Digital Marketing is the backbone of every country and plays a cornerstone role in the economy of any country. In Pakistan, there wasn’t any awareness regarding Digital Marketing. Awareness of Digital marketing is compulsory, especially for our youth. In Pakistan, there is no other blog that is focused on digital marketing, but now is created and in this blog, almost all the information on Digital Marketing in Pakistan is available is Pakistan’s first digital marketing blog. This blog serves with all the information regarding Digital Marketing. is specially deputed to Pakistan’s community.

Team Behind

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Ammar Ashfaq – Founder 9to5 Marketing

He is the founder of 9to5 Marketing and SEO Strategist at He is a senior member of iSkills, honored among the best bloggers of Pakistan by CPC21 (Connected Pakistan Conference). He is an expert in SEO, especially having expertise in technical SEO.

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Umer Shahzad – Publishing Team Head

Umer Shahzad is an energetic passionate boy who is interested in Blogging from a young age. He is head of the Publishing team, manages the content and on-page SEO of the site.

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Shayan Ali – Content Team Head

He is the project coordinator of He is also the head of the Publishing team, manages the content and on-page SEO of the site.

Now let us talk about some members which are hidden but are the backbones of our project!!!

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Zohaib Liaqat – Graphics Team Lead

He is a UI and UX designer of and an accomplished guy who is TRS freelancing on Fiverr.

Arsal Riaz

Arsal Riaz Chohdary – SEO Strategist

He is an SEO consultant of and plans the growth of He helps in the implementation of goals.

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Abid Banga – Beyond Designer

Abid is the guy behind all the graphics and images you see on ePress

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Sufyan Khurram – Outreach Expert

Sufyan is the guy who knows how to professionally manage business relationships. He is the one you email when you contact our team.

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Bilal Laskani – Offpage Expert

Bilal Laskani is among our youngest team members who are managing our off-page SEO Optimization.

Our Business Partners


9to5Writing is well-known among Pakistani bloggers for providing valuable content writing and proofreading services. We decided to hire them for our content planning and optimization. Since day 1, they have proved themselves valuable.

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