can later change it as Async has a programmable NFT art. The blockchain used in the Async Art is the Ethereum blockchain. The blueprint gives different options to the creator by showing different designs that can help the creators.

10. Known Origin

Known Origin Website

The known Origin has been in the NFT game for years. The marketplace focuses on distinctive and special artwork that you might not find anywhere else. Known Origin is mostly used by professional artists to sell their creations at a profitable price. It gives the users more control for selling their creations with the help of the NFT drop feature. The creator can limit the number of creations sold and the time duration for availability, this can be a very good tactic to create an increase in demand for the artwork.

The less number of artwork and more demand can easily contribute to an increase in the price of the NFT. The artists can easily gain some extra tokens using this technique. If you want to join known origin as an artist then you have to be examined properly to see your compatibility as an artist as known origin focuses on providing very authentic and good quality NFT to its users.


  • A selected number of NFT
  • High quality
  • Ethereum blockchain
  • NFT drop
  • Exclusive artworks
  • Professional creators


  • High prices

The known origin is the best NFT marketplace that resembles a gallery of amazing masterpieces that are difficult to find anywhere else. If you are an artist, then you will have to use the Ethereum blockchain while creating your art pieces. The Ethereum blockchain is compatible with the known origin and requires fees. The known origin is the best option for art collectors and admirers. You can get a large variety of artwork of high quality.


What is the biggest NFT marketplace?

There are a large number of NFT marketplaces that have been growing rapidly and the number of users has also increased greatly in recent years. The open sea is truly one of the biggest NFT marketplaces out there. Any NFT marketplace is known for its variety of NFT available, the types of tokens it is compatible with, and the number of blockchains that the user can opt for. The open sea has got it all which makes it the largest NFT marketplace out there.

What is the NFT marketplace?

The NFT marketplace is like a virtual market where you can buy and sell NFT. There are a large number of NFTs that can be created. You can even create your own digital art piece and can sell it to many people. You can gain profit and can even have royalty for your creations. Digital art can have the signature of the creator, so it cannot be replicated in the future.


Let’s join the trend of owning digital assets by buying NFTs. You cannot do it without a reliable and amazing NFT marketplace. The NFT marketplace gives you a proper platform to buy, sell, and even create a digital artwork of your own that you can sell to other individuals. The NFT marketplace needs special tokens that are usually in the form of virtual currency, but some exceptions do exist. Here are some of our top picks for the best NFT marketplace out there.

  • The Open Sea is one of the dominant marketplaces. It truly represents its name as it offers a large number of NFTs. It allows 150 different tokens that are making it a super user-friendly marketplace. There is no fee to sign up. It also has three different blockchains that are Ethereum, Polygon, and Klatyn.
  • The Rarible NFT marketplace deserves to be one of the best NFT marketplaces due to its customer-friendly and decentralized system. It focuses on new types of NFTs. It has its own currency called RARI. it is compatible with many blockchains that can help in the purchase of a single or a collection of NFT artwork.
  • The Mintable is the best NFT marketplace for creators as it has some amazing tools that will help you in minting NFT. You don’t need any technical skills to do it. You can even get help from the mintable university that has many free videos that will help you learn. It has two types of blockchains.

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